A Great Thrift Store Makeover With Paint & Transfers

Do you love thrifting? I sure do. I have a wonderful thrift store makeover with some paint & transfers for you.

One thing I love is the hunt for treasures in thrift stores, yards sales or at vintage markets. Finding those one of a kind pieces are fun.

You can have a beautiful home that is uniquely your own. Something special that is not mass produced.

Search for those free items on Facebook Market Place, sitting along side of the road, at thrift store or yard sales. I have seen some people transform old buffets or dressers into something amazing. How about an old armoire turned into a coffee bar in the kitchen or a bar in the study. The ideas are endless!

I enjoy creating beautiful items for my home that are budget friendly. Many times, all you need is some paint and a little work.

Have you ever used transfers?

If not, no worries I will show you how easy they are to use.

the before – A Great Thrift Store Makeover With Paint & Transfers

Here is the magazine holder that was found at a local thrift store. I love green. Although this particular shade color of green was not doing it for me!

Magazine Holder

Last year, I painted and stenciled the magazine holder in another brand of paint. It turned out pretty but wanted something different.


For months, I wanted to paint it navy to go more with my home decor. I loved the color of the Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint in Deep Sea. It is a rich deep navy blue.

Embroidered Lotus Transfers - Thrift Store Makeover B

I saw the beautiful new Belles & Whistle Embroidered Lotus Transfer by Dixie Belle Paint Company. The stunning design and colors of blues and greens were perfect for my project.


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A Great Thrift Store Makeover With Paint & Transfers with Dixie Bell Paint Products

Let’s Talk about quality paint

Quality paint will make your projects turn out amazing. On my blog if I love a product or product line it is shared here.

The Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint has a built in stain blocker (primer), paint and top coat. It is great paint to use on bathroom and kitchen cabinets, tables, kitchen islands and furniture, etc. This paint is self-leveling too.

For outdoor items, it has a mildew resistant stain blocker. What I love about this paint: 1) the finished look; 2) the durability of this paint line; 3) no harsh smell; 4) all in one paint that is easy to use; and 5) available in an array of gorgeous colors that can be customed mixed too.

Seriously, I could go on and on about the pros of this project.

A Great Thrift Store Makeover With Paint & Transfer TUTORIAL

1. ALWAYS CLEAN Your item

If your item has been in the garage, basement or found thrifting, you will need to give it a good cleaning. Pristine Clean is great to use to clean up items that have been stored and dirty.

This magazine holder has been in my home. Pristine Clean will make sure any dust or greasy little finger prints are removed. This quality cleaner will de-grease and remove all debris from the surface of your piece.

It is great to use after sanding your furniture as well.

2. First Coat of Paint

This paint glides on for a beautiful smooth finish. I am using the mini 2″ brush. This project will need two coats of paint.

First Coat of Paint

Always paint with the grain of the wood. If the paint dries too quickly, you can use the Continuous Mister Bottle of water to mist and help your paint brush glide across the surface.

I let the paint dry 2 hours before adding the second coat.

3. SEcond Coat of Paint

Second Coat

The second coat with provide the final coverage that you need. It will fill in any spots that the previous color may be peeking through or that you may have missed.

The second coat with deepen the color. Deep Sea such a beautiful navy blue color.

Again, allow 2 hours for the paint to dry. I did paint both the outside and inside of the magazine holder.

4. Applying the Transfer

Here is the fun part to transform your piece into a work of art. Just take your time and do not rush it.

This transfer has four sheets with designs. You can play around to see how they look on your piece. Caution: I recommend having the backing on so the image does not stick and rub off on your furniture accidently.

Embroidered Lotus Transfers - Thrift Store Makeover D

It is best to cut out the image or images to be used. After you know the exact spot for placing the transfer take the paper backing away. Position the image where you want it.

Embroidered Lotus Transfers - Thrift Store Makeover 6

With your hand, rub over top of the transfer. It helps to secure it down.

Dixie Belle provides a burnishing tool to use with the transfer. You will rub it over the image and carefully lift the transfer film away.

If the image is sticking to the transfer film lay it back down. Go over the image again with the burnishing tool. Do not move the film or lift it off of the image. You could tear the image.

Continue to rub the image off the film onto the piece of furniture or in my case the magazine holder. Again, you will slowly peel back the film as you go until the entire image transfers.

After you are able to completely lift the film away, use your my fingers to smooth over the image. You want to make sure all corners are down on the image.

Here I am working in a couple more designs with the large lotus flower. You would cut out the design to use and repeat the steps above.

Embroidered Lotus Transfers - Thrift Store Makeover Magazine Holder

How beautiful does this look! I am so loving this project. Easy and beautiful!!!!

5. APPLYING A top coat over the transfer

A Great Thrift Store Makeover With Paint & Transfers - Top Coat 1

The Silk All-In-One Mineral Paints does not require a top coat. It has a built-in top coat. When using a transfer or rice paper over the paint, you will need to seal to protect the image.

I have a mini 2″ brush dedicated for my Clear Coat. Here I am using the Clear Coat in Satin. It is also available in Matte and Glossy.

The Clear Coat is going to help to protect the transfer from chipping or peeling off.

A Great Thrift Store Makeover With Paint & Transfers - Top Coat

You only need to add one coat of the over magazine holder. Actually, I only used it on the front and sides.

the finished thrift store makeover

This project turned out amazing! The Lotus flowers and colors are truly stunning on this piece.

A Great Thrift Store Makeover With Paint & Transfers

The Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint in Deep Sea is the perfect paint color with new Belles & Whistle Embroidered Lotus Transfer. Dixie Belle has good selection of beautiful transfers available here.

Embroidered Lotus Transfers - Thrift Store Makeover Finish Project 2

It was fun and easy project to do in a couple of hours. The longest part of the project was to allow the paint to dry between the coats and the Clear Coat to dry.

Check out other project that I have done using Dixie Belle’s paints and products.


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  1. Great before and after! I love the navy color you painted the magazine holder! That transfer is gorgeous and looks perfect on top of the dark color! I’ve been wanting to try Dixie Belle paint, I need to see if anyone sells it near me! Pinning now! Thanks!

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