If you are in the midst of planning a wedding, a must is to have a planner. Today, I am sharing with you a beautiful wedding planner book.

A dear friend of mine, Alda Ellis wrote the most amazing book, “Our Wedding Planner”. It is a guide to take you through every phase of planning a beautiful wedding.

This Wedding Planner makes a lovely gift for someone planning a wedding or newly engaged. Not only are the photos in this book incredibly gorgeous, this book helps you plan your dream wedding that fits your budget. She has a chapter in the book that is devoted to address your budget with tips for an affordable wedding. It was one of my favorite chapters. It aids you to focus on those important elements for a splurge when planning your wedding.

A Beautiful Wedding Planner Book A

The photographs are so inspirational throughout this book. The first thing I did was look at all of the beautiful photos before reading the content. It also helps to give you ideas for planning your wedding. Also, another take away is the importance of having a great photographer to capture your special day.

There is a chapter about photography and video. Believe me when I indicate that the day will go by very fast. You will want to capture every aspect of that day. Alda stated in the book to “Make photography one of your top priorities”. I have to agree with her. You will never get that day back so capture it well.

A Beautiful Wedding Planner Book B

She has thought of everything! There a pockets inside the front and back covers to hold notes, emails, photos your have cutout from magazines. This book is perfect to slide into a tote bag when you meet with individuals to discuss wedding plans. The book has pages to jot notes. Sections for information such as your Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist, Attendants for the wedding, guest lists, etc.

A Beautiful Wedding Planner Book D

An important chapter of the book is “Your Calendar”. I know a bride may feel quite overwhelmed as she plans the details of her wedding with time frames. If you like “To-Do Checklist”, Alda has a very detailed checklist of the preparation from six-twelve months before your wedding up to the day of your wedding. She has left no stone unturned!

It’s is a wonderful book to help not only you to plan your special day but a guide for you stay organized and on top of things. The more organized you are will help you to feel less stressful as the big day approaches.

A Beautiful Wedding Planner Book E

This book is amazing! I highly recommend it to any couple planning their wedding. It was an honor to to receive this book as a gift from my lovely friend, Alda.

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A couple of other books by Alda Ellis that may be of interest to you as well.

About The Author

Alda Ellis along with her husband Buddy Ellis lives on a historical 31-acres estate called Magnolia Hills in Little Rock, AR. Together, they run a southern historic outdoor wedding & reception venue. Alda and Buddy Ellis offers a fairytale wedding venue complete with horse and carriage, white dove release, fireworks display and vintage cars.

Alda Ellis is an accomplished author, speaker, product designer and entrepreneur. She authored 24 books on hospitality and entertaining selling over 2 million copies. Alda has hosted TV shows, produced CDs, featured presenter/ speaker at the Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining show; and so much more.

You can read more about Alda’s Magnolia Hill Venue & Veranda here.

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Hope you have a wonderful day, sweet friend!

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    1. We do have a family member who video and took photos. I would have loved a really good professional photographer. We have a few photos.

  1. Beautiful book! Introducing this book at this time of year is perfect! I wish I would have had a book like this when I got married!

    1. You and me both! I had to wing it. I really enjoyed reading this and got great guidance to help the last two children someday.

  2. You are right, anyone planning a wedding needs to have a planner like this one! It looks beautifully done! You are so fortunate to have such a talented friend! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This book looks so beautiful! I would have done the same thing and poured over the photos immediately. Sounds like she has covered everything. If a certain someone who is near and dear to me gets engaged soon I will definitely be getting the book! Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you, Crystal. I gravitated straight for the photos. They were so beautiful. When I read the content, she thoroughly captured everything you can think of to plan out a wedding. Such good pointers and guidance.

  4. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I am in tears with all your kind words and comments about my book! It is June…wedding season is in full swing here and I am so so so far behind with my social platforms and I am just now seeing this. Thank you so much for all the time you put into this FABULOUS blog post as I am so embarrassed that I am just now seeing this. You know I love your style and so honored you liked it. I can’t wait to share your work with my publisher. Thank you so much…and sending big hugs!

    1. Alda, this means a lot to me. I was honored to have received your book and absolutely love it. Believe me, I know how busy you are right now. Two more couples got engaged just in the last week. I will be buying a couple more books to give out at as gifts are their engagement party. This book covers everything! Oh how I wish, we had this book when planning out our budget wedding. It would have helped so much. Hugs to you sweet friend.

  5. One of my most favorite books and gifts for brides to be! It’s stunning and so beautifully and well written!

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