Cheerful and Charming: Bottle Brush Tree Wreath to Brighten Your Winter

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Let me bring you a super easy wreath project. You can make this cheerful and charming bottle brush tree wreath to brighten your winter.

This beautiful wreath you can use for Christmas and during winter. If you are not a crafty person, I got you! It is why I love creating projects that can be easily done at any skill level.

There is something about bottle brush trees that makes you want to touch and feel them. They are simple yet can be elegant too in your holiday and winter decorations.

This week, I will be bringing you two wreath projects. This bottle brush tree wreath can stay out until the spring. The second wreath later this week, you can use it during any season due to its uniqueness.

Preserved Boxwood 14" wreath with bottle brush trees, faux snow and green velvet bow for a vintage look.

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Both wreath projects this week will be easy to recreate! You will have beautiful decorative wreaths for your home.

The magic of bottle brushes goes beyond aesthetics. The soft, fluffy texture is a winter wonderland for your fingertips. You can find bottle brush trees in many different sizes and colors. Check the dollar bins at Target or Dollar Tree to find some. Most of my bottle brush trees were found at Target or Hobby Lobby at a very reasonable price.

You can make your wreath as small or as large as you want with the size of your bottle brush trees.

This project will take only 15 minutes from start to finish to hanging. Now it is time to have some fun!

  • 14-inch wreath Preserve Boxwood or faux pine or boxwood
  • 3-5 Small bottle brush trees in various colors (1″ – 1.5″)
  • 2″ wide ribbon of choice
  • Wire cutters
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • Floral wire, plastic tie, or craft pipe cleaner for hanging
  • Scissors
  • Fake snow, optional
  • Wooden dowel, pencil, or popsicle stick (to press snow into the wreath)

To begin, let us add something to the wreath to hang it later. I find this step is easier to do before you get started adding items to the wreath.

You need to cut a piece of floral wire, plastic bag tie, or use a craft pipe cleaner to the back of the wreath. Twist the bag tie around several times to make sure it will not come loose. Next tuck the ends towards the wreath. This way, if you are using floral wire it will not scratch you or your door/wall.

Beautiful sage green velvet in 2" width is bow tied to the boxwood wreath.

Here I am using a 2-inch wide sage-color velvet ribbon. You gently wrap the ribbon around the boxwood wreath and tie a simple bow.

Beautiful sage green velvet in 2" width is bow tied to the boxwood wreath.

Cut the tails of your bow to the desired length. I left my tails a few inches long. You can see the finished photo below to get an idea of the length.

Why are we not doing the bow last? Mainly because the ribbon is wrapped around the wreath. The snow and bottle brush trees will sit on top of it.

The base of the bottle brush trees will need to be removed. For my wreath, I selected three trees. You can add more or less. It is a personal preference. Two of my trees are the same size. The dark pink tree is shorter. On this 14″ size wreath, 3 to 5 small trees work well.

With a wire cutter, snip the wooden bases off the trees. Heat your glue gun.

Dab a generous amount of hot glue to the bottom and wire on the bottle brush tree. Place it in the center of the wreath above your bow. Apply pressure for the tree to take hold of the wreath.

Pick up the next tree and dap hot glue at the bottom. Place the tree on either the left or right side of the first tree. Repeat until you have your trees glued to the wreath.

Creating a holiday wreath with bottle brush trees.

I love the dark pink, ivory, and aqua colors with the green boxwood and the soft sage color of the ribbon.

I am using some pull-a-part faux snow in this wreath. This step is completely optional. Dap some hot glue where you want the snow around the trees. Use a wooden dowel or pencil to press the snow into the hot glue. It will prevent you from getting any burns on your fingertips.

Preserved Boxwood 14" wreath with bottle brush trees, faux snow and green velvet bow for a vintage look.

How easy was this project? Look how beautiful the wreath turned out. You can hang it just about anywhere in your home.

If using a preserved boxwood wreath, it should be used indoors only. You will need to hang it somewhere out of direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can cause your wreath to fade.

Preserved Boxwood 14" wreath with bottle brush trees, faux snow and green velvet bow for a vintage look.

Need a larger wreath? Not a problem! Just adjust the size of the trees to the right scale of the wreath’s dimension. On a larger wreath, you can place larger trees in the back with medium to small trees towards the front. There are so many options.

You can also give your wreath a snowy effect by gluing the pull-a-part snow found at local craft stores around the base of the trees.

Vintage inspired Boxwood and Bottle Brush Tree Wreath hung of a vintage railing in a creamy white from a child'd bed.

The wreath is hung above my double French Doors to my home office. The background is from an antique child’s crib in a creamy white.

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This project is perfect if you are short on time or crafting experience. With just a few simple supplies, you can create a beautiful wreath to brighten your day and welcome winter.

Happy Holidays!

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