How To Make A Floral Arrangement For Spring


Decorating for spring and need a touch of color? I got you covered. Let’s make an easy floral arrangement for spring.

The Daffodils and Crocus are popping up outside. The inside of the house is still feeling a little plain. Did you see my post on 5 Simple Ideas to Refresh Your Home? You can read it here. It gives you some tips to refresh the home as you transition into the next season.

In the spring, I love to bring in subtle pops of colors. One way is through floral arrangements. These days, the faux flowers can be so realistic.

Have you ever had to go and touch a petal? Just to see if it was real or faux? Faux flowers have come a long way over the years.

A few Tips first for A Floral Arrangement

Let me show you how simple it is to make a floral arrangement for spring. Honestly, the hardest part is picking out your flower.

Tip 1

Always buy your faux flowers on sale as much as possible. Faux flowers can be pricy if they are not on sale.

Stores like Hobby Lobby, JOANN Fabrics and Michaels will run 40-60% off sales this time of year. Also, buy florals and picks on clearance and save for next year.

Never pay full price unless you are getting a good price on bundles. Amazon will have good prices for bundles of realistic tulips or peony bundles. You should always shop for the best deals.

All of these flowers were purchase at Michaels during a big sale. Be sure to use any coupons you have Michaels. I am on Michaels and JOANN Fabrics email list for coupons and sales.

Tip 2

Shop for planters or containers such as this rabbit planter at HomeGoods, thrift stores and yards sales. You will be surprised at what you can find. Try to pay no more than $10 for a vessel. This rabbit planter at HomeGoods was $9.99.

Tip 3

Shop your house! If you follow me long enough, you will hear me say this all the time.

See what items you have on hand first before buying more. It will save you time, money and storage room. Believe me!

Here I am using a thrifted vintage White Ironstone Pitcher as my vessel. I love these types of pitchers. They are perfect for faux or real flowers.

How To Make A Floral Arrangement For Spring

Time to have some fun and make a beautiful floral arrangement for spring.

Scoring the Foam Brick for the vessel

You will need a foam brick. It is best to us the foam verses Styrofoam brick. The foam bricks are easier to work with. First put the brick into your planter and make a mark with the scissor about 1″ below the top of your planter.

Next score it with scissors or a knife and you should be able to snap off the end. You can also cut through the foam brick.

At the bottom of your planter or container add a dot hot glue or tacky glue to keep it in place.

Creating your arrangement

Select the flowers you want to use. Here the selected flowers are two bunches of roses. If using bunches, you will need to cut the stems. These bunches were on sale at Michaels for $5.99.

Start by placing a rose stem in the center. Next, you will add another rose stem of the same height to the right and repeat by adding one to the left.

Now you will add a rose stem center front and one center back as displayed in the third photo.

Filling in The arrangement

Sometimes a flower stem may have too many leaves. It is fine to remove some of them. You can see in the second photo a few more stems were added filling in the arrangement.

Now for a pop of color! I selected some strawberry stems with blossoms and berries at around .99 cents per stem.

Finishing Touches

Three strawberry stems were the perfect finishing touch. They were added to the front, back and left side. None to the right side as it would have covered the rabbit’s face.

You may want to move your floral arrangement around the house. By turning your planter/container around at different angles will help make sure you have no gaps or holes.

The red of the berries will take this arrangement into the summer months too. Rabbits are just not for Easter and spring!

Final Project

How To Make A Floral Arrangement For Spring Final

Now it is time to admire your work. Doesn’t this floral arrangement look beautiful?

It looks lovely in the kitchen and can be moved to any room of the house.

Other Ideas for floral arrangements:

Tulips Faux Arrangement

Add some faux tulips into a vintage pitcher or vase along with an accent floral. These arrangements are the easy to make and inexpensive to do.

Upcoming Post

Be sure to check my Friday post. It will be showing you how to incorporate live plants into your spring decor. In the photo above, white Hyacinths have been planted in a vintage soup tureen.

Lots of projects going on at the White Lilac Farmhouse, so check back to see some of my finished projects.

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    1. Thanks, Kim. Yes, catching those sales are a must. I use to do the floral arrangement for our church before COVID. Some really hug urns of flowers with a small budget. I had to use coupons and clearance deals.

  1. Oh my goodness, that container is the best. I love that you added strawberries to the arrangement. So cute. B hope that you will share this on The Fabulous Friday Link Party. Hugs to you, my friend.

  2. That container is perfect for Spring! I can’t wait to start decorating. Probably gonna by pass Spring and go straight into Summer. Thanks for sharing your florals. Have a great day! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Do. I thought it was a pretty container for spring and summer. That house is coming along. I love watching your transformation videos.

  3. Love these beautiful spring arrangement ideas, Tammy, and all your tips on catching things on sale too. I swear both faux and real stems and plants have almost tripled at some stores compared to last year’s prices. It’s totally bananas! Hugs and love your bunny vase so much, CoCo

    1. Thank you, CoCo. Yes, I agree the prices have gone crazy. I picked up a few stems saw the price and put them back. Nope, I will wait until they go on 60% off.

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