Books and More: Style a Bookcase that Reflects Your Personality

Get ready to unleash your inner design guru and style a bookcase that’s as unique as you are! I have some style tips to help you.

Whether you have built-in bookcases or wall shelves, there are ways to style it to be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. “Books and More” is your guide to styling a bookcase to reflect your personality.

Feeling overwhelmed by a cluttered mess of books and knick-knacks? Yearning for a bookcase that goes beyond the ordinary, one that tells your story and sparks joy. Let me show you some clever organization hacks, creative decor ideas, and styling tips that reflect your passions, all while keeping functionality in mind.

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There are many wonderful items that you can use to style a bookcase. Items you love are the perfect addition. You may need to understand how to arrange them to stand out and make your shelves aesthetically pleasing for the right balance.

It is perfectly fine to have a bookcase with just books. What else can you display besides your favorite books?

  • Vases
  • Candle Sticks
  • Votives
  • Art
  • Framed Photos
  • Baskets
  • Display Collectibles
  • Antiques
  • Statues or Busts
  • Bowls
  • Trinket Boxes
  • Metal or Woven Boxes
  • Architectural Items
  • Architectural Savage such as corbels
  • Book Ends
  • Greenery
  • Plates
  • Cloche
  • Driftwood
  • Shells or Coral
  • Small Lamp
  • Bead Garlands
  • Glass Hurricane with fillers
  • Clock
  • Hourglass
  • Decorative Item

Where to I begin to get a cohesive look? I got you, my friend!

Let me share with you some tips that I have learned over the years to style a bookcase.

A empty white bookcase ready to be styled.

Start fresh when styling your bookcase. Remove everything from your shelves and give it a good cleaning.

If you want a new look shop around the house for some items that may work for styling your bookcase.

To add interest to your favorite reading materials by alternate stacking books horizontally and vertically. Let’s start by mixing vertical rows with horizontal stacks. 

Stacking books horizontal and vertical when styling a bookcase.

Leave room on shelves for accessories. For balance, you should vary the placement of books on left, right and center of shelves. 

If you are a book lover and have lots of them. Try organizing books by the color of their spines to create color-blocked bookshelf décor. You can arrange the books on the shelf by color. Work to group your books from light to dark. It’s a beautiful visual effect. You have seen how the gals from Home Edits organize by color.

A vintage corbel used as a bookend.

It is important to layer your décor items with various heights and sizes. Use objects of different heights and sizes to avoid a monotonous look. Group similar items together for visual cohesion but vary in height within each group. Place your larger pieces in after your books.

Bookcase with greenery, books and large items being added when styling.

Try diving your shelf visually into thirds. You will arrange items in groups within these sections. This creates a balanced and pleasing composition. Remember keeping some open space is fine. It will allow your eyes to rest from moving over many objects.

Smaller objects such as a trinket box, vase, faux plant, etc. can be placed on stacks of books. You can work smaller décor items in to fill any empty spaces. The smaller items become companion objects to larger items, and they don’t get lost on your shelf.

Layer in your favorite artwork and framed photos. Artwork that reflects you and what you love. Frame cherished prints or drawings from your children. Sprinkle in your favorite beloved photos of your loved ones.

The placement of art and wall décor can be hung or leaned against the backdrop. Artwork adds dimension and color to your space.

Use baskets on a bookcase to add extra storage.

Don’t push everything back against the wall. You can layer items by placing some in front of others to create a sense of depth and dimension.

Don’t forget your vintage pieces! Vintage pieces make great accessories for your shelves. Select a couple of select items to display. It’s a wonderful way of mixing old with new.

Layering in larger items onto a bookcase. Here a woven basket and blue and white ginger jar is used with the books.

You can use baskets with lids to hold items on your shelf. You want a place to hide your magazines or other items for sight. Baskets or pretty storage that can hold loose items, especially if your bookcases are in a home office.

Baskets also add texture to the space.

Don’t forget to add a natural element to your space with greenery. You can use real. It makes the area feel fresh and organic. Don’t have a green thumb? It is perfectly fine to use faux greenery. These days, faux plants look more realistic.

Also, you can use both faux and real plants when styling a bookcase. Trust me, it looks beautiful.

Add greenery to your bookcase with real or faux plants.

Plants add warmth, texture, and dimension. There is something about using plants in your home décor that makes a space feel cozy. Did you know that house plants boost moods, increase creativity, and reduce stress? Best of all, live house plants are beneficial as they improve air quality by cleaning the indoor air.

A styled bookcase with books, greenery, artwork, large and small items.

In summary, your bookcase is no longer just furniture, it’s a curated reflection of your unique personality and interests. Remember, styling is a journey, not a destination. It is important to have fun experimenting.

Keep these easy tips in mind:

  • Balance is key: Play with heights, textures, and colors to create a visually appealing arrangement.
  • Let your personality shine: Don’t be afraid to incorporate personal items that spark joy, conversations from places you have visited.
  • Less is more: Remember keeping some open space is fine. Maintain a sense of airiness and visual interest.
  • Seasonal refresh: Update your display with seasonal accents or new reads to keep it interesting.
  • Most importantly, enjoy the journey! Your bookcase is a chance to express yourself creatively, so have fun and let your imagination run wild.
Large blue and white clock over a styled bookcase.

Sweet friend, I hope these tips will help you style your bookcase into a beautiful and personal expression of yourself.

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With a little creativity and these styling tips, you can transform your bookcase into a reflection of your unique personality. Remember, there are no hard and fast rules – embrace what makes you happy and curate a space that sparks joy. Happy styling!

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