Impress your guests with effortless elegance using everyday items and seasonal touches. It only takes a matter of minutes to decorate your table to look beautiful.

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere perfect for fall gatherings, all without the stress! Enjoy easing into the fall season with subtle changes.

Between planning the menu and preparation of the food, who has time for elaborate table decorations. Right? Don’t worry, I got you! Let me show you how easy it is to create a stunning fall tablescape in just minutes. An effortlessly elegant display using items that you have that evokes the warmth and beauty of the season.

Beautiful Fall Tablescape with wood and copper for warm autumn hues.

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Easy Fall Tablescape Wood Chargers.jpg

What is the purpose of a charger plate? Charger plates have several functions. They provide a touch of elegance and enhance your table décor.  Charger plates also protect you table and tablecloth from getting dirty.

Sometimes I will not use a tablecloth on my wooden tables. The charger plate helps to protect the wood from leaving marks if your plate is too hot. The heat is retain in the dish and not on my table.

What is the difference between a charger plate and a place mat? Both of them have similar functions. Placements are natural cloths like linen and cotton as well as synthetic materials like polyester and rayon. A charger plate is usually glass, metal, wood, ceramic, plastic, etc.

This season, these gorgeous wood chargers were on sale. I loved the organic look to them and took the plunge to purchase them.

Fall Tablescape Place Mats
Neutral Place Mats

In my placemat stock pile, I have several different neutral placemats to choose from including some burlap ones. What I love about these particular placements, they are easy to clean. They are perfect to clean with the grandchildren. Can you believe that they are few years old? These placemats have held up well.

The wood chargers work perfect on white round table. The warm brown hue pops against the white.

Brown Transferware.jpg

These brown transferware plates are by Johnson Brother in the Heritage Hall Pattern. They were my grandmother’s everyday dishes. Can you believe that I have a service for 26? This dinnerware has sentimental meaning and a cherished item. I use them often.

White Ironstone Plates.jpg

Here are four white ironstone plates that are not vintage. I am going to show you two different looks using two different smaller plates.

Easy Fall Tablescape Look 1.jpg

The first look is very subtle and you can never go wrong using white dishes with a pattern large plate. The copper pumpkin napkin rings looks beautiful with the white lace trimmed napkins and ties in with the natural colors of fall.

Blue Dishes.jpg

Love this beautiful and inexpensive small blue and white plates. I had them in the cabinet and thought a pop of color would be fun.

Easy Fall Tablescape Look 2.jpg

I love both of the looks. The aqua plates of color speaks to my heart. I love to use non-traditional fall colors.

Fall Butter Dish

Do not forget to add some beautiful accessories to your tablescape. This silver and ceramic butter dish is perfect for the fall season.

Easy Fall Tablscape Room View.jpg

For an easy budget friendly centerpiece, place a beautiful plant to your table. Add a woven or grapevine pumpkin pick for a touch of fall.

Easy Fall Tablescape 1.jpeg

My napkins are neutral with lovely copper pumpkin napkin rings. Simple white all occasion napkins with a touch of lace are wonderful to use for any season.

Remember to go shopping in your house first to see what you can use in your easy fall table scape. You see that glasses and silverware are not out yet. The reason is ….grandchildren. These items are put out last.

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Have a great day, sweet friend!

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  1. Tammy, your transferware plates are fabulous. And setting for 26 … wow. Love how you mixed old and new. Also, I appreciate the simplicity of your setting. I’m a less is more gal so it’s right up my alley. xo

    1. Thank you, Juliet. It’s not a pattern that I would have purchase myself. However, I love it because the dishes were my grandmother’s. When I receive the set it was a service for 18 or 20 and I added to it. I would find pieces on Etsy. I have all the pieces to the set. My father is so happy when he sees me using it during the holidays. I grew up next door to my grandmother and spent so much time with her. She had a love for English china and French Furniture. If only I had gotten so of her beautiful furniture. It’s the little treasures that we hold so dear to us.

  2. There’s so much I love about this. The butter dish I am so in love with. Thank you for sharing your transfer ware story. Priceless.

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