How To Create A Fairy Garden

Today, I am sharing with you my tips on how to create a fairy garden. You can create one just about anywhere.

Follow along as I share with you some fun tips on creating your own fairy garden.

When I created my first fairy garden, I incorporated the help of my granddaughter, Madi. We had the best time making the little garden. If you have children, this is a fun project to have them help you with to make one.

What type of fairy garden to create

Fairy for Fairy Garden.jpeg

When creating a fairy garden, you have a few options such as Container Fairy Garden, Woodland Fairy Garden or a Fairy Garden in a non-traditional space.

A little fairy garden can be created indoors or outside. Traditionally, they are created outdoors for the magical mystical fairies to live.

What is a fairy Garden?

First, it’s magical! If you don’t have small children, it brings out the child inside of you.

Basically, a fairy garden is a small miniature garden with living plants or flowers featuring a small door, tiny houses, miniature furniture and accessories to lure the mystical woodland creatures to live in the created dwelling. It makes for fun stories for the little children as well.

So what type of fairy garden to make? The possibilities are really endless when you use your imagination.

Today, I will show you examples of three different types of fairy gardens: Container, Woodland and a fairy garden in a Non-Traditional location.

Container Fairy Garden

My friend Kim with Cottage in the Mitten created this lovely container Fairy Garden. How cute is this?

Container Fairy Garden - Cottage In The Mitten.jpg
Beautiful Fairy Garden created in a shallow container. Photo Credit: Cottage In The Mitten.

She incorporated live plants, a fairy house, steppings stones in a deep shallow planter. Kim shows you step by step how to create this lovely Fairy Garden that is perfect for yourself or giving it as a gift for someone. You can read about it at her blog Cottage In The Mitten.

What a lovely housewarming gift this would be for someone.

Woodland Fairy Garden

A popular and favorite type of fairy garden is a woodland fairy garden. These fairy gardens are very low maintenance. You incorporate your miniatures in a garden or woodland area near your home.

Fairy Garden Door 1.jpeg
Kathleen Schlickbernd’s Woodland Fairy Garden

My close friend and neighbor, Kathleen Schlickbernd created several wonderful magical fairy gardens. The woodland fairy garden uses magical little doors that are against a trunk of a tree or mound of dirt in a flower bed with moss or creeping vines on top and around the area.

For her woodland garden, Kathleen used a fairy door against the tree and created a walkway with a handful of pea gravel. I just love the leaves on the tree right above the door. What little fairy wouldn’t want to live here!

Fairy Garden Accessories.jpeg
Kathleen Schlickbernd’s Woodland Fairy Garden

Look at those cute accessories. Kathleen made sure her woodland fairy garden was warm and inviting just like her own home.

Woodland Fairy Garden with bee hive.jpeg
Kathleen Schlickbernd’s Woodland Fairy Garden

Here is another woodland fairy garden that Kathleen created. How adorable is that bee hive? You see, she created a woodland fairy garden in a matter of minutes with a door and an accessory item. The neighborhood children enjoy moving these items around too.

It’s such a fun project.

Fairy Garden in a non-traditional location

So what is a fairy garden in a non-traditional location? Well, it is a space that you don’t know what to do with so you create a fairy garden such as in a window well.

Both Kathleen and I decided to create fairy gardens utilizing the space in a not so flattering window well. Who wants to stare out and see gravel and a water drain? Each of us had our own visions for our gardens.

Cute Fairy Garden.jpeg
Kathleen Schlickbernd’s Window Well Fairy Garden

I absolutely love all of the accessories that she chose to use in the window well fairy garden. She thought of everything for these fairies to have a great time.

Fairy Garden Door and stepping stones.jpeg
Kathleen Schlickbernd’s Window Well Fairy Garden

Of course she included a door for her fairies with cute little stepping stones.

Fairy Garden Accessories Mushrooms.jpeg
Kathleen Schlickbernd’s Window Well Fairy Garden

The fairy garden is equipped with it’s own grill for summer get togethers. Ceramic mushrooms line the wall for little fairies to take a rest.

Fairy Garden Option.jpeg
Kathleen Schlickbernd’s Window Well Fairy Garden

This window well is in the Schlickbernd’s guest bedroom. It room now has a fun whimsical view. Love the idea of the fake green grass in lieu of seeing the gravel.

My fairy garden

I also created a fairy garden with the help of my granddaughter in my window well.

My window well is in my craft room. It was such an eye sore looking out into this area that collects nothing but leaves and frogs on top of the gravel.

Kathleen had some extra faux grass from her project and offered it to me. Bye-bye ugly gravel and hello to lush green faux grass.

faux grass.jpeg

I cut the piece to size using an very sharp utility knife.

cutting faux grass.jpeg

After I adding the faux grass on top of the gravel in the window well, I had to cut out the drain for the water overflow. I forgot to take a photo of this step.

Next, I placed a pretty container with plants and placed a couple of resin fairies into the container.

Fairies for Fairy Garden.jpeg

A rustic container with succulents was added. Succulents are low maintenance and requires very little water.

Succulents in Fairy Garden.jpeg

The fun part of adding all of the little accessories in to the fairy garden.

Fairy Garden House.jpeg

My fairy garden has a little house. They even make them with solar lights.

Fairy Garden House and Accessories.jpeg

Fun little gardening accessories for my fairies.

Solar lights were added to this space too. My window well needs a good cleaning to remove the dust and dirt. I have a hard time with tight spaces and will need to talk they hubby into cleaning it for me.

You can see the pretty glow of the solar lights from inside the window well. Click on the play button.

supplies for creating a fairy garden

First you need to decide on the type of fairy garden you would like to create. A low maintenance one without plants or one that incorporates using live plants.

If you select a container fairy garden, you will need a container, potting soil and plants.

The fun part comes to select the houses, doors and cute accessories.

If you create one, be sure to tag me in a photo over in Instagram.

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