Favorite Upcycled Bench

Can we talk about this favorite upcycled Bench? Instantly, I fell in love with this bench the moment my eyes saw it.

Favorite Upcycled Bench 1.jpg
Bench finds it’s forever home from Delaware to Maryland.

For a while now, I have long to build a bench from an old antique bed. High and low, I would search the antique stores and markets throughout Maryland and Virginia. Always on the lookout for that perfect chunky headboard and footboard. If it came with rails well that would be an added bonus. As result, I always came up empty handed. Bummer! You know when that vision is in your head yet nothing quite measures up to it.

Then one day on Instagram, I was watching Stories. A fellow blogger, Cindy @reinventddelaware was showcasing the pieces that she made and refinished. She was having sale on a few pieces to move inventory at a local store. One photo in particular stopped me dead in my tracks.

Her bench was made from an antique twin bed. It was chunky. It had character. It was perfect in every way. It was exactly what I had pictured in my head but better. I did not care that the bench was already done. It was perfect and love at first sight!

Favorite Upcycled Bench 3.jpg
Piper enjoying the new bench.

All day Saturday, I could not stop thinking about that bench. Somehow I figured with this great sale, someone would be crazy not to snag it with that beautiful cushion. I reached out and message her. As luck would have it, both the stunning bench and cushion were both still available. YES!!!! There was a permanent smile on my face for days.

Favorite Upcycle Bench 3.JPG

Last Friday, I drove 2 hours to Delaware to pick up my favorite upcycled bench and cushion. The best part of the trip was meeting Cindy in person. Instant friends!

Let me tell you, this is one amazing and talented woman. We both share a love for restoring and upcycling furniture. Cindy does it ALL from painting and refinishing furniture, reupholsters, furniture transformation/upcycling, etc. It’s her business and she does it well. You can check out her beautiful blog at Reinvented Delaware.

Favorite Upcycle Bench 4.JPG

Originally, I was going to put the bench in my craft room and create a reading nook. It’s too beautiful to hide away in that room. The bench needs to be out in the open for all to eye to see how stunning she is in the room.

My grandson enjoyed sitting on this bench and it was the perfect spot to snuggle while reading a book. A bench for tickles and hugs. It’s a bench for creating memories.

Favorite Upcycle Bench 8.JPG

Just look at this gorgeous French Tufted Cushion. The tufting is so beautiful on this canvas material. Cindy has step by step tutorials with wonderful photos to help you create a beautiful French Tufted Cushion on your own. You can find two tutorials over on Reinvented Delaware DIY French Tufted Cushion Part One and Tufted Cushion Part Two.

Favorite Upcyle Bench 5.JPG

Just look at this character! She used the board with stamp of the Davis Cabinet Co. Nashville Tenn. on the front of the bench. Love it!

Favorite Upcyle Bench 7.JPG

The details of this bench and the chunk legs makes me smile every time I walk past it. Doesn’t it looks incredible plain too?

I look forward to styling this bench throughout all of the seasons. It’s my new favorite piece of furniture in the house. This bench will be perfected to pull up to the dining table when it is extended. It’s going to be the new special spot in the home. Over the weekend, I already saw how much the children loved to sit on it.

I have a full tutorial for the hat wreath shown on the bench. You can find it here DIY Spring Wreath Project. I also have other wonderful style tips such as 8 Tips to Refresh Your Porch. The link to my DIY Spring URN Fillers can be found here.

Thank you for stopping by the blog, sweet friend. Hope you have a wonderful day!


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  1. Tammy, you are the sweetest!! Thanks so much for purchasing the bed bench and french tufted cushion! It thrills my heart to see something we have re-loved in someone’s home :). The best part was definitely meeting you! Can’t wait to see you again at Haven and on our zoom calls!! Thanks so much for posting about the bed bench! Blessed Easter to you and your family!

    1. Cindy, thank you so much for your kind words. I look forward to seeing you again in Have too and on our calls. My mother saw the bench for the first time at Easter and fell in love with it too. She said it was one beautiful piece.

  2. Tammy … when I saw this bench on your Instagram I fell in love. Now that I’ve read the story I love it all the more. A beautiful bench along with a new friendship. Win win! xo

    1. Awe, thank you so much Juliet. It’s really such a special piece and love that we are finally making this home our home. A new friendship along the way is always a great thing.

    1. Thank you so much, Maria. You are right, I think this spot is good. I did not like it in the other temporary spot. Easter, the grandchildren were sitting on it again while I was sitting at the table. It’s perfect here.

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