Have you be decluttering this month? It never seems to amaze me how quickly rooms can get cluttered.

This week, I am focusing on the bathrooms. I have put together 12 easy tips to organize a bathroom.

This is the second post in my series of great storage tips & tricks. If you missed my first post, you can read it here.

When a home is organized, your household functions better. Items are easy to find. We don’t over spend repurchasing items. How many times have you done that? To often, I buy something only to discover that there was a supply of the item in the house. It is because the space is in disarray. Items are hiding and out of sight because of “stuff”.

How do I make my bathroom look organized? By using these 12 easy tips to organize a bathroom.

12 Easy Tips To Organize A Bathroom


It’s time to declutter first and give that bathroom a good cleaning. Grab a trash bag or cardboard box. Begin to toss old makeup, trash, expired items, empty tubes of tooth paste, old medications, etc.

Toss those sample products out too. If you have not touched it a year, get rid of it. I had dried up facemasks under my vanity. Apparently, this item has a short shelf life.

Is it OK to use expired cosmetics? No!

Did you know that cosmetics and beauty products should not be used after a certain time.


There are risks associated with using expired makeup including bacterial growth. Think about it, dipping your fingers into your beauty product adds microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi. Uck!

Recently I read that the following items shelf life are:

foundation & concealer12–18 months
mascara3–6 months
liquid eyeliner3–6 months
cream products12–18 months

Lipsticks can be up to 2-years. Honestly, I toss my lipsticks after a year.


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A large bind such as this one is perfect to hold hair supplies and miscellaneous items. It keeps the items tidy and in one place for easy access.

You may also want to consider slide out containers for multi-levels storage options.


You can find budget friendly drawer dividers at Target or Walmart. These dividers are inexpensive and keep items contained and easy to find.

These same containers worked great in my husband’s vanity drawers to hold razors, scissors, trimmers, etc.


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Gather items such as bobby pins, barrettes and ponytail holders into glass or plastic see through containers.

Glass canisters are good storage for Epsom Salt, Bath Bombs, Soaps and loofah sponges. Not only does in provide excellent storage it looks beautiful as well.


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You can create aesthetically pleasing look with plastic bottles with waterproof laminated labels.

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You can have different colors for family members. My husband’s shampoo is in a black bottle. My hair items are in the white bottles.

Heartland Lettering has various bottles in different sizes, colors and font styles. Their labels are done in a professionally printed, permanent vinyl that will last for years.

They look amazing in our bathrooms!

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Try using reusable soap dispensers for hand soap and lotion. You can save money by buying the bags of refillable hand soap.



If your bathroom is small, try hanging hooks on the wall or door. Towels or robes can be hung from hooks. Sometimes space is an issue for using a towel bar. A hook works great!

I also found a great hook for the shower door.


No bench or shelf in your shower or tub? A shower caddy made of stainless steel, teak or aluminum will give you storage for shampoo, conditioner, soap, razor, etc.

A mountable wall shower caddy can hold smaller and lighter items..


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Baskets are wonderful to hold extra rolls of toilet tissue or placed next to the tub with rolled towels in it.

If you have space, a basket can hold blow dryer and hair styling items.


Vertical shelving can add storage on a blank wall or over the toilet. If space is limited, you may consider shelves. Towel could be rolled up and stored on a shelf.


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A lidded stool can hold extra towels. It can also be a great place to store your blow dryer, brushes, mirror and curling irons.


There are some great roll away carts that are perfect to hold extra items. I love that they are on wheels and can be moved around in your bathroom. If you have room, you may want to incorporate one in your bathroom for added storage.


You have seen ladders in a family rooms with throws on it. A ladder can be also used in a larger bathroom to hold towels.


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