Easy Spring Wreath (with a Hat)!

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Here is a delightful twist on the traditional spring wreath – an Easy Spring Wreath (with a Hat)! You can make this in less than 30 minutes.

This creative project is perfect for those who want a unique and cheerful welcome for the season. Don’t worry, crafting skills are not necessary!

I will show you how to transform a simple floppy hat into a vibrant spring masterpiece in just a few simple steps.

Beautiful mudroom built-in bench decorated for spring and Easter.

It is a beautiful wreath that can be used inside the house or outside on the front door. And, it’s different from your average grapevine wreaths that you see in the stores.

Let’s transform a floppy hat into a stunning spring wreath. So, gather your supplies and get ready to create a charming door decoration that will be sure to impress!

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Spring Wreath 1.jpg

You only need a few tools for this project.

  • Floppy straw hat with black bow
  • 6-sheets of white tissue paper
  • Steamer
  • Faux Peonies Flower bunch
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters

The floppy hat had a few creases. You can remove any creases in the hat and ribbon with a steamer. It will help the ribbon to lay flat.

If your hat has an elastic band do not cut it off. The elastic is perfect to use to hang the wreath when completed.

To keep the top of the hat nice in round, you are going to need six (6) sheets of white tissue paper. Using two at a time, scrunch up and place inside the hat. Repeat two more times. It should look like the third photo.

Spring Wreath 7.jpeg

You can either leave the ribbon tails untied or tie up in a bow.

With wire cutters or heavy duty scissors, cut a part the floral bunch. Try to cut as much of the stem off as show in the second photo. The leaves will slide off and cut them a part as well as sit aside.

Spring Wreath 11.jpg

Lay out the leaves around the hat to get an idea of the placement for the flowers. It’s fine to lay out your flowers around to see the placement before it is hot glue down.

Once you have your layout, begin to hot glue the leaves down first.

Continue to work the flowers around the hat adhering with the hot glue. Please be careful not to burn your finger.

Continue to work the flowers in and add the extra grouping of small leaves around the buds.

With the extra leaves, I added some hot glue and tucked them in a few places under the flowers. It fills in some of the small gaps.

Beautiful mudroom built-in bench decorated for spring and Easter.

Now it’s ready to hang! Don’t you just love all the soft colors. The florals used are the light pink. They are a beautiful blush color and match perfect with the Easter Decor in the Mudroom.

Spring Wreath A.jpeg

You can use any variety of flowers to create your spring hat wreath. It looks beautiful hanging on the bench in the mudroom.

Spring Wreath E.jpg

The wreath is neutral enough and looked amazing in the bathroom too.

I hope this inspires you to try to make this lovely DIY Spring Hat Wreath for your home. Again, it goes beautiful in so many different rooms in the house.

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Hope you have a wonderful day, sweet friend!

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  1. Oh, this is gorgeous Tammy! I love the idea of using a straw hat to make a spring wreath and how versatile it is that you can display it almost anywhere in your home! Lovely colours too!

    1. Thank, Jayne. The best part of it, I still have a cute hat for the beach. I just remove the flowers when I get tired of it and it become my beach hat. LOL

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