How To Make A Nautical Cork Message Board


Here is a fun craft project for a coastal inspired bedroom. How To Make A Nautical Cork Message Board for a guest room or boy’s room.

I have been working on a nautical inspired guest bedroom. It’s a room for my two grandsons. This room also has to function as a guest room. The new nightstand in this room was missing something. It was in need of a piece of artwork or mirror above it. I decided to create a nautical cork message board. A place where drawing and notes could me placed. It will be the perfect place to put the WiFi password or other information here for our guests.

I came up with the idea of a ship’s portal window for the message board.

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How To Make A Nautical Cork Message Board Tutorial

This project you do need a table to be able to spread out and to cut your cardboard and cork pieces.

I will usually put down a matt, drop cloth or rolled paper across my craft table to protect it.


I started with this 18″ flat wreath form found at Hobby Lobby. First, I placed eight of the half wooden balls around the frame. This wreath frame had wholes that worked perfectly to space out the wooden balls.

The weight of this project are the 2″ half wooden balls. I decided to use E6800 Adhesive to glue them to the wreath form. The E6800 will be stronger to use in lieu of hot glue.


Allow the glue to dry for approximately 1 hour. With an 2″ angle brush, I used Dixie Belle’s Chalk Mineral Paint in the color, Hurricane. It’s a beautiful gray.

I held up the wreath form to ensure that the sides and under edges of the wooden balls were painted. Le the paint dry for 1 hour between coats.

You will need to apply two coats for coverage.

When your second coat is finished drying, you can add one coat of Satin Clear Coat. The Satin Clear Coat is a topcoat that will help protect the paint.

adding the cork and cardboard

If you have a protractor, you can use it for this part. Of course, I could not find mine. With a Sharpie, trace the outer circle on the cork. It did require that I trim it down later. Your circle should be slightly smaller than your frame.

You will repeat the same process for the cardboard. It will be the back to your project.

Next, cover it really good (better than shown in the photo) with Fast drying tacky glue. You will add the glue to the cardboard. Now press the cork on top. You can sit books on top of the cork and cardboard while it dries.

Now, add the E6800 glue around the back of your frame. My glue did not what to cooperate. To solve my issue, I cut the tube and painted the glue on with a paint brush. Sometimes you have to improvise with what you have on hand! Flip over your frame and press it against the cork and cardboard.

I turned the whole thing upside down again with books on it. It was dried with in an hour.

With some of the E6800 glue, you can attached a picture hanger to the back.

I had to trim a little of the cardboard and cork that stuck out pass the frame. It was just a little bit. I used a sanding sponge to smooth out any edges from the cork and cardboard.

With a small paint brush dip it into the Hurricane Chalk Mineral Paint to apply it around the edges.

The finished project

The Dixie Belle Hurricane Chalk Mineral Paint used for this project ties in well with the navy, white and charcoal colors in this room. It was the perfect color.

Plus, the color reminds me of a naval ship portal window.

It fits beautifully in this nautical inspired room.

Next on the list, wallpaper for a feature wall!

Now the boys have a place to hang some of there artwork in their own space. I really love this this bulletin board is light weight. If one of the children were to knock it off the wall, it won’t hurt them.


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