Fall fun with DIY! Craft a beautiful wood leaf garland to add elegance and charm to your fall decorations.

This easy DIY project is perfect for any level of crafter. This tutorial will show you how to transform simple wooden leaves into a stunning seasonal decoration. Get ready to add a warm and inviting touch to your fall décor.

Honestly, this is a quick and delightful project! Let me show you how! it is not hard to make and I find it very relaxing crafting. I love making things for myself that you may not necessarily find in the store. It’s putting my spin and ideas together to create something for my home.


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Where do you put a fall garland? Your DIY fall garland can be added to the fireplace mantel. Trying draping the leaf garland over a window or door. I have used handmade garlands around a basket.

Other ideas for styling your woodfall leaf garland:

  • Over a mirror
  • Hung across a hutch
  • On a wall shelf
  • Across a mudroom or entry bench

The ideas for styling are endless.

How do you make a fall leaf garland? It is not hard. I ordered a bag of pre-cut leaves. It came with 30 pieces and can be used for other projects for the fall too.

The other items I did have on hand in my crafting supplies. You may have some similar items.

Supplies for Wood Leaf Garland:

  • 55 – 16mm beads
  • 44- 14 mm beads
  • 10 wood leaves
  • Jute Twine
  • Gold Leaf Sheets
  • Gilding Adhesive
  • Gilding Varnish
  • Artist Paint Brush (flat inexpensive)
  • Paper plate
  • Old rag
  • Lint-free rag
  • Stain of choice (or you can paint your leaves)
  • Stain Applicator Pad
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Heat Gun (optional)

Stain Or Paint The Leave

For the DIY fall garland, my leaves were stained in Golden Ash. It was a stain that I had on hand by Dixie Belle. If you are interested in this color you can purchase it here.

You will want to add the stain on with a lint-free rag or stain applicator. Add the stain to the wood leaves on the front and back. With a clean lint-free rag, wipe off the leaves.

Allow them to dry for 30 minutes.

Paint The 16mm Beads

In a small lidded throwaway bowl, add some white paint. If your paint is thick, you will want to add a touch of water to thin it just a little.

Add some beads into the container with paint. Allow enough space at the top so that you can shake the container to distribute the paint over the beads.

Push the lid firmly over the container.

Now shake the beads in the container. You can dance while shaking them. I always have music on and do this being silly to have fun.

Remove the cover and look to see the coverage. You can shake it again if needed.

Drying The Painted Beads

It is not going to be a completely smooth finish. It gives the beads a rustic feel.

Dump the beads onto a paper plate. I will shake the paper plate while using the heat gun to help dry them fast. DO NOT USE A BLOW DRYER! You will have a paint mess blown all over the place.

You will not be painting the 14mm beads. We will be leaving them natural.

Add Gilding Adhesive

The gilding adhesive is going to allow the gold leafing to adhere to the leaf.

Paint the gilding adhesive only on the area where you want the gold leaf.

It will be tacky to the touch when it is dry.

Don’t follow the directions on the container to wait one hour. The wood leaves are very porous. When the cloudiness of the gilding adhesive is clear, it is ready to apply the gold leafing.

Gold Leafing

Work over a paper plate to capture the gold pieces from the sheet. Lay the gold sheet over the stained wood leaf.

With your finger or a flat paint brush (dried) rub over the gold leafing. Brush away the gold that does not adhere.

Add Varnish

Follow the directions on the container for mixing the varnish. You will need to add 10% water to the mixture (on the brand that I am using).

The varnish is going to keep the gold leafing on the leaf. Paint the varnish over the entire surface and let dry. It will dry very quickly.

When the fronts are dried flip the leaves over and apply a thin coat of varnish over the back of the leaves.

Assembling The Garland

On all of your leaves, add a loop that is knotted at the end.

The fun part! Be generous with your twine to make sure that you have plenty. You may want to measure your mantel or area where you will be using the garland.

Remember you can make yours as long or as short as you need to.

At one end make a loop knot. This loop will help you be able to hang your garland.

I added tape at the end of my jute twine. It helps to feed the beads through easily. You can add your beads in any combination. I did one white then a natural bead. I used five small white beads and four larger natural beads.

Add a leaf. Repeat with your beads. Add a leaf and repeat beads.

Continue until you have the amount of length you desire for the garland.

At the end, you should make another loop and knot. Cut your Twine.

Now hang and enjoy!!!!

DIY Fall garlands can be so much fun. The gold leafing adds a touch of elegance to the rustic charm of the garland. Here hung the DIY leaf garland in our mudroom.

I love the wood element against the bench. The colors are more of nature.

You could also make a bead strand with one leaf tied to the end of the strand. It would look wonderful on a coffee table or tray on the counter with a plant and candles.

Gold Leaf Votive Candle Holders

With that leftover gold leaf sheets, adhesive, and varnish, try making these great votive candle holders. I have the complete tutorial here.

The rich stain and gleaming gold leaf on the wooden leaf garland create a truly stunning piece. This beautifully created foliage is the perfect touch of elegance to your fall décor. Hope you give it a try, sweet friend!

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  1. Okay, I’m falling head over heals for these wood leaves with the gold. Just call me a copycat because I will be making these. Thanks so much for sharing with me. xo 😘

  2. This is SO pretty, Tammy! I love the addition of the gold leaf. It really makes everything pop. I’m going to feature your garland and share it with my readers on Sunday as part of my week in rewind recap.

    I think they’ll love it too! 💕



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