Beautiful Dough Bowls: Where To Find Them & How To Style Them

One of favorite items to style in our home are dough bowls. Let’s talk about beautiful dough bowls: where to find them & how to style them.

Many years ago, I fell in love with wooden dough bowls. You can find vintage one is various different sizes and shapes. Also, there are new ones made to look vintage with a rustic-inspired aesthetic.

How To Style A Dough Bowl

Beautiful Dough Bowls: Where To Find Them & How To Style Them

1. How To Style them – Add Fillers

There are so many ways to style dough bowls. One of the easiest ways is to add fillers. A bag of white pods and mixed with some rose gold twig balls found at Target. Such an easy combination!

Adding fillers give a nice organic look with lots of textures.

You can place the dough bowl on fireplace hearth, center of a table, island or coffee table. This way of styling your dough bowl is simple and works in various spaces in your home.

2. How To Style them – Add Fruit

Need a pop of color in your neutral home? I got you!

Try adding fruit to a dough bowl. It is one of my favorite ways to style it. I love to place it on the table or on the counter with fresh fruits such as apples, oranges, lemons or limes.

It is such an easy way to bring in color and warmth to a space. Plus, the fruit is out in the open for family members to grab and enjoy.

Dough Bowl 26.jpg

You can even add faux fruit to you dough bowl. Here at Christmas, faux gold pears with greenery made the perfect centerpiece for the coffee table.

3. How To Style them – A Touch of the expected

My modern farmhouse has a coastal vibe with hues of blues and greens. Here is a fun way to style a dough bowl by grouping items together.

A small reproduction dough bowl holds a few items with a coastal style. Antique books with the covers removed tied with twine helps to elevate items in the bowl. The books were found for .25 cents. Shop yard sales and thrift stores.

A small glass vase filled with seashells, a sand dollar and a star fish adds a fun element. It reminds me of days at the beach. Some aqua glass beads gives the display color that is tranquil.

A heart with Je T’aime (I love you) in French completes styling the wooden dough bowl. I get more compliments on this simple dough bowl arrangement.

4. How To Style them – Add things you love

It is fun to use your imagination to come up with new ideas. Shop your home for items that could fit in your dough bowl. You can grab laundry basket, walk through your home and place items in it.

Begin adding items into your bowl. Books can be used to add height. It this particular bowl, a pedestal was used for the antique scale and faux plants on. You can also add real plants in your bowl.

Wooden beads in a lighter color can be draped over the side. It brings in another wood tone in a contrasting color.

Spring and summer elements such as lavender, moss balls, a rabbit, etc. adds visual interest to your bowl. My grandchildren love to see what is in my bowls. Often things are moved around by tiny hands. No worries!

5. How To Style them – Style for the seasons

Wooden dough bowls are so versatile and perfect to style for the seasons or even holidays.

This bowl was filled faux greens with oranges on top. If you add cloves to a few oranges, your kitchen will smell amazing. You can do the same thing with apples. It is a great way to style for the fall, Christmas or winter.

The oversize wood dough bowls can hold lanterns with lots of greenery, pinecones, ornaments, etc.

A large wooden dough bowl with a few books, white pods and a glass cloche with a church is a beautiful display on a buffet or console table. It could be for the Christmas holiday and even sit out for winter.

For spring and summer add items such as three rosemary topiaries with moss placed in the bottom. Spring time to me brings about bird and nests.

Spring and summer rabbits are in our yard. It is fun to tuck a sweet bunny. They are not just for Easter!

Hope you got some good ideas for style a dough bowl. Again, the possibilities are endless and fun to do!

WHERE TO find them

You can find them in local antique stores or vintage markets. I find them at the best price at vintage markets. Many areas will have yearly markets with old and new items. My large vintage dough bowl was found at Lucketts last October. It is very old and from France. It’s heavy too.

My two medium size dough bowls one was found at a vintage market years ago. The other vintage is from Pottery Barn about 5 years ago. They still carry them. It came with information that it dates back to the 1800s from Hungary. I love when you can get information about where the bowl originated from and the date of it.

Three of my bowls are from Europe. My other three are reproductions. I also have an antique Dough Box. You can read more about my antique Dough Box here.

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  1. These are all such beautiful ideas, Tammy. I have a few reproduction dough bowls, but a real-vintage one is on my wish list. I just need to save my pennies!😉

  2. You’ve convinced me to start looking for a dough bowl for our home! I have one that my hubby hand carved years ago and I love it. But I wouldn’t mind having another one! 🥰

    1. Cindy, they are great. I have mine all filled right now and feel like just one more. LOL Keep that bargain eye of yours open for one.

  3. Tammy, I really enjoyed this post! I have been wanting a dough bowl for quite some time, but have not found one yet! I’ll be using your tips! Thanks, Donna

  4. Tammy, SO many great ideas for how to use a dough bowl… and WHERE you can find them! I think this is one of the best posts I’ve read on dough bowls! Pinned, and I’m excited to be sharing you at Tuesday Turn About this week!

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