A Front Porch Refresh

This week, I did a front porch refresh. Now that the frost warnings are gone, I filled my planters with beautiful annuals.

A little porch refresh can give a big impact to curbside appearance. This project cost me approximately $30 for the flowers and potting soil mix.

A Front Porch Refresh A.jpeg

I made a trip to our local nursery and purchased the following annual followers:

  • Two Pink Geraniums;
  • Two Diamond Snow;
  • A four pack of White Begonias (used two of them here);
  • Two Dichondra (Oreja de Raton) Silver Falls;
  • A four pack of Wee Willie Mix Dianthus; and
  • Potting Soil Mix.

It’s always good to purchase some good potting soil mix. One that actually has soil and nutrients in it for the plants.

A Front Porch Refresh C.jpeg

First, I have gravel in the bottom on my urns. It helps with drainage. I forgot to take a photo of it before dumping the soil in.

A Front Porch Refresh D.jpeg

You can see from this photo, I fill my urn up to about a 1/2 inch from the top. I will add more soil after the flowers are added.

A Front Porch Refresh E.jpeg

Next, I added my anchor flower. This plant will be the biggest so I set the pink Geranium towards the back of the urn.

A Front Porch Refresh F.jpeg

I always love to add a plant to will grow and cascade from the urn. It will give the urn such a beautiful full look and adds visual interest. This plant is called Silver Falls (Dichondra Oreja de Raton).

A Front Porch Refresh G.jpeg

I should mention that before adding any plants to a container or in the ground, always break up the roots. It will help the plant to take hold and grow.

A Front Porch Refresh H.jpeg

You can see how I broke up the roots here. Many times the plant becomes root bound in the greenhouse containers. By loosing up the roots, it helps the plant to grow.

Here I am adding to the container Diamond Snow. I love the texture of this plant with the tiny long white flowers.

A Front Porch Refresh I.jpeg

Finally, I added the White Begonia in the center and two of the Wee Willie Mix Dianthus.

A Front Porch Refresh K.jpeg

Soft colors and lots of textures with these flowers.

A Front Porch Refresh J.jpeg

Just love the subtle pops of pink.

A Front Porch Refresh L.jpeg

I ordered another of the Faux Natural Fiber Pom Pom Indoor/Outdoor Pillow. I had one on the bench. Unfortunately, my bench was broken during a wind storm two weeks ago. So I moved the pillows to the rockers.

A Porch Refresh M.jpeg

I added a plant to my rabbit planter and the refresh was complete.

A Front Porch Refresh N.jpeg

I love how this easy refresh to the porch turned out.

A Front Porch Refresh K.jpeg

Here is another close up of the urn.

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