Create Your Own Beautiful Valentine’s Floral Arrangement


It’s not hard or expensive to create your own beautiful Valentine’s floral arrangement. Let’s follow a few simple design rules.

Honestly, you really cannot mess it up. Remember three main rules: 1) balance; 2) portion, and 3) scale. You and I are not professional floral designers. We are simply creating beautiful floral arrangements.

My grandparents owned a florist. My father grew up in the business and designed arrangements in the business. Then he went off to college to change professions to Electronic Engineering. My mother did become a floral designer. She works with silks and real flowers.

She is an amazing designer. Her florals designs are stunning. She may go by 6 or 7 principles of floral design. I stick to the basic rules.

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So where do we begin?

What is the basic rule in flower arrangement?

The basic rule in flower arrangement is finding the right balance. Remember I mentioned balance, portion and scale?

What is balance? Basically, there are two types in floral design: Physical and visual balance. 

1. balance

Physical balance refers to the material (flowers & fillers) weight distribution in the overall floral arrangement. We want the weight of the arrangement to look evenly distributed on both sides.

Visual balance refers to the balance that is perceived by our eyes. We look at things as symmetrical and asymmetrical balance. It’s having the same quantity of similar items on either side of the arrangement. You see this in more formal designs.

Asymmetrical balance is when different elements arranged with equal visual weight on either side to maintain the sense of balance. This type of floral arrangement is usually more stylish and informal.

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3. scale

One would think proportion and scale are the same. Think of scale as a large round dining table with a very small floral arrangement. The small floral arrangement will get loss on a large table. Why? The scale is off. The floral design is way too small for the size of the table.

3. proportion

While scale focuses on the size of the floral arrangement in relationship to the area it being used, proportion has a different focus.

This is where we need to make sure that the size of the flowers, fillers and vessel used (vase, pitcher, container, etc.) are in good proportion. That they will work well together.

Create a Beautiful Valentine's Day Floral Arrangement

I may not follow all of the principles in floral design. However, I have found using these three principles will aid you in creating a beautiful arrangement.

tutorial – Create Your Own Beautiful Valentine’s Floral Arrangement

Remember your arrangement does not have to be perfect. It is going to be beautiful. There is nothing prettier than fresh flowers in the home. It brightens up any room in your home. Fresh flowers smell amazing too!

1. purchase flowers and fillers of your choice

If you live in close to a flower market take advantage of it. I am jealous in the sweetest, nicest way! Our area does not have a large flower market.

During the summer, I do have a local farmer’s market. It is a great place to get field or greenhouse grown flowers.

During the winter months, we have a couple of local grocery stores that carries a wonderful selection of flowers and fillers.

2. select your vessel

What size vase should I use?

For your floral arrangements the length of the flower stems should be no more than one and a half to two times the height of a vase.

My vessel is a vintage white ironstone pitcher. The height is good for the flowers and fillers selected.

To start my arrangement, I added few large palms and other leaves. A total of five pieces will anchor the back.

This floral arrangement will not have flowers in the back. The flowers will be front, center and sides.

You can always turn the leaves to the side remove the back palms and add the flowers all around the arrangement. Typically, I design my arrangements where the flowers can be viewed from all angles.

Create A Beautiful Valentine's Day Floral Arrangement 3

This tutorial is showing how I made this particular floral design. I wanted to do something a little different.

3. adding flowers and more fillers

Create a beautiful Valentine's Day Floral Arrangement 5

Fill your vessel with water about 3/4 of the way. You will want to keep the water clean. Therefore, remove any leaves from the flowers that will be in the water. You only want your stems to be covered with water.

You should always cut your stems at an angle. Why cut flowers at an angle?

By trimming the stems of your flowers will make sure that your flowers stay fresh and it helps the water travel up through the stem.

Create a beautiful Valentine's Day Floral Arrangement 6

I tend to work with the large flowers first. The two Hydrangea Blooms will anchor the arrangement. The other flowers will be worked around these two main blooms.

Create a beautiful Valentine's Day Floral Arrangement 7

A little pop of pink is added with these Sweet William.

The Carnations are perfect to place in the back of the arrangement to add some height. You can see that I am going up and out with this floral arrangement.

Create a beautiful Valentine's Day Floral Arrangement 9

You should remove any damaged petals from your roses. These hot pink roses are my favorite. I removed the outer layer of petals and all the leaves.

To determine where to cut the stem, I held it up to the vase. It helps me gage the height to place the flower. Then I will cut the stem.

A few taller filler greens are added to the center. The taller Lilies are placed as filler flowers towards the back with the Carnations. These flowers will help to fill in any gaps.

I had two unusual pointy leaves. Not sure the name of them. For visual interest and texture, I placed one on each side of the arrangement.

Next the medium size flowers (roses ) are worked into the arrangement. Theses are the flowers that adds more color and give the arrangement a romantic vibe.

4. finishing touches

For more texture, this grapevine heart was placed on the right side of the arrangement. It was attached with a plastic card holder for flower arrangements. A freebie at the grocery store in the section with the flowers. You could hot glue it to a twig and place it in the vase.

In the center, two Curly Willow branches are added to draw you eyes up.

final floral arrangement

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I love the colors in this flower arrangement. The grapevine wreath adds the perfect touch for Valentine’s Day.

Create  A Beautiful Valentine's Day Floral Arrangement 17

It’s fun to move flowers around to see where you want to put them. This type of arrangement works beautiful on a buffet or side table.


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I hope you found this post interesting and inspiring. Try to make a beautiful arrangement for your home.

Remember to have fun with it. Imperfect makes are gorgeous arrangement!


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  1. Great tutorial , I have created loads of flower arrangements over the years and just had a pattern /process for what flower I put where, but never read anything like this how to. Pinning.

  2. Your flowers are beautiful and I appreciate the tips on how to arrange them! Love the touch you added with the grapevine heart! Thanks for linking up at Fabulous Friday! Pinning now!

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