Easy DIY Upcycled Thrift Store Vase For Fall Home Decor

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Do you shop thrift stores to find a bargain? How about upcycling an item? Here is an easy DIY upcycled thrift store vase for fall home decor.

This upcycled thrift store vase is the perfect way to add a touch of autumn charm to your home, all while saving money and giving something old a fresh new look. I love to save a buck or two.

Vases at thrift stores are significantly cheaper than buying new ones. Fall is a time for cozy vibes, and a thrifted vase can add that touch without a hefty price tag.

Whenever I come across these cylinder glass vases, I snag them. This one was priced at $2 but with my earnings coupon (offered by the thrift store), it was snagged for $1.

upcycle thrift store vase

This style vase is perfect for if you are having a party and need multiple floral arrangements. Therefore, I love keeping them on hand.

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Upcycled Fall Decoration Pinterest - upcycle thrift store vase

This project is an easy DIY upcycle thrift store vase project that will take you less than 15 minutes to make from start to finish. It does not get any better than that! Right?

Cleaning thrifted glass vase

It may have dirt, dust, grim and germs from people touching it or just sitting on the self. By cleaning your vase, if you are to use any glue or paint it will adhere better.

At the top of the vase, add a small dot of Quick Drying Tacky Glue or hot glue. Place the end of the twine in the glue and begin wrapping the twine around the vase. I started about 3/4 of the way up. You can start in the center. It depends on your preference.

I have a bunch of these wood slices and leaves left over from another project. You can paint or stain your leaf. I am using some left over stain that I had on hand.

The wood slice, I am going to leave raw. I love the natural look of it. Now glue the leaf to the center of the wood slice.

4. Add Twine To The Embellishment

Cut a piece of twine long enough to wrap around the vase and allow for a bow tie.

Vase Makeover for Fall - upcycle thrift store vase

Slip the embellished wood slice through the twine. You can use my trick by taking a piece of tape and placing it around one end of the twine. It helps to fish the twine through the hole.

To finish it, tie the twine in a bow and trim the ends to the desired length. How easy was this upcycle thrift store vase for fall? It took minutes to make it.

how to upcycle thrift store vase

Add your favorite flowers to the vase and admire your beautiful project. I love the natural look of the twine and wood. It is perfect for the fall.

DIY upcycle thrift store vase

This upcycle thrift store vase would make a lovely hostess gift for Thanksgiving or a friends birthday for the fall.

Remember to be on the look out for vases that you can easy upcycle. You can create some beautiful upcycle fall decorations with a little creativity. The best part is to have fun and enjoy the creative process.

Hope you enjoyed this fun and easy project upcycle thrift store vase for the fall. Have a wonderful day, sweet friend!

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