Adventures In Sundays Life Among The Blooms Vol. 24

Hello, sweet friends! Hello, sweet friends! Hope your spring is bring you wonderful weather. There has been some adventures in Sundays Life Among The Blooms.

Hope you have your cup of coffee or tea ready. Here on Sundays, I talk about random things going on over at White Lilac Farmhouse and things that stop me in my tracks.



Adventures In Sundays Life Among The Blooms

My children, Amanda and Zach decided to go for some adventures in skydiving. It is Amanda’s second time skydiving. Zach had never been skydiving before.

My husband took my daughter when she was 21. The two of them had a blast.

father and daughter

Although Jim did not skydive this time, he looked on as a spectator. I am sure he was as excited as the kids were to jump out of a plane. Jim has always enjoyed some adventures outdoors. And, loves to be with the children.

Zach was excited until he got to the doorway. I believe the look on his face is like “Oh no, here we go”! He said it was an amazing experience.

My daughter’s photos crack me up. Her tandem partner for the jump was named “Pony Boy”. He was equipped with a unicorn something on his helmet. The look on her face is priceless.

Have I ever skydived? Nope and it will never happen either. I am afraid of heights. There is plenty of sky for them to enjoy. My feet will stay on the ground.


This past week I was able to get away with my bestie, Colleen to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. My parents have a second home (condo) in Surfside. When they are not there, I am able to use it.

Colleen and I tried to get in some rest and relaxation. However, we had some adventures of our own. She took ill while we where away. I felt so bad for her.

The time we did enjoy together was wonderful. The two of us went to see The Little Mermaid in 3D. It was amazing. The special effects of the movie was amazing. I felt like a little child wanting to reach out and touch things that were not there.

Family Birthdays

I came back early from vacation. Just in time to attend a fun family birthday and retirement party.

Family Photo
Sibblings: Gary Nelson (60), Elaine Quade (68), Delores Jameson (70), Ellen Walls (78), and Billy Morgan (soon to be 75 in July)

Saturday we had a wonderful time celebrating my Aunt Delores’ 70th birthday and retirement. My Aunt Delores is fun and loving. She is always there if you need her.

When I was little she use to babysit me. She has some stories to tell! Especially how bad I was as a little girl. I was always getting into trouble for something (mischief). Gary, my mother’s youngest brother and I are 10-months a part in age. We grew up more like a brother and sister. Both of us went to the same school. Oh the stories we can tell on each other! LOL


This week, I joined some wonderful blogger friends to share with you some patriotic ideas for Memorial Day. You can see it here.

Best Summer Home Tour 2023


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Oh my goodness, there has been some many wonderful thing out on the internet from my blogging friends. I am going to try to recap a few of my favorites.

ORC Challenge for bathroom remodel.
Photo Courtesy of Leslie, Feet Under My Table

Have you heard about the ORC Challenge? My sweet friend Leslie of Feet Under My Table did a bathroom remodel. It is stunning! I love the tile, vanity, wallpaper, etc. You can read about her One Room Challenge DIY Bathroom here.

Cottage On Bunker Hill makes a beautiful eucalyptus potted Mini Tree
Photo Courtesy of Jennifer, Cottage On Bunker Hill

My good friend, Jennifer is at it again doing another amazing project that will save you money. Her version is much prettier than Pottery Barn’s. You can learn How to Make a Faux Potted Eucalyptus Potted Plant here.

Refreshing Summer Mocktails
Photo Courtesy of Leslie of My 100 Year Old Home

Looking for some refreshing summer drinks, my friend Leslie at My 100 Year Old Home has some amazing refreshing summer mocktails. You can get her recipes from her post here.

Hope you are enjoying the start of your “soon” to be summer. Enjoy and stay safe, sweet friends!

Jar of white lilacs with the name Tammy

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