Meet Tammy

Hi, sweet friend!

Hi there, I’m Tammy! Welcome to White Lilac Farmhouse, a place where I love to mix and match old and new styles to create a home that feels uniquely me. Because let’s face it, life’s too short for cookie-cutter decor! Here, you’ll find inspiration for blending vintage finds with modern touches, creating a space that reflects your personality.

Whether you’re working with a tight budget or a grand vision, this blog is packed with practical tips and creative ideas to help you craft a space that reflects your unique style and brings you comfort.


My love for coastal decor shines through in the calming color palette of my home. Soft blues, greens, and grays echo the hues of the sky and sea, creating a tranquil atmosphere. This color scheme perfectly complements the coastal farmhouse aesthetic, bringing a sense of serenity and relaxation to my space.

Life as an empty nester began for me in 2023! After raising four wonderful children, including a set of rambunctious twin boys, I’m now embracing this new chapter. But the adventure doesn’t stop there! I’m also a proud Nana to four adorable grandchildren, a devoted wife, and a pet parent to my hilarious French Bulldogs, Piper and Chibi. These furry ‘girls,’ as I call them, often make surprise appearances in my photos – they’re practically my little shadows!

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