DIY Painted Planter for Mother’s Day

Are you looking for a unique Mother’s Day Gift? Here is a DIY Painted Planter for Mother’s Day that is fun and easy to do.

If you have been following me, I am all about easy projects and using items around the house. All week, I will be sharing Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from handmade projects to store bought items if you are not crafty. I got you!

Remember how, I talk about shopping your house for stuff. We all have things in the garage, basement or sheds that something can be made into a gift.

Today, I went shopping in my garage to see all the treasures hiding in this space. I found some 12″ terracotta pots, lots of chalk paint. Next, it was time to shop my house and craft room for more treasures. Then I found craft paint, stencil, stencil sponges, spray adhesive, Frog Tape, etc.

The only items now to purchase are some plants and a protected sealer for the pot.


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  • Terracotta Planter – I am using a 12″ diameter pot
  • Frog Tape
  • Chalk or craft paint of choice – I used French Egg, Black, Sage Green and a Cool Mint Metallic Opaque paint for my project
  • Rust-Oleum Matte Finish Clear Protected Finish
  • Krylon Easy-Tack – Repositional tack adhesive (great for home projects)
  • Alphabet Stencil (7 1/2″ x 9″)
  • Stencil Sponges
  • Paint Brush
  • Scissors
  • Fine Grit Sanding Block
  • Two paper plates for paint


DIY Painted Planter for Mother's Day 1.jpeg

This handmade Mother’s Day gift idea is bound to put a smile on someone’s face. Not only because it handmade, but it’s customized with the individual’s initial and colors that they love.

With Fusion Chalk Paint in French Egg, the entire terracotta planter can painted in a matter of minutes. I know right? The paint is fast drying paint so you will have to work quickly.

You can use any chalk paint of choice but it will need to be sealed for outdoor use. I will share later in the post how to seal the paint to protect the project.

The terracotta is very porous and the paint will soak in and dry fast as a result let’s work quickly.

DIY Painted Planter for Mother's Day 2.jpeg

You can leave the pot one color or add as many different colors as you like. Here is where you can be very creative with your paints.

Here I taped off the bottom of the rim with Frog Tape so I can have two different colors. It was fun mixing the sage green with the Modern Master Metallic Paint Cool Mint (351347) for a little shimmer to the top of the rim.

It’s best to carry this paint color in the inside of the pot about 2″ down and around. The rest of the inside of the pot will be covered with dirt so no need to paint the whole inside of the pot.

I mixed the Sage Green with the Metallic Cool Mint for a custom color. I absolutely love this color with the Fusion French Egg (similar color to Annie Sloan’s Duck Egg).

Again, these paints will dry very fast. That’s what I love about this project. You can knock it out pretty quick.

Let’s Stencil

With scissors, I cut the letter stencil in half to use only one letter. Using the Krylon Easy-Tack adhesive, I sprayed the back. It is repositionable. You should spray it on outside the stencil outside to avoid the adhesive getting on your counter.

Next, I adhered the stencil on the front of the painted pot. You need to make sure all of the stencil is adhered so no paint seeps underneath the stencil. Load your stencil sponge with a little of the black paint. Remember a little goes a long way. You should dap the extra off. Gently, dap or work the paint slowly in the open space of the stencil. Allow a few minutes for the paint to dry before carefully removing the stencil.

You can save you stencil to reuse. I place mine on plastic sheet sheet or plastic wrap will work as well.

I took a fine grit sanding block and distressed it a little over the initial and pot. This step is optional.

Let’s protect & Seal

DIY Painted Planter for Mother's Day 15.jpeg

When you use any type of chalk or craft paint, you will need to put a protective sealant on it. Do not use hemp oil or wax for outdoor use. It is best to use Rust-Oleum Clear Protective Finish. I selected Matte Finish for this project.

DIY Painted Planter for Mother's Day 16.jpeg

It dries very quickly and you will be able to plant within minutes. I let my pot sit and dry for ten minutes tops!

let’s plant

DIY Painted Planter for Mother's Day 17.jpeg

Add Miracle Grow Potting Mix to the planter. I selected these beautiful white pansies and pink begonias for my pot.

DIY Painted Planter for Mother's Day 18.jpeg

When you remove the flowers from the plastic container, with your hand break a part the bottom of the roots. Many times, the plants become root bound in the greenhouse containers. This little step will help your plant take root in the new pot and grow.

Once you have your plants in the pot, add any extra dirt around the plants.

DIY Painted Planter for Mother's Day 19.jpeg

To help the plants, I will add some Miracle Grow fertilizer for outdoor plants to watering can. I give the plants a good soak down at their roots not on the plant itself.

finished Project

DIY Painted Planter for Mother's Day 21.jpeg

How lovely is this DIY Painted Planter for Mother’s Day? It’s handmade for someone special. It’s personalized and it has beautiful plants to last during the spring and summer.

This fun project can be done with your children too. It’s easy, pretty and best of all made with love.

Another wonderful Mother’s Day gift would be this DIY Wall Art for Photos that I made from salvaged Architecture piece of wood or my DIY Spring Wreath.

Please visit my blog this week for more easy, fun and beautiful Mother’s Day gifts that you can make.

Thank you for stopping by and hope you have a wonderful day.


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