14 Great Ways To Add Function and Style To A Mudroom

I put a lot of thought into the design this our mudroom. Here are 14 great ways to add function and style to a mudroom.

After our second home, I knew that a mudroom would be high on my list of those “Must Have” items for the semi-custom build. Our last home did not have a mudroom. Shoes, backpacks, jackets, and other items would end up by the door. The children would track dirt into the family room coming in and out of the back door.

Even though we do not have little children, we still have grandchildren and fur babies. It was necessary for us to have a mudroom. A “catch all place” for shoes, dog leashes, backpacks, etc.

What is a mudroom?

Typically, a mudroom is located at the back or side doors. It’s placed for entry in and out of the home such as near the garage or back of the house off from a back porch.

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Many homes like mine will have a designated room right off the kitchen for entry to and from the garage.

Mudrooms can be multi-functional with various purposes. Some homes will have mud and laundry rooms combined. It’s perfect for families with children. Also, a combined mud and laundry room is a space saver for one level homes. If we had built a one-story home, it would have been an option to consider.

This mudroom for us had to also function as a butler pantry. With me being 5′ 2″, I did not want a microwave over my stove. I also did not want to lose space inside my island. It is an appliance that we rarely use. My solution is to add a buffet or cabinets with countertop in the mudroom that could hold the microwave and toaster. It would also double for extra storage for table linens or other household items.

14 Great Ways To Add Function and Style To A Mudroom 12

A built-in bench with cubbies is a great storage solution. You have a place to sit down and put shoes on or off. The cubbies can hold shoes, backpacks, laptop bags, lunch bags, etc.

Our bench was custom built with the house. It was an option that we had included. A built-in bench will run (depending on the size) $900-$2,800. The more elaborate you are the higher the price such as cabinet doors or higher quality of wood.

A great way to add storage in your home is adding cabinets in your mudroom. You can have lockers and cabinets with doors to hide things you want out of view.

These days with every family member having laptops, tablets, phones, etc. you can have a designated cabinet or drawer as an electronic charging station. It helps keep your kitchen counters tidy from all the electronic devices.

Do you need a place to put cleaning supplies, brooms, vacuum? Do you need extra outlets in the room? These are all items to take into consideration when designing your space.

A budget friendly option for us was to add a piece of furniture for extra storage. Eventually, we plan to add some cabinetry into this space.

14 Great Ways To Add Function and Style To A Mudroom 2

Wallpaper has really evolved in recent years. These days, there are great selections of wallpaper especially Peel and Stick Wallpaper. There are so many gorgeous wallpaper patterns to choose from. It is a great option for homeowners or renters that want something that is: 1) budget friendly; 2) does not require a professional installation; and 3) is easy to remove with little to no damage.

I added this fun and playful Honeybee Wallpaper in black and white. It is available in several different colors. This wallpaper has sentimental meaning. The wallpaper is a design of by my daughter-in-law, Jennifer Sweeney. She works for York Wallcovering. I love incorporating her work into my home.

What I love about this fun design, from a distance it looks like geometric design. When you move closer you can see four honeybees make up the design pattern.

Remember your home is your space. It should reflect your taste and your personality. To do this add items and colors that you love. Be sure to use colors that can tie your spaces together to create a cohesive look that flows from room to room but also a reflection of you.

Incorporate colors that you love into your space. I love neutrals but also love color too. I am drawn to hues of blues and greens. Coastal colors that remind me of the water. These colors are calming and give me a sense of serenity.

Do not be afraid of using color. Paint can be your friend! You can use it in small doses.

In this room, it was basically a neutral palette. The white bench seemed to fade into the wall. Although I loved this room already, that bench was screaming to be a focal point.

The paint color is called “Restful” in this Valspar Cabinet and Furniture Paint. It is an oil-enriched enamel formula that provides a strong, factory-like finish. What I love about this paint is it is: 1) extremely durable; 2) no brush marks; 3) fade, scratch, and scuff resistant; 4) no sanding or priming required; and 5) dries within 4 hours to the touch.

And, look at that pop of color! Isn’t it amazing!

Depending on the lighting, the bench color can look green, or it looks aqua. It’s to me a beautiful balance of blue and green.

Add fun pillows that you love for your personal touch. I love to garden. It is often reflected in this room.

All of these pillows were found at a local HomeGoods store.

Mudroom Refresh A

Baskets are a great way to store items and hide things away. There are five large cubbies inside the bench. For us, items need to be neatly hidden. These large storage baskets fit perfectly. The baskets will add function and style to a mudroom. They house a number of different items such as shoes, dog supplies, bird feeder suet packs, and a few of my Ryobi tools too.

To add function and style to a mudroom, think about your space and your family needs. What will be kept in this space? Do you need a place for a key rack, or will there be cabinetry with drawers to hold miscellaneous items such as keys? Should your bench have hooks for hanging or just storage below for shoes and other items? How exactly will you and your family be utilizing this room?

Hooks on the wall or on a built-in bench are great for hanging jackets, baseball caps, hats, work aprons and backpacks.

