Free Table Makeover: Transform Your Table from Drab to Fab

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A table makeover is a great way to give a tired old piece of furniture new life. You can easily transform a table from drab to fab.

A new table can be expensive. These days, you can find great bargains at yard sales, Face Book Market Place, thrift stores, friends, family, or free on the roadside.

There are many different ways to makeover a table, from simply painting it to completely refinishing it. It does not matter what your budget or skill level is. You can find a table makeover project that is perfect for your home. With a little creativity and effort, you can transform your old table into a new piece of furniture that you will love for years to come.

Boy did I lucked out! I got this table for free from a neighbor. For months I have been on the hunt for a table. This table was the perfect size for my craft room.

The table has two extensions on each side of the table that slides out and pops-up to extend the table. If the extensions are not needed, they slide back under the table. Perfect!

Wait until you see the fun transformation. This old table went from drab to fab! Or should I say FABULOUS!

Pro Tips:

  • Paint your table a new color. This is the simplest way to give your table a new look.
  • Add a stain or glaze. This will give your table a more natural look and help to protect the wood.
  • Add a distressed finish. This is a great way to give your table a rustic or vintage look. You can distress the wood by sanding it, staining it, and then painting it over with a light coat of paint.
  • Add a stencil or transfer design. This is a great way to add a personal touch to your table. You can use a stencil to create a design on the top of the table, or you can hand-paint a design. Another way is to add a transfer design to the sides or top of your table.
  • Add gold or silver gilding wax to make the area of the table have an elegant detail. This technique works wonderfully on raised molding and trim. You want to use it sparingly.
  • Not all paints are the same. Use a good quality paint or stain on your project such as Dixie Belle Paint Company.

No matter what type of table makeover you choose, you can give your table a new look that you will love for years to come. All you need is some supplies and a little work.

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STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL – Transform Your Table from Drab to Fab

1. Repair & Sand

Any repairs should be done before you give the piece a cleaning and before painting. I did not notice until working on the first coat that there was a deep mark on the front. It was noticeable once the first coat of paint was applied.

You can fix dents or gaps with Dixie Belle Mud. This product is available in white, black and brown. Not only can Dixie Belle Mud can be used for repairs, it can also be used for embellishments and special effects. 

It can be used to fill veneer, gouges, scrapes and holes. You can even create impressions with stamps and other raised elements. It is a great product for those of you that interested in Mixed Media Art.

With the mud spatula, you can apply an amount over the gouge or hole. Use the spatula to smooth it out as much as possible. It dries quickly. When the mud has completely dried, you can use a sanding sponge to get it smooth.

2. Clean

Your furniture has been repaired and sanded. It is time to clean your surface. A clean surface will allow the paint to adhere better. If your item has been in the garage, basement or found thrifting, you will need to give it a good cleaning. Pristine Clean is great to use to clean up items that have been stored and dirty. Clean will make sure any dust or greasy little finger prints are removed. This quality cleaner will de-grease and remove all debris from the surface of your piece.

3. Prime

This piece was really dark. It had coats of dark stain. To avoid any bleed through issues, you should applied two coats of  BOSS. It is a great primer available in clear, white or gray. Allow to dry approximately one hour. 

Dixie Belle Paint Company Boss

You can apply a second coat of BOSS. Allow to dry for two hour before painting the table. 

If you have a piece for furniture that has an odor, BOSS will seal and eliminate that old smell. In two coats, BOSS tackles tough set in stains including permanent marker, water stains, and much more. BOSS even masks smoke odors and nicotine smells.

BOSS stands for:




Stops Bleed thru

It’s a great products to use for your furniture projects. Allow to dry approximately one hour. Apply a second coat of BOSS and allow to dry for two hour before painting with Dixie Belle Paint. 

4. Did you know that Dixie Belle has a color lab? You can customize your own color.

You need a customized color? Not a problem with Dixie Belle Pain Company’s Color Lab. It is easy to use. You select two or more colors. The new color will appear on the screen. You can download the recipe in a pdf document. You plug in the square feet and it will calculate the formula.

