Easy And Creative Ways To Decorate A Glass Cloche For Fall


You may have seen in my home a variety of glass or metal cloches. There are many easy and creative ways to decorate a glass cloche for fall.

It really is easy to create a beautiful vignette displaying items with a cloche.

It is a dome or bell shape cover. Decorative cloches for use in the home are normally glass or metal. In recent years, they have become a popular item in home décor.

I use them in my home styling in creative ways during the seasons. There are lots of beautiful ways to display items using glass cloches.

Cloche - 6 Easy and Affordable Fall Centerpieces

Did you know that cloches were originally used to protect plants outside from cold temperatures? The original bell shape dome would be placed over an individual plant for protection.

I love cloches! They are one of my favorite item to style in my home. Let me share some of my favorite easy and creative ways to style a cloche for the fall.

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A grouping or combination of the items below make for a beautiful display under a cloche. You can feature a favorite collection of items. There are various items to combine for styling your glass cloche.

  • pumpkins or gourds
  • feathers
  • leaves
  • small wreath
  • stacked books or books with the spines removed
  • faux plants
  • faux fruit
  • candles (battery timer)
  • fairy lights (timer)
  • dried or faux flowers or herbs
  • dried lotus pods, wheat bunch, faux acorns, nest
  • Indian corn or corn husks
  • Moss or moss balls
  • dishes, mortar and pestle, vases, etc.
  • vintage items such as an old clock, wooden spools, figurines, etc.
  • photograph
  • metal or woven box
  • any seasonal item

I love natural organic items found in nature. Here dried sunflowers and mushrooms add a touch of autumn color. Some green moss and Spanish moss are used as fillers. A bird nest on top of a rustic terra cotta pot adds some height and extra texture.

Another creative way to decorate a glass cloche is adding a collection of vintage items. Here green Spanish Moss is used as a filler. It is topped with vintage wooden spools and a grapevine pumpkin.

This cloche is sitting on top of a small candle riser. A beautiful velvet pumpkin with a real pumpkin stem, two feathers and a few preserved leaves are put under the cloche. It creates a beautiful fall vignette.

You can see from this list the possibilities are endless. Use your imagination and run with it to decorate a cloche.

No, you do not need to use a base. However, some cloches do come with a glass, wooden or metal base. I love the look of a large over sized glass dome over items on a wooden table. It is a matter of personal preference or to change up your look.

Easy and Creative Ways To Decorative A Glass Cloche for Fall (12)

Often you will see my extra large metal cloches styled using no base. A large glass dome over a faux green wreath with a faux pumpkin. It is sitting on top of a riser. A simple vignette for the kitchen island or console table.

Outdoors, I am using a large wire cloche. It sits on the base of the table with a grouping of two plants and a candle holder. There is a small votive timer candle that pops on during the evening.

For my smaller glass cloches, I will use various different bases or use the base that came with the cloche.

Easy and Creative Ways To Decorative A Glass Cloche for Fall (10)

You can use a variety of items for a base under your cloche. Here are some of my favorites:

  • pedestal (metal or glass)
  • cutting board
  • wood slice
  • charger
  • vintage plate
  • architectural salvage
  • book
  • marble cheese board
  • tray
  • basket

I love to use cheese trays or cutting boards. This tray was had extra space around the edges. You could had acorns, a large wreath or garland. How about some dried cauliflower root! It reminds me of white drift wood. I love that organic look of it around the tray.

The great thing about using a tray or cutting board, you can move it around the house. I love to change things up.

You can find cloches in a variety of different stores including thrift stores, vintage markets, etc. Here are some of my favorites and a link where to purchase.

The cloche acts like a little greenhouse, allowing you to create a miniature fall scene inside. Fall decorations, especially natural elements like dried flowers or mushrooms can be delicate. A cloche protects them from dust, chewing pets, or little hands.

Hope you found some inspiration today on using a cloche for fall. May you have a wonderful day, sweet friend!

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