Beautiful Patina Pumpkins from Old Vintage Jell-O Molds for Fall

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Did you know that you can create beautiful patina pumpkins from old vintage Jell-o molds for fall? I cannot wait for you to see this project!

Wish you could see me! I am sitting here giggling from excitement. This project is fun and beautiful for the fall. If you like a little rustic charm, I got you!

I had this basket filled with vintage Jell-O molds in my craft room. At thrift stores or vintage markets, I am on the lookout for vintage gelatin mold. I will snag them up. Why? They are wonderful for craft projects.

What are vintage Jell-O molds?

Old vintage gelatin molds.

Vintage Jell-O molds are molds specifically designed to create decorative Jell-O dishes, a popular food trend from the mid-20th century. These molds were typically made from aluminum, copper, or plastic used to create gelatin dishes. They can be found in antique shops, thrift stores, flea markets, yard sales and auctions. You will hear them refer to as vintage gelatin or Jell-O molds. You will hear them refer to as vintage gelatin or Jell-O molds.

What decade where Jell-O mold popular? They were trendy in the 1950s and 1960. As a little girl born in the 60s, I remember my mother having them. Did you know molds are usable? You need to give them a good cleaning.

I have been using them for craft projects for years from Christmas ornaments to wreathes. They are wonderful vintage items to collect.

Let’s take the vintage gelatin molds above and create these beautiful patina pumpkins for fall decor.

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Beautiful Patina Pumpkins from Old Vintage Jell-O Molds for Fall

Patina pumpkins from vintage Jell-o molds are a great way to add some unique and stylish fall decor to your home. How about creating a beautiful fall display? Decorations you made will last for many years to come.

Add a touch of vintage charm to your fall decor this year with my easy and creative project.

You can wash the vintage gelatin molds in hot water with Dawn dish soap. Rinse with warm water to thoroughly clean your molds. Put them on a dish cloth to dry.

You will take two molds of the same. Lay the molds one on top of the other. Please do this step before you glue the molds. Why? You want to make sure the fit together without any gaps.

Next add a bead of E6000 along the rim of one gelatin mold. Push the top mold to the bottom gelatin mold. Allow the glue on the mold to dry. I do not recommend hot gluing them together. The pumpkins may not hold or break a part.

After the glue has dried on the molds, prime them with one coat of Dixie Belle Prime Start. This prime start is for metal surfaces.

You will paint the surface of each pumpkin mold with Dixie Belle Patina Paint in Copper. Allow the top to dry completely. Flip the painted pumpkin mold over. Apply the coat of the Patina Paint Copper to the next section.

The second coat over the whole pumpkin is where the magic begins. Take the pumpkins outside where it is well-ventilated. Apply the second coat of Patina Paint Copper. You will need to work fast. The paint needs to be wet for the next step below. If you skip this step, you will not have patina.

With the paint on the pumpkin molds use the Dixie Belle Patina Spray Green and generously spray the painted molds. The patina could take up to 24 hours to appear. On my project, the patina was visible in minutes.

You can spray more or allow to completely dry. If you will be handling them, it is recommended to wear gloves. I let the pumpkin dry outdoors for an hour.

Dixie Belle's Patina Guard

Apply one coat of Dixie Belle Patina Guard to each of the pumpkins. It is best to do this in a well ventilated room with gloves. There is an odor with this product. I took an artist brush and applied a coat to each of the pumpkins. It helps the patina from increasing and spreading on your project.

These patina pumpkins will have a rustic charm to them. Hot glue sticks to the top for a pumpkin stem. You can apply faux leaves too. I choose to keep them simple. Six strands were cut from burlap fabric. A dot of hot glue on the top by the stem. The burlap was tied and pressed into the hot glue. Trim the ends with scissors. You could use twine or any ribbon of choice.

Beautiful Patina Pumpkins from Old Vintage Jell-O Molds for Fall

Look at these beautiful patina pumpkins. Are they not perfect for the fall season?

It is by far one of my favorite fall craft projects. Dixie Belle Paint Company made it easy to create these one of kind decorative pumpkins. It was the first time using their Patina products. The directions were clear and the products easy to use. The trick to get a good patina is that Patina Paint must be wet.

I love how the turned out. The vintage charm of the pumpkins are perfect in my home for fall.

Beautiful Patina Pumpkins from Old Vintage Jell-O Molds for Fall

Here the pumpkins look lovely with sunflowers that I am drying. Hope you give this project a try. It will add some vintage charm to your space for the fall.

These Jell-O pumpkin molds are a delightful and fun way to add a touch of fall to your decorations. The patina pumpkins from Jell-O molds are unique and playful.

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  1. Hi Tammy! This is the most unique and interesting pumpkin DIY, I love it! I need to go through my decor items and find something to patina! I’m not familiar with those products, but they look so fun to use! Thanks for the great tutorial! Pinning now! I’d love to share this in my weekly newsletter next Friday!

  2. These are amazing Tammy! I don’t think I have any Jello molds but I am definitely going to be on the lookout. They definitely have me all kinds of excited about the upcoming season too. Loving, pinning, and will share them next week on my From the Front porch post. They’re so stinking cute! Hugs, CoCo

  3. Well, how darn cure are these? I absolutely adore them, Tammy. What a fun and clever idea! I’ going to feature your pumpkin project in my weekly round-up tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Interesting project. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see it all because the pop-up ads wouldn’t go away. It spoiled a perfectly nice post.

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