For this project I used 16 ounces containers of the Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint in Pool Tide and Mirage. It was the perfect shade of aqua for my project. Try the Color Lab. At the website click on Color Lab tab. It was fun coming up with different shades.

Here I am pouring the Tide Pool into with the Mirage. With a paint stirring stick combine the two paints together. The color aqua is a chameleon in light. Depending on the light in the room, it can appear more blue or green. One of the reason I love the color of aqua.

Why Silk line of paint? This paint glides on for a beautiful smooth finish. This remarkable paint combines a primer, paint, and topcoat into one formula, streamlining your painting process. With its self-leveling properties and exceptional durability, Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint delivers a flawless, long-lasting finish that stands up to the rigors of daily use.

I am using the mini 1″ brush and foam roller. This project will need two coats of paint.

5. Second Coat

The second coat with provide the final coverage that you need. It will fill in any spots that the previous color may be peeking through or that you may have missed.

Transform Your Table With Two Coats of Paint

Again, allow 2 hours for the paint to dry.

6. Painting The Legs

You can paint the legs in a solid color. It can be the same color as the table or in a contrasting color. I thought about painting the legs in Oasis. It is a beautiful deep teal.

I decide to go fun with the legs.

These legs have so much character. I want this table to be art in the room. A touch of Chalk Mineral Paint in the color Flamingo was feature toward the top. After the second coat, a touch of copper glaze gave it a shimmer affect. Oasis was painted at the top and bottom. To finish it and add a wow factor, gold gilding wax was painted around the top the legs and around the bottom portion.

A sanding sponge on the leg gives it a worn look.

7. Apply The Transfer

Here is the fun part to transform your piece into a work of art. Just take your time and do not rush it.

This transfer is called Flower Child. It comes with four sheets with designs. You can play around to see how they look on your piece.

This design is very pretty with a Boho with an Asian flare with beautiful flowers, butterflies, feathers, etc.

Adding a transfer to furniture

Caution: I recommend having the backing on so the image does not stick and rub off on your furniture accidently.

It is best to cut out the image or images to be used. After you know the exact spot for placing the transfer take the paper backing away. Position the image where you want it.

With your hand, rub over top of the transfer. It helps to secure it down.

How to use a burnishing tool on a transfer

Dixie Belle provides a burnishing tool to use with the transfers. You will rub it over the image and carefully lift the transfer film away.

If the image is sticking to the transfer film lay it back down. Go over the image again with the burnishing tool. Do not move the film or lift it off of the image. You could tear the image.

Continue to rub the image off the film onto the piece of furniture top. Slowly peel back the film until the entire image transfers to the table.

Finished look of floral transfer on chalk mineral paint

After you are able to completely lift the film away, use your my fingers to smooth over the image. You want to make sure all corners are down on the image.

8. Apply A Top Coat Over The Transfer

The Silk All-In-One Mineral Paints does not require a top coat. It has a built-in top coat. A transfer image will need to be sealed with a top coat. The Clear Coat is going to help to protect the transfer from chipping or peeling off.

Apply a top coat over transfers

I have a mini foam roller for the Clear Coat to apply the Clear Coat. It will need two coats. Allow the Clear coat to dry 2 hours.


Remember these before photos?


How fun is this table for a craft room? I wanted a fun and colorful table for my room. If this is too much color for you, paint the table in a solid color. Another idea is to paint the table and apron in one color with the legs in a dark contrasting color.

Free Table Transformation

I wanted this table to be a piece of art in the room. Mission accomplished!

This space will be an inspiring area to be creative making my crafts.

The size of the table is perfect for this room. If I need more space, the leaves on both sides pull out. The colors are fun and funky. It truly is a piece of art in the craft room.


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May you have an amazing day, sweet friend!

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  1. Wow beautiful job. I especially love the transfer and pop of color on the legs. There is no reason not to have fun pieces in our home. LOve this so much !

    1. Thank you so much, Susan for visiting my blog and your sweet comments. I agree with you. My craft room is a work in progress but 80% done. The table is fun. Why having a boring table in a room that you are trying to be creative in, right?

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