From Bland to Grand: The Dramatic Transformation of a Painted Armoire


It was time to take my storage armoire from bland to grand: the dramatic transformation of a painted Armoire.

Do you have a piece of furniture that needs some updating? This tobacco color armoire has been in my home for many, many years. It is such a well-built piece of furniture.

Years ago, it was the home to our television. It has been moved in various rooms over the years.

Before photo of a wooden armoire before painting.

I have been working on creating the perfect craft room for myself. The room has been painted. A small section has been wallpapered.

It has all the furniture and art work. The only project left is this armoire. I want to take in from bland to grand with a gorgeous color in Dixie Belle Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint, Mirage. It is a beautiful teal color.

Before photo of a wooden armoire before painting.

It piece of furniture had good bones. It was heavy, solid wood and would be wonderful for craft storage.

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A clean surface will allow the paint to adhere better. If your item has been in the garage, basement or found thrifting, you will need to give it a good cleaning. Pristine Clean is great to use to clean up items that have been stored and dirty. Cleaning will make sure any dust or greasy little fingerprints are removed. This quality cleaner will de-grease and remove all debris from the surface of your piece.

Before painting, I removed all of the drawer and door hardware and knobs except for the hinges.

Why Silk line of paint? This paint glides on for a beautiful smooth finish. This remarkable paint combines a primer, paint, and topcoat into one formula, streamlining your painting process. With its self-leveling properties and exceptional durability, Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint delivers a flawless, long-lasting finish that stands up to the rigors of daily use.

This project will need two coats of paint. I am using Dixie Belle’s Mini Angle Paint Brush to get into all of the nooks on the doors of this armoire. Follow the instructions on the paint to allow it to dry before applying the second coat.

The second coat will provide the final coverage that you need. It will fill in any spots that the previous color may be peeking through or that you may have missed.

Second coat of Dixie Belle paint color Mirage.

The wonderful thing about the Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint is the built-in topcoat. There is no need to apply wax or a topcoat. I would recommend that if you paint a table or chairs that will get a lot of use. You can add additional protection to your projects with Extra Coat. It is a water repellent clear coat with a dreamy, satin finish. Extra Coat is a water-based polyacrylic for high traffic areas on your Silk Paint projects!

To finish it and add a wow factor, gold gilding wax was perfect to paint the knobs and hardware of the armoire.

Gold Gilding Wax used over Dixie Belle Mirage.

Before painting the armoire, I removed all of the hardware and knobs. The hinges were left attached to the doors. I was able to use a small artist paint brush to paint all of the hinges.

The knobs and drawer pulls got a coat of gold gilding wax. It is very easy to use. I painted them while the first coat of the paint on the armoire was drying.

After the second coat of paint had dried, the hardware was reinstalled.

Gold gilding wax was also added to the armoire doors inset for that extra wow factor. It gives the armoire a pop with gold highlights the doors.

Here it is from bland to grand! It looks beautiful against the aqua walls in this room.

Honestly the photo does not do this color justice. It is such a gorgeous rich teal color.

Armoire painted in Dixie Belle Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint, color is Mirage. Gold Gilding wax was used in the inset of the doors and hardware.

I am so pleased with the outcome of this armoire. The color pairs great with the teal sofa in the room.

Teal sofa with aqua and pink pillow to match the draperies, faux fur throw and dress form in the background in a craft room.

It also coordinates perfectly with the custom painted table. You can read about the custom color using Dixie Belle’s color lab for the table here.

Makeover an old table with paint

The colors in the room are so uplifting and cheerful. The perfect setting to be creative.

Armoire painted in Dixie Belle Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint, color is Mirage. Gold Gilding wax was used in the inset of the doors and hardware.

Acrylic drawer containers with dividers are perfect for inside the cabinet and drawer to organize my supplies.

Have an amazing day, sweet friend!

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