Friday Favorites

This week, I have some great Friday Favorites. Recently I purchased these items and and wanted to share my finds with you.

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1. Mac Sports Collapsible Outdoor Utility Wagon with Folding Table and Drink Holders

This utility wagon has to be more favorite find.

Friday Favorites E.jpeg

This wagon folds up flat for easy storage and comes with a cover too. Perfect to take on vacation.

It’s called the Mac Sports Collapsible Outdoor Utility Wagon with Folding Table and Drink Holders, Gray. It’s available in several different colors.

Here I am using it to haul my garden items around the yard to save my back.

Friday Favorites F.jpeg

It has a wonderful handle to tow it around. Look at those wheels! It even has a pop up tray. I use this for my water bottle and my cell phone. It’s also perfect to push your favorite 4th of July recipe and tow it to the neighbors house with your cooler too.

The best part, it’s affordable! If you are looking for a great Father’s Day Gift or gift for a family member, this item is perfect.

2. Amoji Unisex Garden Clogs Slip On Shoes CL1820

Friday Favorites G.jpeg

Let’s talk about comfort. These shoes for outside gardening and yard work are so comfortable.

In fact, I liked them so much that a second pair has been ordered for Mr. G in black.

Friday Favorites H.jpeg

These are the Amoji Unisex Garden Clogs Slip On Shoes CL1820. They have over 2,983 reviews. There are several different colors to choose from. I have them in the navy and may need to get them in olive too. These garden clogs are very affordable.

3. Copper Garden Labels Plant Markers Nursery Tags Reusable Planting Gardening Sticks

Friday Favorites C.jpeg

Another item that I found were these COPPER GARDEN LABELS PLANT MARKERS NURSERY TAGS REUSABLE PLANTING GARDENING STICKS. They come in a pack of 15 and includes a marker pen.

Friday Favorites D.jpeg

Another item that would make a wonderful gift for someone that loves plants or gardening. I found that these Gardening Sticks for Vegetables, Herbs, and Flowers were reasonably priced. If you are like me, I sometimes forget what flowers I planted. This helps me keep the unusual items name straight.

4. Kamp-Rite Outdoor Camp Folding Director’s Chair with Side Table & Cooler, Red

Friday Favorite K.jpg

Mr. G and I had old $9.99 fold up chairs that were not very comfortable. Recently, I decided to get us some new comfortable chairs. The Kamp-Rite Outdoor Camp Folding Director’s Chair were the perfect choice. They have an attached side table that can fold down as well as an attached cooler for snack or drinks.

These chairs are very comfortable and well worth the money. We wanted chairs that will last and that are well made. These Kamp-Rite Outdoor Camp Folding Director’s Chair do not disappoint! Also, they are available in several different color options.

These chairs would make a perfect Father’s Day Gift too!

5. Faux Natural Fiber Pom Pom Indoor/Outdoor Pillow

Friday Favorites A.jpeg

I have had these Faux Natural Fiber Pom Pom Indoor/Outdoor Pillow for a couple of months. They clean up great and are made really well.

You are ordering a complete pillow and not just a cover. We find that they are comfortable to use on our porch rockers.

6. more pillows for patio furniture

Friday Favorites J.jpg

We are about to begin a backyard patio project here at White Lilac Farmhouse. As I start looking for furniture for this outdoor space, I also started to order some outdoor pillows. Two that I have choose are the Tassel Trim Indoor/Outdoor Pillows and the Round Crochet Faux Natural Fiber Indoor/Outdoor Pillow.

What I love about the Tassel Trim Indoor/Outdoor Pillows, they are come in an array of colors and a complete pillow set. You do not have to work about the finding a filler for the pillow. The Round Crochet Faux Natural Fiber Indoor/Outdoor Pillow had such beautiful texture and will look great in my new patio space. You cannot go wrong with pairing these pillows together on an outdoor sofa.

7. woven long handle planter

Friday Favorite M.jpg

This planter comes in three sizes. Believe me when I tell you the photo does not do this planter justice. The one I have is the medium size which is 15.25″ W X 14.75″ D X 15.25″ H. There is a larger size that is 19″ W X 19″ D X 17.75″ H. The smaller size measures 9″ W X 8″ D X 8.25″ H.

When I tell you they are heavy, I mean it. The planters are cast from cement. The details are incredible how is resemble natural fiber rope.

I have mine empty at the moment because it will be moved to the patio. I plan to put a tropical plant in it.

  • Large planter weighs 55 lbs.
  • Medium planter weighs 40.5 lbs.
  • Small planter weighs 9 lbs.

Check out my post on A Front Porch Refresh. You can see it here.

Hope you have an amazing weekend friends!

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