Vintage Christmas Display: Transform Your Cabinet This Season


Bring the magic of Christmas past into your home! Learn how to create a stunning Christmas display using your existing cabinet and cherished vintage items.

Does your cabinet feel a bit, well, the same each Christmas? Maybe it’s filled with all new items or overflowing with collections.

Whatever the case, there’s a magic to be found in blending the old with the new. There is something magical about mixing old with the new.

Let’s look at how to seamlessly combine vintage finds with newer pieces. Your cabinet will be beautiful to reflect your unique and personal style.

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Tips For Styling The Cabinet

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Now there are two ways to approach your cabinet: 1) remove everything; or 2) leave most of the items and work on adding your Christmas decorations into the cabinet.

Play With Texture & Height:

  • Mix and Match: Combine the smooth shine of vintage glass ornaments with the warmth of new figurines, glittery houses, or ceramic houses that light up.
  • Layering: Create depth by layering items behind one another. Smaller objects are placed in front of taller items.
  • Height Variation: Use vintage books to create different levels.
  • Texture: Combine objects with different textures smooth and glass along with rustic bells, wood, faux springs of greens, etc. A vintage ironstone bowl filled with beautiful ornaments.

Storytelling Through Arrangement:

  • Group by Theme: Cluster vintage Santas with bottle brush trees for a nostalgic winter scene.
  • Family Heirlooms: Feature a special vintage ornament as the centerpiece on a hanging stand on top of stacked books. Use a cake stand with faux snow to display a lite house or grouping of Santas.

Unexpected Touches:

  • Fairy or Tea lights: Battery operated fairy or tea lights tucked in with your displays provide a warm magical glow in the cabinet.
  • Natural Elements: Tuck in sprigs of fresh greenery, cinnamon sticks, or pinecones nestled in the cabinet for a touch of nature.

By following these tips, you can create a unique and captivating Christmas cabinet display that blends the timeless charm of vintage treasures with the beauty of your new pieces.

The books were already in the cabinet with the teal pitcher and Jadeite salt dishes. To create a vintage Christmas display, Putz Houses with new bottle brush tree from the Target Dollar Spot and reproduction Santas are brought into the cabinet.

The vintage ironstone collection will remain in this cabinet. Here reproduction Santas are sprinkled in with a mix of new bottle brush trees.

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On each shelf, you can tuck in your favorite Christmas decorations. In the background, this red Westmoreland dish was my grandmother’s. It’s a treasured gift. My collections of Santas are sprinkled throughout the cabinet. Try to place them on different levels in the cabinet or display them in a unique way.

You can add beautiful ornaments in your cabinet too. Glass baskets and bowls are perfect to add extra ornaments in. You could bowls or baskets with bells, pinecones, or small glittery ornaments.

How to Create a Cabinet Display Using Vintage Christmas Decorations (17)

Again, I left the books, dishes and pie stand in here. A vintage Putz House is under nestled under a pie stand on top of the dishes. Can you have too many Santas?

Putz Houses and bottle brush trees of all colors are intentionally placed on each of the shelves to display a collection of vintage Putz Houses and reproduction Santas.

Try adding some tea lights with battery operated tea lights. I have tea lights on each of the shelves. A remote turns them on for an evening glow.

How to Create a Cabinet Display Using Vintage Christmas Decorations (5)

Decorate The Tops of Your Cabinets

Don’t forget to decorate the top of your cabinet. This is prime real estate for decorating.

A Gingerbread crate is perfect for on top of the cabinet to add a pop of color. To add some rustic charm, you can add green garland with some rusty old bells and pinecones along the top. Any garland would work! I have thumbtacks keeping it in place. My vintage cheese box brings in some natural wood element to the vignette.

A metal sign was hung in front of the cabinet. Some twine to the back of the sign to hang it from a nail on top of the cabinet. Remember to keep it simple. You want your vintage cabinet display charming and not overwhelming with too many items.

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You May Enjoy

With a harmonious blend of old and new, textures and colors, you can style a stunning vintage Christmas display in your cabinet. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit with me today.  

Enjoy your day, sweet friend!

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  1. Hi Tammy.

    You’re so creative with your styling and I enjoy seeing everything g you do. But those Santas! ❤️ I like the way you sprinkle them throughout. Thanks for sharing. xo 😘

  2. Tammy, I love mixing old with the new too! Those little vintage Putz houses are adorable. I love the dish from your grandmother. A treasure to have for sure! A beautiful job, my friend!❤️🎄

    1. Thank you, Kim. I love your style. I have been collecting those Putz for a while. I have newer ones that were put out last year. They were a lot larger. I did not put them out this year.

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