Beautiful Transformation With Paint


You find something on sale that you like but the color doesn’t work for you? Paint it! Here is a beautiful transformation with paint.

This transformation was quick and easy. If you use Dixie Belle Paints like I do, you know it can be used not just on furniture.

New to Dixie Belle Paints? You should check out my projects. I use their products on so many items.

You find something you like but the color is not right. Paint it!

Recently, I was in a local store and heard a customer say “I love this container but hate the color”.

It happens to me as well. I came across this cut faux plant. It was perfect for the downstairs basement but the color was wrong. The price was right at 50% off!

I did not let the color detour me from buying it. Why?

I knew it could be easily changed with a little paint.

Plain white plant container with faux plant before beautiful transformation with paint.

The container color in white was nice. I was planning to use it to style our shelves in the basement. This container left as white would look a little lost on an all white shelf.

White shelves with shiplap back splash.

We had these custom built shelves built in the basement. The shelves and shiplap back splash are both white. The white plant container would get totally washed-out in this back drop.

Creating a Beautiful Transformation With Paint

Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint in the color Anchor and Gilding Wax in Gold for the beautiful transformation with paint project.

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I knew this plant container could be easily transformed with some paint. I had the perfect supplies for this beautiful transformation.

Let’s paint

It is amazing how you can do a beautiful transformation with paint within minutes. This project is super easy to do.

The surface of the container was porous. It did not have a slick surface. A perfect surface to paint.

I choose the Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint in the color Anchor. It was a deep beautiful black color. This project only required one coat.

The Silk All-In-One paint has a built in primer, paint and top coat. Basically, it’s all you need for most projects.

On this porous surface, the paint was dried to the touch within 30 minutes.

adding gilding wax

Gilding Wax can be applied using your finger or with an artist paint brush. You can apply it to your hinges on the furniture or as an accent over the paint.

It looks beautiful over furniture pieces that have carvings. Here my finger is applying the Gold Gilding Wax over top the paint surface. The gold looks gorgeous against the deep black color from Anchor.



What a huge difference the Dixie Bell Paint Company’s products made on this home décor item. The black and gold pops against the white back drop.

Styling the painted plant container on white shelf.

It is the perfect addition to shelf. If it was still white, the plant container would blend too much into the background. Now it pops on the shelf.

Here are the before and after photos. By painting it, the container looks more high end.

Remember the next time you see something at the thrift store or on clearance at the store, you can always change the color. It is very easy to do.

I did this beautiful transformation with paint in a matter of minutes. It went from plain to high end!

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