Beautiful Decor and Child Friendly

I get questions all the time about my home. How can you have beautiful decor and child friendly at the same time? It is not hard!

Whether you have children at home or a grandmother like me, it is possible to have a beautiful home and decor items yet be child friendly too. Little ones are curious by nature. When they are little, children are all about touching to satisfy not only their curiosity but stimulates the sensory.

Children also need to learn boundaries. That is when you establish rules “boundaries” in your home. It helps the child learn what is acceptable behavior and what is unacceptable.

Set Boundaries

This music box, all of my grandchildren love it. When they were toddler, I would tuck it in the drawer whenever they came to visit. It is an Italian music box that I love and did not want broken. Now that they are older, the grandchildren understand the boundaries that have been set. This music box can be opened. However, they cannot wind it up unless I help them. They know that if rules are not followed, it would be put away. If put away, they cannot enjoy it.

Boundaries are important whether you raising children or they are visiting your home. They need to know what is off limits and what is acceptable.

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When people visit, I want them to be able to relax in my home. The last thing I want would be them to worry about something getting broken. I make it perfectly clear that my home is child friendly.

The bench above is a favorite spot for the children. They love to sit here. It is fine when the pillow gets toss around or ends up on the floor.

The throw is for when the house is chilly. Often the throw becomes a cape if a superhero immerges. Sometimes it is will be draped over a dining chair for a fort under the table. No worries, this throw can easily be tossed in the washer and dryer.

The hat on the bench is for little heads too. And, that antique cheese box under the bench is perfect to hide secret treasures in it.

Items found in my vignettes

When I set up vignettes in my home, I will keep little ones in mind. I try to make sure to include lots of things for visual interest. Importantly, try to sit out items that little hands can pick up and touch.


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This green spool in the box is sometimes becomes a magical wand.

This ironstone dish holds wooden spare part of some sort. As a result, these objects are another big hit. Children just loves the texture and they are perfect for stacking.

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Many times, I find them place other places. I simply toss them back into the dish. These spools have lots of texture and children find them lots of fun.

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These pods in a bowl are easy to move around because of the shape.

Make it fun


This calendar is a favorite because it is something that spins and has several dials. It was a fun find at a store years ago. It is rarely on the right date. LOL

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Not sure what it is about beads but I love to drape them over things. Children are no different because they love to drape them too. These beads are found all over the place. Sometimes I find them inside bowls, hanging from stuff, etc. It is all good. When the little ones leave my house, I get chuckle when finding the items in the oddest places.

Smooth Surfaces or shapes

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Smooth surfaces that can fit in the hand like these stone hearts. I have these stone hearts sitting in a dish and little hands love to move them around. My grandson will pick a stone up and tells me it is heart shape.

Put away valuables or precious items

You should always put your precious and valuable items up out of the reach of children. Only keep out those items that if it was broke would not be earth shattering as a result it will make a wonderful visit.

If I had toddlers or crawling babies in the house, items like the beads or smaller items would not be out. Any thing that could be a choke hazard with little ones, I would not put out.

Typically before a visit, I will walk around the house to see what should be out and put any non-age appropriate items away. You and your company will have much more of an enjoyable visit when everyone can relax. You can create a warm and visiting home with beautiful decor and it be child friendly too.

Beautiful Home Decor

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I have put together some home decor items that are beautiful and you don’t have to worry about around children.

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