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Fall is here, and with it comes the desire to cozy up our homes with warm seasonal touches. In matter of minutes you can create a quick kitchen island centerpiece.

We know the kitchen island, a central hub for gathering and conversation, deserves seasonal decorations. A simple vignetter with a few items can create a lovely centerpiece without it overwhelming a kitchen island. Choose several key elements and arrange them for a balanced and cohesive look.

It is important to leave room for functionality. Remember your kitchen island is a work surface too. Don’t create a centerpiece so large that it impedes its everyday use. You can keep it simple.

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Look no further than the treasures you already have and some store-bought flowers! Let’s grab a cup of coffee and get ready to create a beautiful kitchen island centerpiece.

In less than 15 minutes, let me show you how to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. It will be more than just a centerpiece. A beautiful vignette of items will become the kitchen island centerpiece.

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  • Wooden Table Riser or you can use a tray or Charcuterie Board
  • Large Candle Holder
  • Pillar Candle (you can use real or faux flickering candle)
  • Faux Fabric Pumpkin or real
  • Vase of flowers
  • Flowers from your local grocery store or backyard

Remove all of the rubber bands and plastic sleeves from the flowers and fillers. I cut the fillers stems down first and put them in a cream color vase with warm water.

Next, I cut the flowers stems to my desire height and began to work them into the vase. With all of the neutrals, the flowers add the perfect pop of color.

Place the vase with flowers on your riser.

Create A Quick Kitchen Island Centerpiece D.jpg

Arrange fall elements with different heights for visually interesting display. Bring in some texture. This beaded lantern is perfect with added texture and the height lower than the vase of flowers. This beaded lantern and table riser were both found at a local shop Rust & Grain.

Create A Quick Kitchen Island Centerpiece E.jpg

Finish the vignette with a candle in the beaded lantern and pumpkin made from a vintage bedspread. Now how easy was that?

Tips: 1) If you do not have a riser, turn a cake stand into a mini fall scene. You could use moss and arrange pumpkins, gourds, pinecones and even a candle; 2) Place a battery operated flicker candle in glass hurricane. Fill the hurricane with with candy corn or acorns; or 3) add a cutting board with a glass cloche with a faux glass pumpkin underneath or a terra cotta pot with moss and dried flowers. The possibilities are endless.

Create A Quick Kitchen Island Centerpiece G.jpg

Now light your candle, admire your styling, and enjoy your cup of coffee!

    With a little creativity and these quick tips, you’ve unlocked the creative juices to style a stunning fall centerpiece for your kitchen island. Make it an amazing day, sweet friend!

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