How To Create A Beautiful and Romantic Tablescape


What makes a tablescape beautiful? Today, let me share with you 9 tips on how to create a beautiful and romantic tablescape.

These are ideas to help you create a tablescape that will make your guest(s) feel special. It is all about setting the mood for the evening or event.

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9 Tips On How To Create A Beautiful & Romantic Tablescape

1. Use Beautiful Linens

Table linens can dress up a table. Often I love to use a table runner or table throw. Table runners work well on both round and rectangular tables.

Table cloth needs to be specific to the shape of the table. You should always have at least a basic white table cloth. It will go with any set of dishes that you will use as your table setting.

My favorite are table throws with a fringe edge. A table throw adds warmth, texture and can used for formal and in formal dining. Although I would use a table throw over a linen table cloth for a more formal tablescape.

Our dinner will be off the kitchen. I chose to use a brightly colored floral table runner from April Cornell. The store has some beautiful linens. I have various table cloths from them that are perfect for that romantic look.

2. Charger Plates

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How to create a beautiful and romantic tablescape? Your accessories such as chargers are a great way for adding visual interest and coordinate with your linens and dishes.

What are charger plates? And, why do we even use them? I remember asking this very question to my grandmother. She loved to entertain.

Typically, a charge plate is sat down before the meal. It is also refer to as a “service plate”. Charger plates provide an elegant way to serve several courses. Each course can be served in its own bowl or plate and placed on top of the charger. 

Usually when the entrée is served, the charger is taken off the table and replaced with the main dining plate. This is done in formal dining. Chargers are never to be used during the dessert.

Informal dining the chargers can remain on the table to protect the table linen from spills or drips. It can be used as a accessory.

When shopping for chargers, it is important to know that charger plates not meant to come in direct contact with food. They are simply a decorative element to your dining table.

On my table, I am actually uses a large pottery plate and not a charger. If you have oversized plates, they could be used as charger.

3. Beautiful Dishes In Layers

Adding Crystal 2

China is made to use and not collect dust in the cabinet. Do not just use for Easter or Christmas, pull those beautiful dishes out and use it for a Sunday dinner or Valentine’s Dinner.

I grew up next door to my grandparents. When my grandmother entertained, I often would help her clean the silver and set the table. Sometimes I had lunch with her and she pulled out the good china. It was no special occasion. It was using what was beautiful with the special people in your life.

These days it is on trend to mix and match china patterns. I love to shop thrifts stores, antique markets, Etsy, etc. to find beautiful pieces of dishes. French and English china are my favorites. Find pieces that can coordinate with each other to create unique table settings. Soft floral patterns are perfect for creating a romantic tablescape.

4. Add A Touch Of Crystal

image_6483441 (4)

Often I come across beautiful crystal in antique stores and at estate sales.

What I love about crystal on a tablescape is the light that bounces off the crystal. Again, it creates ambiance and warm in that space. The sounds that crystal makes when you tap it to make a toast.

If you cannot add crystal through stemware, try adding a set of crystal candle holders.

5. Silverware

You should have two sets of silverware. One set of flatware for everyday use that is more durable and dishwasher safe. This set of flatware is used every single day. My everyday flatware is a service for eight.

A fancier one for special occasions and entertaining. My nicer flatware, I have a service for 24. You may not need a flatware that serves 24 people. Find what is the right amount for your entertaining needs.

6. Floral Arrangement

Try to use fresh florals whenever possible. The soft fragrance flowers adds just an add touch to appeal to your sense. Some of the best kinds of flowers are from your garden. However, this time of year stores such as Harris Teeters or Trader Joes has a good selection of fresh flowers.

These florals are a gift from my husband. The pink roses go perfectly with the table runner.

Flowers such as white Hydrangeas, Roses, Ranunculus, Tulips, Anemone, Hydrangeas, Sweet Peas and Peonies are flowers that will create a beautiful romantic centerpiece. These flowers are considered to be romantic.

Looking for fragrant flowers,, try adding one of the following to your floral arrangement: Freesia, Gardenia, Hyacinth, Jasmin, Lavender, Lilac or Lily,

7. A Touch Of Charm

You can add a touch of charm with the unexpected items. Here vintage Jadeite Salt Cellars are placed at each place setting. It gives the tablescape an added punch of color. It also adds visual interest and texture to the table.

Mix and Match Dishes A

These glass napkin rings doubles as a vase too. The unexpected is always a fun a touch and adds interest. Fresh flowers in napkin rings gives the place setting a touch of elegance. Try adding roses for a wonderful soft floral scent.

8. Lighting

It is important to have the right lighting in a room. You want to be able to see what you are eating and the other individuals or person across the table from you.

image_6483441 (5)

Lighting in a room creates a warm and inviting setting. Avoid fluorescent lighting as it can make a room feel cold. Dimming lights and adding candles to your tablescape or room creates ambiance. It make the space feel warm and inviting.

9. Music

Why is music important? Music helps to set the mood and can set the tone of the evening. If you are having an intimate dinner for two, you are most likely not going to be playing rock music in the background. Instead you may select a genre of love songs or your favorite slow dance songs.

If you are having a dinner party, you genre may be piano music in the background that would not compete with the conversations at the dinner table. It music would be subtle in the background

If you are hosting a cocktail party or a game night with friends at your home, the music selection may be completely different. You would want to select a genre that creates memories and energize your guests.

Ideas To Create A Beautiful Tablescape

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    1. Thank you, Mary Anne. Music in the background is so soothing during dinner. Saturday during the crafting, I had music in the background. All kinds of great songs came on and we all began to sing. It really does set the mood.

  1. Beautiful! I really love the napkin holder with the flower in it. And – I didn’t know what a charger plate was until I planned our wedding a few years ago, LOL!

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