How to Make Your Own DIY Spring Tiered Plate Stand


Here is an easy craft project that you can make in a matter of minutes. Let’s make a DIY Spring Tiered Plate Stand.

You have seen the expense tiered tray with the fancy dishes. Let’s make our own DIY at a fraction of the cost. Look for items you have already on hand. Like miss matched dishes ceramic or plastic. Candle stick holders, small vases, glasses, cups, etc. will all work.

Go to your local thrift stores for some of these items or yards sales. Just use your imagination.

I decided to make a couple for a small tea party next Saturday here at White Lilac Farmhouse with my sweet mother. Every year for her birthday, we do a mother/daughter lunch date somewhere. Over the years, we have gone to some really lovely places locally and in DC for an afternoon tea. So I thought, it was time to do some spring projects that could be incorporated into my tea party.

With the ice storm, I did not have time to go our local thrift store for some vintage look plates. Instead, I used a few items that I recently bought at Hobby Lobby or had on hand.

Guess what? I used plastic plates. You cannot tell unless you touch it.

I made two DIY spring tiered plate stands in less than 15 minutes. That time does not include letting them dry over night. The best part, they were super easy and inexpensive!

Let’s get started on how to make your own DIY Spring Tiered Plate Stand!



For this Spring Tiered Plate Stand, I am using:

  • Two 11 inch diameter plastic plates (they can be mismatched). It makes not difference if the plates are ceramic or plastic.
  • A small cupcake stand purchased at Hobby Lobby for $1.79 (reg. $2.99). I have seen these in the $1 spot at Target as well.
  • Small ceramic rabbit (3 1/2 inches long) from Hobby Lobby for $1.79 (reg. $2.99)
  • E6800 Industrial Adhesive Glue – I keep this on hand for many projects around the house. It will last you a while.
  • Hobnail Jar – Now I would have used two small cupcake stands but could only find one white. You can also substitute candle sticks, votive candle holders, etc.

Step 1:

Wash and dry all of your plates, candle sticks, jars, and decorative figures (rabbit). You want to make sure all dust and any price tags are removed. Especially if you have purchase the items from a thrift store. You want nice clean items to work with for your craft project.

Step 2:

DIY Spring Tiered Plate Stand 2

I turned the Hobnail jar upside down. It’s your preference on the end to adhere the glue to the plate.

Next, you are going to determine the center of the plate bottom. You can use a permanent sharp to mark the center (optional). Honestly, I just eyeball it.

Step 3:

Add a generous amount of E6800 Industrial Adhesive Glue to the top edge of the item you will be using as your base. You may want to put down a piece of plastic or cardboard to protect your counter tops from spilling any glue.

Step 4:

DIY Spring Tiered Plate Stand 5

Place you base centered on the bottom of your plate.

Step 5:

You make any adjustments now while the adhesive glue is still wet. You can carefully slide the plate into the right position. You don’t want to have glue globs on the plate.

Note: If you need just a cake stand, voila! Instant cake stand. Here’s another DIY idea.

Step 6:

DIY Spring Tiered Plate Stand 7

Add the industrial glue around the edge and across the center of the small cupcake stand.

Step 7:

DIY Spring Tiered Plate Stand 9

Now you need to place the glue side down of the cupcake stand in the center of your plate. It’s coming together nicely!

Step 8:

DIY Spring Tiered Plate Stand 9

Add the adhesive glue around the edges of the cupcake stand and a small amount to the center.

Step 9:

DIY Spring Tiered Plate Stand 11

Carefully, you are going to add the next plate on top. Press down lightly to adhere but not to squish all the glue out.

Note: You can leave it finished at this step or add a decorative element to the top.

Step 10:

DIY Spring Tiered Plate Stand 11

I wanted to add a small rabbit to the top the top tier. It will still have plenty of room for goodies. Add the industrial adhesive glue around the edge of the ceramic rabbit.

Step 11:

DIY Spring Tiered Plate Stand 12

Now place the rabbit on the center of the top plate on your tiered stand.


DIY Spring Tiered Plate Stand 14

Is this spring DIY project not stinking cute?

I love it! I love how easy it was to make your own DIY Spring Tiered Plate Stand.

Since it was so darn easy, let’s make another one.

DIY Spring Tiered Plate Stand16

Following the same steps as making the first tiered stand except this one will not have a rabbit on top.

DIY Spring Tiered Plate Stand 17

The different colors and sizes of the plates makes it fun and whimsical. It coordinates well with the other tiered stand.

DIY Spring Tiered Plate Stand 18

It really is fun to make your own stuff. These Spring Tiered Plate Stands are going to be perfect for next Saturdays tea party with my mother.

Stop over next week as I share more DIY craft projects for the Spring.

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    1. Thank, you so much Kim. It’s inexpensive to make and beats drilling holes through the plates to insert a rod. The next time I am out thrifting, I am going to look for some beautiful mismatch china plates and some more glass candle holders.

      Thank you for checking out my blog, my friend.


    2. Love love love the bunny plate stand. Will go out looking for stuff to make it. So cute. Look forward to seeing other goodies from you. Thank you so much for lovely idea. Jackie from Chattanooga Tn.

      1. Thank you, Jackie. I made some plain ones too with out the bunnies on the top. All of the plate stands are easy and cost very little to make them.

  1. I have a plastic/Mel Mac type plate I had it glued but it came apart would this glue work . It’s separated by glass vase ?

    1. Delores, this glue is some strong. Yes, it would work wonderfully on your item. I came a tube of this glue in my house at all times. It’s great stuff.

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