Create a Charming Snowman Wall Art: A Simple Winter Craft Project

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Winter is the perfect time to bring some festive cheer indoors with a fun and easy DIY craft project. Today, I will show how to create a charming snowman wall art that will add a touch of winter sparkle to your home.

This is a simple winter craft project that is perfect for children too. You can use Quick Dry Tacky Glue instead of a hot glue gun to make it child friendly. Little ones can make this as a gift for their parents or grandparents.

Darling snowman wall art create with a small pallet box and large half wooden beads.

Most of the supplies can be found at your local craft supply stores. Although I had most of these items on hand, they did come from Hobby Lobby.

  • Small Pallet Wood box Sign 6.26 in x 6.26 in x 1.3 in (Box Pallet Wood Plaque $4.49 at Hobby Lobby)
  • Three large half wooden beads
  • 2 Large black buttons
  • 5 medium black buttons
  • Craft Acrylics paints in white, black, orange, and aqua (or color of your choice)
  • Two artist paint brushes (medium and fine line)
  • Piece of twine
  • Jewel buttons or buttons of choice (for body)
  • Small tinsel garland or ribbon/fabric/yard for scarf
  • Miniature red bell or holly sequin
  • Red and white baker’s twine (option for bow on hat)
  • Hot Glue and glue hot or substitute with Quick Dry Tacky Glue
  • Scissors
  • Paper plate (option for paint)

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1. Paint The Pallet Box

This small pallet box was $4.49 from Hobby Lobby. You may find something similar to this one or use a flat piece of wood. A hanger can be added to the back.

Add some white acrylic paint to a paper plate or old piece of cardboard. Dip your paint brush into white paint and cover the entire front of the pallet box. You will need to let it dry 30 minutes before adding a second coat.

Painting the sides of a small pallet wall box with an aqua color acrylic paint.

Paint all four sides of the box in a color of your choice. I am using a pretty aqua color to match the accessories in my kitchen.

2. Creating The Snowman’s Body

You can either glue the wooden half beads down and then paint. Or you can give them a base coat first and then glue after the paint dries.

When gluing the snowman’s body down, you need to leave a small overhang with the first bead. See the first photo below as an example.

The reason for the overhang is for adding a hat. We will be creating a hat with buttons in the next section. After gluing your three pieces in place, you can give the snowman’s body a second coat of white paint.

You should allow you paint to completely dry before adhering any embellishments.

3. Let’s Make A Hat

Two large black buttons and five smaller buttons are perfect to create a hat base for the snowman craft project.

Add dap of hot glue to a button and avoid the center where the holes are located. You do not want to burn your finger from glue coming through the buttonholes.

Here two large black buttons are hot glued together for creating the base of the hat. Push the two buttons together (both should be facing up when layering them).

I figured out a clever way to make a hat for the snowman by using buttons. Seven black buttons in two different sizes creates a cute hat for our snowman craft.

Five medium size black buttons will be hot glued together to create a stack part of the hat. Once you have glued all five buttons together, add a dap of hot glue and place place the stack on top of the two glued based black buttons. Voila! Now glue the button hat to the snowman’s head.

Now isn’t that adorable! It is such a sweet project for the winter.

4. Let’s Embellish The Snowman

Embellish the body of the snowman with some jewels, paint, or buttons. Add some small tinsel garland as a scarf for the snowman. Use the tip of a pencil or artist brush to push the tinsel into the glue. Trim the excess tinsel to the right length.

On the hat, you can tie a bow with red and white baker. Add a dap of glue to adhere the bow and a miniature jingle bell.

Create a nose for a snowman using a small piece of twine. Paint the twine orange for a carrot looking nose. Glue on the orange painted twine carrot nose to our snowman.

Let’s give our snowman eyes by dipping the end of an artist paint brush into black acrylic paint. Dot the black paint on the snowman to create round eyes.

Create a snowman mouth with a few black dots of paint.

Create a snowman mouth with a few black dots of paint. Again, dip the back of the artist paint brush into black paint. Add a few dots to create a smile on the snowman.

Charming Snowman Wall Art DIY Craft Project hung in the kitchen by the mixer.

I had so much fun designing and creating this project. My grandchildren will love making this DIY Charming Snowman Wall Art.

Charming Snowman Wall Art DIY Craft Project

His hat turned out really great for the 3D look of this winter wall art. Remember to search around your house for items that you transform into wonderful art for the home. I had all of these items shoved into my craft drawer. The entire project took about 1 and 15 minutes from start to finish. About 30 minutes of that was allowing the paint to dry.

Have an amazing day, sweet friend!

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