5 Simple Ideas to Refresh Your Home

Here are 5 simple ideas to refresh your home. That’s right, I have five very easy ways that you can breathe a fresh new look into your home.

Spring cleaning isn’t the only way to hit refresh on your home! Sometimes your space just needs a little pick-me-up, and the good news is it does not have to be expensive or time-consuming. Here are 5 simple ideas to refresh your home that will have your space feeling brand new in no time, without breaking the bank!

One of the first thing that I do after the holidays is begin eliminating the clutter. By eliminating clutter with all the extra “stuff” will give you a fresh new look.

Start with your kitchen counters and island by removing everything. Next, you can give the counters a good cleaning. Add the items you want back in and save the other items to use a later date. You can periodically circulate the other ideas in for another refresh later.

Play around with it until you get the desire look. I still have items on the counters but did remove quite a few things. Sometimes, I like to leave the island completely cleared.

You can decorate for Valentine’s Day or Easter, etc. A small grouping on the island for special occasions. However, doesn’t it look nice a fresh without anything one it? It makes the rest of the kitchen look crisp and clean.

Faux Plant Entry

You can add a pop of color by painting furniture in your home. It can give an old piece new life with a little bit a paint.

Placement Refresh

Adding real or faux plants in your home helps to brighter and warm a space. These days, faux plants are made so realistic that you have to sometimes to touch it to see if it’s real. You can easily change them out throughout the season for a fresh new look.

A real plant on the table makes an easy and simple centerpiece. It also give the space color and warmth.

You can find the rug in my space and the placemats on Shop My Home.

In this space, I changed out the artwork for a refresh new look. A home refresh does not have to break the bank. You can shop your house or move your artwork around. I do this all the time.

This framed print over the fireplace was only $50. Can you believe? It’s perfect for subtle look. To finish off the space, add a basket with throw and real plant that was in the corner of the room. Small changes can make a big impact.

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The biggest impact in a room can be as simple as changing out pillows for the seasons. It’s such an easy change to make to your room.

As we enter spring, try swapping out your pillows for spring colors such as softer shade of blues or greens. Cream color pillows are perfect for all year long. You can change the vibe of a room by changing out just a few pillows.

Also, your pillows should be cozy that makes you want to snuggle up to the sofa for a nice Sunday nap! Nothing worse than itchy or flat pillows that can’t be fluffed. To make the space even more cozy, don’t forget to add a throw for those chilly or rainy days.

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    1. Donna, thank you. Yes, I added some pink flowers into a vase on the fireplace. It instantly brighten up the room with just a tiny pop of color. I am big on pillow change out. It really makes a big impact.

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