Fall Mantel Styling In A Few Simple Steps

Many times the mantel and hearth are the focal point in our room. Today, let’s talk about fall mantel styling in a few simple steps.

Let me show you how to layer items to create a beautiful mantel. It is a perfect way to celebrate a new season to make your home warm and cozy. It is about creating beauty and warm without even turning the fireplace on. The fireplace on is an added bonus.

Quite often I get questions how do I style my mantel? How do I decorate my mantel in the fall? The first thing to think about is color. What colors do you want to use for fall?


Styling Tips To Help You

To help answer some questions about styling a mantel for any season, the following styling tips will help you. It will get you thinking about how to approach your mantel. It is such a fun space to decorate.

  • Determine your color scheme
  • Create a focus point over the mantel
  • Create Layers
  • Add greenery
  • Create various heights with décor items
  • Add lots of texture
  • Use what you have

1. Color Scheme

This year, I have pulled my inspiration from a wreath. To use more natural elements and earth tones in my fall styling this year.

I love to shop my own home first before decorating. This way, I can use items on hand to save some money. This wreath is one from a few years ago. It is kept looking new by storing it in a wreath box.

Fall Mantel Styling In A Few Simple Steps - Wreath

These earthy tones of greens, burnt orange, browns and creams are the colors are traditional fall colors. Other colors beautiful for the fall golds, deep yellows, burgundy, dark purple and Navy. If you love blue and white, add a touch of orange or deep gold into your color scheme.

If color is not you thing, it is beautiful to have all creams and white for fall. Greenery with pops of creamy pumpkins looks stunning too on a mantel.

2. Create A Focal Point

What should I put above my mantel? I hear this question a lot.

Often, a fireplace mantel is a focal point of a room. Why is it that we struggle to figure out how to decorate this beautiful feature within our space.

Wood Bead Wreath

How do I create a focal point over the mantel?

Go big!

You can create a focal point over the mantel by choosing something large to fill the space. This can be done by a oversize large mirror, artwork, paintings, two large prints, a large round clock, salvage item, an over sized wreath, etc.

This mantel and hearth are kept simple with faux flowers, greenery, dried Hydrangeas from the yard and items from around the house. The basket can store a few throw blankets inside it.

3. Create Layers

Mirrors can be hung or leaned against the wall. You can attach a wreath to the mirror.

Other ways of creating layers are doing groupings of objects such at three mirror overlapping on the mantel. Groups of artwork in various sizes and heights can be put on mantel.

This year, I hung an oversize grapevine wreath on the wall. In the center of the grapevine wreath, I hung a smaller wreath with lots of textures and fall color. Together, the two wreathes creates the look of one large dimensional wreath. It fills the wall space nicely.

4. Add Greenery

Fall Mantel Styling In A Few Simple Steps 2

I knew this eucalyptus garland was the perfect find. By adding greenery whether you use a garland, real or faux plant can add warmth to your space. It takes a plain white space and makes it instantly feel warmer and cozy.

5. Create Various Heights & Weight

When decorating a mantel, it is important to use items in various heights. I cannot tell you how many times, I have seen mantels decorated and looking way off due to the scale and weight of items.

You need to vary the height and the weight of the items. You also need to balance both sizes as well. Example: on the left side I have added a large wooden finial. To add weight and height to the other side, wooden corbels with books were added. They are not the same heights but weight is similar. It balances both sides of the mantel.

Next the wreath, I used a lantern with timer candle. On the opposite, a taller vase with dried flowers. The items are all various heights draws your eyes up and over.

6. Use Lots Of Texture

Velvet pumpkins and acorn picks have been tucked in throughout the greenery for extra texture. It creates dimension to the greenery.

Texture use in various elements with wood, brass and paper (books).

7. Use What You Have

You hear me say all the time, shop your house! See what you on hand first before purchasing new stuff.

You can use old books group in the same color. I often will use three black books on my mantel. I also love to remove covers from old books for a vintage look.

Try to recycle a wreath. I do this a lot. I will add some new florals, seasonal picks, new bow or ribbon, etc. to an existing wreath to rework it. It gives you a new look at a fraction of the cost.

Finishing Touches

BONUS – Decorating The Hearth

The hearth sometimes gets overlooked to decorate. Whether you have a high hearth or low, this area can be decorated.

For visual interest, I have anchored a tall vase on one side. On the opposite side, I have a basket with great texture. The basket can hold extra throws and pillows.

I have a few throw inside the basket. One throw is draped over the side of a basket for the grandchildren to pull out to use. For fun, I have tucked in these cute pumpkin pillows.

Some autumn leaves placed inside the vase adds a touch of fall color. A pair marble and wood candle stick holders in different sizes with birch wood timer candles finishes off this area. Again, it brings in some more texture.

The last item, I leaned an oversize vintage dough bowl next to the fireplace. I love the warm tones of the wood against the white fireplace and mantel.

Mantel Reveal

Hearth & Mantel

I love all of the textures on the mantel and hearth. It is functional yet pretty. Many of the items, I had in the house.

Hearth I

Even my sidekick Piper approves of the fall décor. She brought her treat over here to nibble on it.


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Comment below and tell me what color scheme you are using for the fall. I would love to hear from you.


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  1. Your mantel looks so pretty! I really miss having one. I love the eucalyptus garland and the dough bowl is the perfect touch. Nice job, friend!💛

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