8 Tips to Refresh Your Porch

Looking for a refresh look for your porch? Here is an easy weekend project for you to do with 8 tips to refresh your porch for the spring.

My front porch was looking a blah. Christmas is gone and packed away for two months now. With spring a week away, it was time for a fresh new look.

8 Tips to Refresh Your Porch

Tip 1: Give the porch a good cleaning

In between seasons, it’s always good to give the porch a good cleaning. I gave the porch a good sweeping. Then I tackled wiping away any cobwebs and dirt from light fixtures, doors, window sills, etc. The rockers, bench, table and lantern got a good wipe down too. You will be surprised how much dirt and dust can accumulate over a season.

If it’s warm outside, the windows and doors are also washed with water and vinegar solution.

Tip 2: New door wreath

It’s time to switch out your door wreath from winter to spring. If your spring wreath is looking a little shabby, see if you can spruce it up with some new ribbon or adding so faux flowers.

Sometimes, I like to splurge and get a new wreath something a little different. Most of the time, I do make my own wreath. However, you come across something new like this Welcome To Our Homestead Wooden Door Wreath. I liked it because it was not your tradition wreath.

Spring Porch 9.jpg


If you live in the warmer climate, it’s time to add some real plants to those urns. However, I live in zone 5 and it’s not time for any real flowers. I could add evergreens or boxwoods to the urns. That would be one option to maintain all the time.

I happen to like flowers for the spring and summer. Since it is too early for real flowers, I made my own urn fillers. You can see the complete tutorial of my DIY Spring Urn Filler here. They were so easy to make in less than an hour. You can tell they are faux until you get up close to them.

Spring Porch 1.jpg

Tip 4: Add a Lantern for Ambience

A lantern or two can really look beautiful on the porch not only during the day but evenings. I have a timed battery operated lantern on my porch. It comes on at dusk and stays on for six hours then automatically shuts off. I love the beauty of the flickering lights to create ambience in this outdoor space.

Tip 5: Add Decor Statement Item

You can not go wrong with a rabbit. I love cement or heavy resin statues for a porch. It needs to be a piece that can withstand wind and not blow over.

This rabbit has a basket that you could add a plant or tea light. I have a few moss eggs in it for Easter. After Easter, I will probably change the eggs out for a small green plant.

Spring Porch 3.jpg

Tip 6: Refresh your Pillow(S)

Time to refresh those pillows. Are the ones on your porch faded from the sun or dirty?

A little dirt can be easily fix by tossing them in the washing machine. It may be time to change them out to something new.

I found that purchasing a pillow with outdoor fabrics weathers much better and actually saves me money. I can use them year after year.

Spring Porch 5.jpg

Tip 7: Add a Throw

If you have a covered porch, you can add a throw to your bench, rocking chair or porch swing. I have a nice cotton throw that is tossed in the laundry each week. It is draped over my bench for those chilly days. It also adds a pop of color to the porch.

Tip 8: Add A Welcoming Door Mat

You want a door mat not only to catch the dirt and debris from shoes but also one that is warm and inviting. I love rugs with texture for the porch to serve both purposes. When selecting a rug for the porch, you should make sure it is durable.

Spring Porch.jpg

One that you can either wash off with hose and water or vacuum. Machine washable rugs are fine as long as there is an anti-slip backing to it. It will help to avoid movement of the mat.

Below, I have linked some of my favorite porch items.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. The opinions here are my own.

Please note that my rockers are from Grandinroad and are the Nantucket Rocking Chairs in black. The bench that I have is no longer available. I have links some alternatives.

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