How To Make A Moss Christmas Tree


How To Make A Moss Christmas Tree for an easy home decoration for the holiday. This tutorial is super easy!

I am big on using what you have in the house or repurposing items. My craft room is filled with “stuff”. This stuff needs to become something pretty.

The other day, I was in the mood to make some Christmas decorations. Crafts are something I absolutely love to do. It’s a perfect way to unwind at the end of a long stressful day or on the weekend to chill.

Sometimes I escape down to my craft room while my hubby is watching sports. Not that I don’t love sports. I just don’t watch ALL sports.

Why not make something with supplies found in my craft room? After searching through my craft supplies, I decided to make a Moss Christmas Tree.

How To Make A Moss Christmas Tree - Final 3

Here are the supplies that I found in my craft room:


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  • A #9 Styrofoam Cone (smaller cone)
  • Wooden Spools (2 x 1-1/2-inch) – Local Hobby Lobby has a package of them reasonable.
  • A Dowel that will fit in the spool – Local Hobby Lobby too
  • Peel & Stick Sheet Moss
  • Tim Holtz’s Ranger Distress Ink or wood stain
  • Craft Sponge
  • Cream 1″ Wired Ribbon
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue Stick
  • Scissors

How To Make A Moss Christmas Tree Tutorial

Step 1

Instead of using wood stain, Tim Holtz’s Ranger Distress Ink was an easy choice. A mixture of two of the colors worked well. The clean up was a breeze.

Step 2

You will remove the plastic from the small cone. Center the spool on the bottom of the cone. Next take the spool and push it through into the cone.

Push it where it is no longer sticking out from the spool. You can see from the photo you can barely see it. Now slide the spool off and set it to the side. Keep the dowel in the Styrofoam.

Step 3

Remove the adhesive moss from it’s original package and lay flat. Lay the cone with dowel onto the mat of moss to gauge where to cut. You want it to over lap. Be sure not to cut it too short. You will trim the side and the bottom later. Be a little generous!

Step 4

Carefully remove the backing to the adhesive. Move your cone down just a little more than in my first photo. I moved it and forgot to retake the photo.

Begin on one side and press the moss to the cone while working to the other side (working left to right). You may need to trim where the sides overlaps. Firmly with your fingers press where the seam is until it disappears. It will not be very noticeable when you finish.

On the top, press the moss down and trim so it is not bulky.

step 5

See you cannot really see the seam. That is the beauty of this moss.

For the bottom section, you may need to trim a little away. Be careful not to trim too much. To make it lay flat, cut a few slits around the bottom. Begin to flatten the moss on to the bottom like the third photo above. Trim as necessary so that the bottom is not bulky. You also need to trim near the dowel for it to lay flat.

With your fingers pressed the moss around the bottom until all seams have disappeared.

Next add some hot glue to the dowel and press into the spool.

Step 6

You can leave it as is or embellish it with a bow. A simple regular bow tie with tails works well. Add a dot of hot glue to the top and press the bow into it. Careful not to burn your finger on the hot glue.

How To Make A Moss Christmas Tree (30)

Trim the tails of the ribbon to the length you want. You can scrunch up the wired ribbon.

Can you believe this tree was made in 10 minutes? Seriously, it was made in 10 minutes from start to finish. You have to love easy craft projects!

final project

Of course, I had to move it around to different places in the home. I love the organic look of it. A touch of nature indoors.

Final Photo - How To Make A Moss Christmas Tree

This spool works for the small tree. If I was making a larger tree, a bigger spool would work the best. How about using an vintage spool? I listed a few in the supply list above. I will keep my eyes open for some vintage ones the next time at a vintage market.

How To Make A Moss Christmas Tree Final 1

The nice thing about the Moss Christmas Tree. It could stay out for the winter. I did not embellish it with ornaments. Just topped it off with a simple cream wired ribbon.


How To Make A Moss Christmas Tree - Pinterest

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