Create a Beautiful Vintage Inspire Bottle Brush Tree


Do you love beautiful vintage inspired holiday items? I have a beautiful project for Vintage Inspire Bottle Brush Tree.

Do you love the vintage feel of bottle brush trees? I do and remember them as a child. They were only green at the time. These days they come in an assortment of colors from your basic green to whites, turquoise, pinks, reds, etc.

Bottle Brush Trees

No longer do you see the plain green or green with snow. You can find them in every shade of green, blues, whites, grays, turquoise, pinks, reds, etc.

I enjoy decorating with them throughout my home. Sometimes, I leave them plain or create stunning vintage inspire bottle brush trees. I like the fancier ones for buffets, shelves, a fireplace mantel or in a hutch or cabinet.

Styling them in your home is endless. It’s that pretty winter decoration that you will not tired of.

Decorated Bottle Brush Trees B

You can create a beautiful vintage inspired bottle brush tree for your holiday home décor. It will be a one of a kind bottle brush tree. No two bottle brush tree are made exactly the same. I will use a number of different items.

Throughout the year, I will shop yard sales, thrift stores, vintage markets, and the internet for glass votive holders, candle holders, tea cups, vintage jewelry, bobbles, beads, napkin rings, etc.


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  • Glass Votives 4″, 3″ and 2″ (depends on tree size)
  • Vintage jewelry (earrings, brooches, faux pearls, necklaces)
  • 1″ Mercury Glass Ornaments or shatter proof ornaments
  • Embellishments such as Rhinestones, flower buttons, miniature beaded garland, tinsel, etc.
  • Choice of ribbons
  • Bottle Brush Trees in various sizes

Create a Beautiful Vintage Inspire Bottle Brush Tree


1. Cut a part jewelry & Remove the backs of the pins & earrings

The first thing to do is to cut the stands of bracelets and necklaces. You can store in a plastic container, jar or Ziplock Storage Bags. You could separate by color or store together. I have all of the beads in one container. A separate container for toppers. Another container for ornaments. The rhinestones, buttons and flowers are in another container.

2. Hot Gluing the bottle brush tree into the votive

I found that removing any stickers from the bottom of your tree is important. It will help the hot glue to adhere the wooden base to the inside of the glass votive.

You will add a generous amount of hot glue to the bottom of the votive. Grab the top of the bottle brush tree and push it into the hot glue and hold for a minute.

Repeat this step for each of your trees.

3. adding a tree topper

Your topper can be a vintage earring, brooch, top of a napkin ring, a piece from a necklace, Rhinestone button or embellishment.

My favorite to use are old earrings and brooches. With pliers, you will remove the back of the pin or earring clip.

Once all of the tree toppers are hot glued, it’s time to decorate.

4. Decorating the Bottle Brush Tree No. 1

You must be careful not to burn yourself with the hot glue gun. You see, I have invested in a very nice hot glue gun by Ryobi. I do a lot of crafts. Therefore, I use a heavy duty hot glue gun. Any hot glue gun will do for this project.

Add hot glue to the tops of the 1″ mercury glass ornaments and push it into the tree. You will add all of the large ornaments first. Then you will fill in with the beads and other embellishments. Using needle nose pliers will help you not burn delicate fingers with hot glue.

Continue adding beads and embellishments until you have the desire look. There is no wrong way.

Bottle Brush Trees - Finished Project (3)

Add burlap or silk ribbon to the votive holder. I had to place hot glue in a few places to secure the ribbon from slipping down.

Voilà! I am loving the silvers, turquoise and pinks together.

5. Decorating bottle brush tree no. 2

For this tree, I am adding a tinsel garland. Wouldn’t it look beautiful with miniature silver beaded garland too? I am keeping my eyes open at the stores for some. A dab of hot glue on each end of the tinsel garland will keep it in place.

Now the same process as tree no. 1, add the larger ornaments into the tree.

Add in rhinestone embellishments and pieces of vintage jewelry.

Bottle Brush Trees - Finished Project (5)

The tree topper is a brooch that I had for many years. It looks so lovely on my bottle brush tree instead of the jewelry box.

6. Decorating bottle brush tree no. 3

This deep pink bottle brush tree is one of my favorites. I picked this tree up in the Target dollar bin for $3.

It is topped off with a beautiful multiple color pink vintage earring. Faux pink and cream pearl beads from two vintage necklaces and a bracelet adorn this tree. I also sprinkled in some iridescent beads from another old vintage necklace.

Rose flower beads and faux pearl and rhinestones buttons (comes in a pack of 50) are the perfect embellishments to make this tree sparkle in the light.

To finish it up, ivory chiffon ribbon was tied in a bow to the side of the votive holder. A dab of hot glue in a couple of places secures it so it will not move.

Bottle Brush Trees - Finished Project (2)

Something about this deep pink that grabs my heart. It turned out stunning!

7. Decorating bottle brush tree no. 4 & 5

The smaller trees fit perfect in the 2″ votives. Since they are small, I hot glued faux pearls, white beads and iridescent beads to the pink bottle brush trees. Some tinsel was wrapped and hot glue in place around the top of the votive holder.

These bottle brush trees are small but adds beauty paired with the large trees. They are adorable and would look pretty in a cabinet with vintage dishes.

stunning vintage inspired bottle brush trees

Pinterest Bottle Brush Trees

I hope you found some inspiration and will give this project a go.

Create a Beautiful Vintage Inspire Bottle Brush Tree (6)

It is so fun and rewarding to make your own holiday decorations. The light comes through the windows and the trees sparkle.

Bottle Brush Trees - Finished Project (3)

There are so many ways to style your trees. For now, I have them on by buffet sprinkles in with other trees such as these Twine Trees. I have them on candle holders found at the thrift store for $1. You can read about how to make Twine Wrapped Christmas Trees here.

Decorated Bottle Brush Trees B

Do you have a cloche? A grouping of three trees in various heights with vintage books is a wonderful way to display them.

Cloche and Bottle Brush Trees

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