A market basket is ready to grab and goes to the local Amish Market. A couple of umbrellas can be tucked away in a basket.

A place can be added to hang dog leashes or a reflective running vest. Items that you need to grab quickly.

Add a sentiment on the door. This vinyl decal placed on the door is a favorite saying. It can be a reminder to them of how special they are to you.

Another way to add function and style to a Mudroom are floating shelves. Especially if you are short on floor space. Extra shelves can help store extra items.

We installed two floating shelves to hold dishes, cake stands and other items or decorative accents.

These floating shelves are available in four different lengths and three colors. You can also use them in various rooms of the home.

Don’t forget pets when planning your space. Will the food and water dishes reside in this room? How about a built-in food dish in a lower built-in cabinet?

Pads to protect the floor with food or water dish.

Fur Babies 2
Fur Babies 1

Pet food can be stored in the corner of a room in airtight containers. I have a plastic one on wheels.

To add function and style to a mudroom, I keep a container of dog treats handy in this room. We have a treat jar to reward the girls. They are used to getting their harness and leash on in the mudroom. When they behave and sit, they get a treat.

Another consideration to add function and style to a mudroom is planning your mudroom is how to stay organized. If you have children, you may want to consider having a chalkboard or a message board for notes and quick reminders of doctor appointments, soccer practice or teacher meetings, as you head out the door. 

Checkout the message board that I made for my grandsons bedroom here.

Mudroom Refresh B

Bench Cushions can be hard to find. If you sew, you could DIY your own bench cushion. If you do not sew, you could have a cushion custom made to your size specification. The cost depends on the fabric selection, finishes, labor and shipping.

The link below is the company that I used for my custom cushion. This company craftmanship is excellent and wonderful quality. You message them with your measurements. Within hours, you will receive a message with a link to fabrics, options, etc. You message back your selection and they provide you with a quote.

Primarily, mudroom floors should be easy to clean!

Second, the floor needs to be moisture resistant! You will have wet shoes, boots, pets, and people tracking water and mud onto the floor.

The third important element is to consider your lifestyle. Do you have children and pets? You may need a floor that is extra durable and scratch resistant.

As beautiful as wood flooring is, it has a tendency to attract dirt. You can have tiles installed designed to resemble wood. It is a more practical solution that will be much easier to clean and maintain. You may have heard of vinyl plank or luxury vinyl tiles. It’s a type of flooring that can be made to look and feel like wood but it’s not. It is one of the most durable options.

Vinyl flooring is inexpensive with lots of options available. It’s waterproof, it’s budget-friendly, and it’s super easy to clean.

Stone and tiles are also durable and will last for many years. Some tiles can stain and be slippery when wet. It is something to take into consideration. Also, you will not want to go with light grout. Remember it is a room where dirt will be tracked in and out. Seal your grout to protect it.

Brick floors are gorgeous but will need to be sealed. A brick floor is porous, meaning water can penetrate down into the brick and cause damage to the subfloor. Brick floors must be sealed with a high-quality sealer and need to be sealed according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

It is fine to mix old with new decor items. Search local thrifts stores, vintage markets, and yard sales for items that can be used for storage. These vintage wired baskets are ideal for hold decor items, napkins, and tea towels.

By mixing in vintage, you are adding personality and style into your space. New items will add sparkle and shine while the vintage items add character and charm. It’s a fun way to blend styles for your own personal look.

Mudroom Refresh K

Did you know that plants help to reduce stress? It’s true.

Indoor plants enhance the overall appearance of a space, but studies also show that they boost moods, reduce stress, eliminate air pollutants, and increase creativity.

Not all mudrooms have a window but if yours does consider adding a plant or two for the health benefits.


14 Great Ways To Add Function & Style To A Mudroom

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Hope you enjoyed these ideas. Thank you for stopping by the blog.

Have an amazing day, sweet friend!

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  1. What a pretty post! I just love your mudroom and you know that wallpaper is my favorite!! Those sweet little faces! You are blessed!

  2. I love, love, love your mudroom, Tammy. I wish so badly we had one in our home. We could definitely use the extra storage and have a nice, organized place for the girls to drop their stuff off every day instead of all over the counters and floors.🥴 Happy 4th of July, friend. I hope it’s a good one!

  3. DYING over this gorgeous mudroom Tammy! I’ve always wanted a mud room and these tips and tricks to make it custom for you and your family are super helpful. I love the color you chose for the bench seat wall and the wallpaper is amazing too! Your grands are too cute. Loving and pinning as always. Big hugs, CoCo

    1. CoCo, thank you so much for the kind words. I appreciate it! I had been on the fence about the color and keep a sample up for quite a while before painting it. No regrets and love it. Even my husband comments how pretty the color is in the room. He doesn’t say much about my decorating. So when he does, it’s a stamp of approval.

  4. Tammy, I am so in love with your mudroom! That green is absolutely gorgeous, and I love how your room looks from your kitchen! Beautiful, beautiful job!!

  5. What a great mudroom Tammy!
    I loved it when it was all black and white and then you went and added the green and took it over the moon!

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