Love the glamorous look of a gold-lined luxury resin clam shell bowl gracing home decor magazines and stores? But it’s leaving you feeling a bit salty about the price tag? Me too! These bowls have been spotted as high as $279! Here’s the secret: you can create your stunning version for a fraction of the cost!

This easy DIY project uses gold leafing, glue, and varnish materials. In no time, you’ll transform an ordinary resin clam shell bowl into a breathtaking centerpiece for your coffee table or bookshelf. Imagine the compliments you’ll receive on your luxurious, handcrafted treasure!

You won’t believe how easy it is to go from this:

Plain Resin Clam Shell for display on bookshelves, nightstands, coffee tables, etc.

Voilà ….to this!

Luxury Clam Shell Dupe at a fraction of the cost.

Beautiful Luxury Resin Clam Shell Bowl with gold leaf added and made at a fraction of the cost of the lux version.

Intrigued? Let’s dive into the easy steps to create your luxury bowl!

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  • Resin Clam Shell Bowl
  • Several sheets of gold leafing
  • Gold Leafing Gilding Adhesive & Varnishing Kit

Apply The Adhesive

Follow the instructions on the gilding adhesive. Some adhesive requires water to be added. Brush the adhesive over the surface where you will be applying the gold leafing. Be generous with the adhesive for the gold leafing to adhere.

This particular brand of gilding adhesive requires that you wait one hour. It will be ready when sticky to the touch.

Working With Gold Leafing

The gold leafing comes in sheets. There is paper in between each sheet. You can pick up the sheet by the paper and move it onto the adhesive surface. With a flat artist’s brush and gentle strokes, smooth the gold leafing to the surface of the shell.

You will continue to work the gold leafing over the surface. You can add pieces to fill in any gaps or exposed areas.

Apply The Varnish

To seal the gold leafing from scratches or peeling, you will apply a varnish that comes in the kit. It can be used with a flat artist’s paintbrush. Gently brush the varnish over the entire surface and allow it to dry and cure for 24 hours.

Beautiful Luxury Resin Clam Shell Bowl with gold leaf added and made at a fraction of the cost of buying the lux version.

This project was simple, easy, and affordable. Add a touch of luxury to the coffee table with two strands of glass beads. The sea glass-colored beads add a touch of tranquility to your coffee table.

Coastal Inspired living room room.

The dining room is almost ready for the big reveal. From dining to lounging! The living room makeover is progressing nicely, and the finishing touches are making a big difference.

Beautiful Luxury Resin Clam Shell Bowl with gold leaf added and made at a fraction of the cost of buying the lux version.

The white tray adds a delightful contrast and a truly unique touch. A stunning coffee table book with sea shells is under the large clam shell.

This DIY project is a budget-friendly way to add a touch of coastal glam to your home. Plus, the satisfaction of creating your gilded masterpiece is priceless. You will be ready to score endless compliments on your new lux dupe treasure!

Happy crafting, sweet friend!

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  1. This shell is so beautiful and I love how you used gold leaf inside! It is so elegant! Great minds think alike because I have one I plan to decoupage with gold and white napkins! I hope it turns out as pretty as yours did!!

    1. Donna, I cannot wait to see your project. I saved so much money doing the gold leafing in a $29 shell. It beats spending $129-279 for one.

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