DIY Recycled Wreath Project

Over the weekend, I found this amazing large basket. I decided to do a DIY Recycled Wreath Project using an oversized basket.

I have been wanting to create a large wreath for over my fireplace mantel. This basket is 22 1/2 inches in diameter and 8 inches tall. It is perfect size to make a large wreath.

DIY Recycle Wreath 1.jpeg

The instant I saw this basket, all kinds of ideas popped into my head. It could become a good staple piece for a DIY project or an item to use in various places in the house. On top of a cabinet or in the center of a large table with potted plants tucked into it. The possibilities were endless and knew it was coming home with me.

This wreath was used last summer and the birds picked it a part. It really needed so TLC and still had plenty of greens and flowers on it. The wreath needed so sprucing up. So why not recycle it and make her pretty again.

DIY Recycle Wreath 2.jpeg

Look how pitiful this wreath is with leaves and flowers stripped from it. Some birds must have quite a cute nest somewhere.

DIY Recycle Wreath 3.jpeg

By the time I am done, this wreath it will be transformed into something lovely.


  • Hot Glue Gun with glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Floral Wire
  • 2 1/2 inch Wired Ribbon (small bow 3 yards, fuller bow 6 yards)
  • Small Terracotta Pot
  • Small nest to fit in the pot or you can just use moss
  • Small bird
  • A small bag of moss (I keep on hand for projects)
  • 18″ wreath to recycle (mine is on an 18″ grapevine wreath)
  • Three stem bushes of small Peonies
  • Three large Hydrangea Blooms
  • One stem bush of any white flowers (use as fillers)
  • Three Eucalyptus stems
  • Large Basket (optional)

Total Time For Project: approximately 25 minutes

Wreath Tutorial Step by Step

I started with cutting the flowers a part from the bunches. It is easiest to stacked the flowers and leaves in to separate piles.

Next, I removed the the black and white bow from the old wreath. This bow will be saved for another project.

Once the terracotta pot was hot glued in place. Add some hot glue to the sides of the small wreath and place inside the pot. Next, add some hot glue on the nest to adhere some moss. I places some hot glue on top of the terracotta pot and added more moss to give it a natural look.

Recently, my friend Leslie , Feet Under My Table told me something interest. If you add a bird’s nest to your wreath with eggs, it will deter birds from making a nest in it. They think it is already occupied. What wonderful advice for door wreaths.

Next, I created my simple bow. I made a loop with tails and tied floral wire around. Then I made five loops (I will make five or six) pinching the center tight. I added my center loop with the tails and twisted the floral wire around the center of my five loops. I pulled the five loops out in different directions while fluffing and then tied it to the wreath.

DIY Recycle Wreath 17 1.jpg

Now take the three large Hydrangea blooms and place on the wreath. Once you have them where you like them, add hot glue to the bottom of the stem and push them into the grapevine wreath.

DIY Recycle 5.jpg

Now begin working the Eucalyptus greens into the bare patches around the wreath.

DIY Recycle Wreath 19.jpg

Next, start to work the pink Peonies in clutters along with the extra white flowers into the wreath. Hot glue them in place. Continue to work the Peonies in around the wreath. You can add some of the Hydrangea leaves near the large blooms to fill in some of the space and add some more texture.

You can either hang your wreath on the front door or in the house. I choose to add mine to the inside of this basket.

DIY Recycle Wreath 22 T.jpeg

With floral wire, loop it through the grapevine and twist to make a loop for hanging. I did this so when removing if from the basket, it could be hung somewhere else in the house or even on the front door.

DIY Recycle Wreath 23T.jpeg

Use a large piece of floral wire and loop through the grapevine wreath. This wire is going to adhere the wreath to the basket.

DIY Recycle Wreath 24T.Jpeg

Carefully, you will need to push the wire through the holes in the basket. Pull the floral wire through to the other side and twist to fasten.

DIY Recycle Wreath 25T.jpeg

Just twist the floral wire to hold the wreath in place.


DIY Recycle Wreath Final.jpeg

Look how pretty the wreath turned out. The basket give it so much extra texture.

DIY Recycle Wreath Final 1.jpeg

The wreath displayed on the fireplace mantel. It adds lots of color to this space.

DIY Recycle Wreath Final 5.jpeg

Love the dimensional look that the basket gives this wreath.

DIY Recycle Wreath Final 4.jpg

Look at all of those pretty little details.

DIY Recycle Wreath Final 2

Perfectly imperfect! Love it!

DIY Recycle Wreath Final 18.jpg

All of the colors are so cheery and makes me smile. 🙂

More Wreath Inspiration

Not a DIY person, I got you!

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Thank you so much for stopping over today. Have a wonderful day!


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  1. What a wonderful refresh! I didn’t know about the bird’s nest in the wreath trick! So good to know! Beautiful job, Tammy! Thank you for sharing my post, too! 💛

    1. Thank you so much, Cindy. No I have it on the door and removed from the basket. With the nest, it should keep birds from picking at it.

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