How To Clean And Repaint Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

Wrought iron patio furniture is an investment that lasts a lifetime. Here are some great tips on how to clean and repaint wrought iron patio furniture.

If you don’t take care of it properly, it could end up looking like junk. Learn how to keep your wrought iron patio furniture looking great! Wrought iron patio furniture has been around for centuries, and it’s still popular today. It’s durable, easy to maintain, and looks good in any garden setting.

Let me show you how to clean and repaint wrought iron patio furniture. You’ll love these tips on painting wrought iron patio furniture.

How To Clean And Repaint Wrought Iron Patio Furniture
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Try to paint wrought iron furniture in early spring or in the fall. The cooler temperatures work best.

  • Sandpaper
  • Protective Eyewear
  • Gloves
  • Mask (if sanding)
  • Tack Cloths for Metal
  • Rust-Oleum 241526 Comfort Grip (this is the ticket!)
  • Rust-Oleum 215215-6 PK Stops Rust Reformer Spray Paint, Black ( Pack of 6 )(used two one the bench, 1 can for each chair and 2 cans for table)
  • Rust-Oleum 249127 Painter’s Touch 2X Ultra Cover, 12 Oz, Flat Black (used two one the bench, 1 can for each chair and 2 cans for table)
  • Plastic Bucket (for washing)
  • Canvas Drop Cloth (4 x 12 or 4 x 15)
  • Wire Brush
  • Steel Wool
  • Orbit Sander

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How do you revive wrought iron furniture? Begin with giving the wrought iron a good cleaning.

You can have your wrought iron furniture looking like new in no time. Follow my step-by-step guide.

Wrought iron is an excellent choice for outdoor furniture. Why? It is weatherproof and durable. It is important that you prep wrought iron furniture properly.

If you’re cleaning your wrought iron patio furniture, use warm soapy water (use a mild soap detergent such as Dawn Dish Soap) and a soft cloth. You’ll need to scrub off any rust stains first.

Then rinse the piece thoroughly with clean water. A garden hose works perfectly for this step.

Removing Rust and Chipping Paint from Wrought Iron

Scrub off rust with steel wool or wire brush. With a wire brush remove any chipping paint or rust area.

You may need to use an orbit sander to clean up arm rests with chipping and flaking paint. It is important to remove any loose paint to prevent rust from reappearing on the surface. Also, it will help to make the surface smooth for the paint. The paint will have a better bond to the surface.

Use a clean tack cloth and wipe down your furniture to remove debris from sanding and scrubbing. You want a clean surface when priming the furniture.

Protect your lawn by laying down a drop cloth. It can be reused for other painting projects.

Rust-Oleum 215215-6 PK Stops Rust Reformer Spray Paint - Repaint Wrought Iron

Rust-Oleum Rust Reformer is going to instantly cover rust and add a protected, paintable surface!

If you do not own a Rust-Oleum 241526 Comfort Grip, you need to snag one. Believe me when I say it is the ticket when using spray paint.

Repaint Wrought Iron 1

This paint is for use on exterior or interior rusted metal surfaces only. It is a water-based film forming product that converts rust into a paintable surface.

First, apply two coats of primer to the entire piece. Then, let each coat dry completely before applying another coat. This will help prevent rust and other damage.

To prevent drips, move your spray can in a back-and-forth motion.

Rust-Oleum 241526 Comfort Grip for painting

It dries to touch in 20-40 minutes and per can covers up to 12 sq ft. Let each coat dry completely. Then you can apply the next coat of primer.

For the best results, let your wrought iron furniture completely dry overnight after the last coat of primer has been applied. It creates a flat black finish that can be painted 24 hours following application with any oil-based topcoat.

Now let’s do some magic and make the dull wrought iron furniture look new. Your wrought iron patio furniture is going to be an investment that lasts for many years. The key is to use paint that will resist rust and corrosion.

Spray painting gets the job done faster. It provides excellent coverage and a smooth finish.

Hold the can about 8 to 12 inches away from your furniture. To prevent drips, move your spray can in a back-and-forth motion.

You will need to apply two coats of Rust-Oleum 249127 Painter’s Touch 2X Ultra Cover, 12 Oz, Flat Black.

Let each coat completely dry. The paint dries to the touch in 2-4 hours. It does require a full 24 hours in between coats. You should apply two coats.

8. Let Dry For 24 hours

After the final coat dries completely, let the paint cure for 24 hours before applying the topcoat. If you’re painting outside, make sure to cover any exposed areas with plastic sheeting to protect them from rain.

How To Clean And Repaint Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

It is amazing how a little hard work and paint can make old furniture look new again. Many more years of enjoyment from this glider.

How do you make wrought iron furniture look new? You should periodically clean your furniture. Try using mild soap and water.

If you have some calcium build-up on your wrought iron furniture, use a solution of 1-part white distilled vinegar and 9-part water. It will help to remove it.

You should thoroughly rinse the furniture with water. Towel dry your furniture or use the leaf blower to dry. Hey, it works!

The Ballard Design table that is 15 years old looks new again. This furniture is well constructed furniture to last a lifetime.

How can you keep your wrought iron furniture looking shiny and new? You can apply an automotive spray wax to your wrought iron patio set (once or twice a year). The automotive wax to helps maintain it. It help to reduce the amount of dirt and debris that accumulates on the frame finish. Do not apply the wax on overly hot day.

Meguiar’s Gold Class Carnauba Car Wax is a premium paste-style wax. It is great for cars and wrought iron garden furniture as well.

Remember you can save money by restoring your items. It just takes a little bit a work and some extra time.

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