How to Organize and Maximize Your Coat Closet


To be perfectly transparent, my entry coat closet is a hot mess. Here are some tips on how to organize and maximize your coat closet.

Here is the before photo of my entry closet. It is crazy messy! Honestly, I do not even know what is in it.

How to Organize and Maximize Your Coat Closet Before.jpg

It’s pretty bad! I cannot even believe this is a close in my new home. Never has a closet in my home EVER looked like this one.

You cannot see the floor! Yep, that’s a pair of roller skates in there too.

It’s real life here, friend. I am surprise the door closes.

How to Organize and Maximize Your Coat Closet Before 1.jpg

There are hangers in every different direction and a few broken ones too.

How to Organize and Maximize Your Coat Closet


The first step is to remove every thing from the closet. It will help you to see the items.

You will be surprise what is hiding in there. I found some of our missing items. LOL

2. Clean

The inside of a closet will collect dirt and dust. My closet got a good vacuum. Then I took my Swiffer mop and washed the floor. With a microfiber cloth, the wire shelf was dusted off.

3. Purge

We had coats in there that no one wears. I am guilty of having jackets that no longer fit. They were shoved in there too.

It was time to pack up items for good will. All of us had items that needed to be relocated upstairs in closets.

Miss match gloves that lost it’s partner will make it’s way to the trash can.

4. Does the item need to be in the entry closet?

Sometimes items makes it’s way in the closet. It could be that we are not sure where to put it. Should it be moved and stored somewhere else?

Like my Roller Skates. Why are they in the entry coat closet? I can tell you why. One day I was cleaning and they were sitting out. I decided to shove them out of the way and forgot about them. Sound familiar?

Now I am relocating them to the garage shelve along with the helmet. See what items need to be placed in the basement on a shelve or in the garage.

The pillows and home decorations are being put in storage bags. It will be fit great on one of the storage shelves in the basement.

There were several boxes of light bulbs in the closet. I also had one of my kitchen drawers filled to the max with every kind of bulb as well.

There definitely is not a shortage of bulbs here at our home. I gathered them all into one storage bag. This storage bag will be put in the basement on a storage shelf.

Now let’s organize that closet!

1. Organizing Containers

These cubes were inexpensive from Target. Each of the cubes cost $4. I am using three of them with these metal labels. A pack of three metal bin labels were $7.99. It helps to know what is in the cube.

My labels were created on the computer, printed and cut to fit the metal bin labels. I made three for the items to store in the entry closet.

One of the bins will store our outerwear such as gloves, knitted, hats, etc. I have one bin for the Dog’s sweaters and shirts for when it is cold outside. These sweaters had been MIA.

When I organize everything needs to have a place. It helps you find items quickly and not search the house. People spend money purchasing duplicates because you cannot find things. I found being organize does save money in the long haul of things.

Storage Bins Table Linens 1.jpg

Table cloths and runners that were hanging in the closet are packed into a storage bag. I put my extra napkins and placements in there too. It freed up two drawers in my buffet.

Napkin rings were put in quart size Ziploc bags and placed into the storage bag. You will be surprised how much will fit in it.

These storage bags are 18.9 x 14.17 x 7.87 inches and available in a three or six pack. They are available in gray, navy or black. I ordered six of them for the bedrooms and decide to use a couple in here.

The black would have coordinated better with the black and white bins. Sometimes you need to use what is on hand and save money.

2. Add Good Hangers

I had a hodgepodge of hangers in this closet. Some of the hangers were even broken. You want a nice space with functioning hangers too. Not ones blending in the middle from the weight of the coats.

How many times to you go to someone’s house to put your coat on a chair or on a bed? Bet their closet is a mess or cannot hold any extra coats. Let’s make your entry closet functional for the family and a place to hang up your guests coats.

You don’t have to send a lot of money on hangers. I find the heavy duty plastic hangers are better for heavier coats. I bought a pack of 60 in black. The wooden hangers are too bulky and too expensive. These heavy duty plastic hangers works perfect for coats.

How to Organize and Maximize Your Coat Closet - Final 2.jpg

There is something about having hangers all the same color. It makes the space look cohesive and organized. This closet is deep and bigger than how the photo depicts it. The other side of the closet has a few of my husbands coats and sweatshirts.

Our computer bags are stored to one side on the floor along with the box of HVAC filters. I can see the floor! Yay!


Here is a reminder of the before photo.

How to Organize and Maximum Your Coat Closet - Pinterest

Drum roll please…..

How-to-Organize-and-Maximize-Your-Coat-Closet-Final-2-1. jpg

You can see the floor of the closet. Everything is nice and organized. We can find things.

Storage Bins - Table Cloths

I love having all of the table linens in one place and free from dust. It will make table setting for family gatherings so much easier.


Nothing is falling off broken hangers. Buy good heavy duty hangers. The cheap ones will not hold up.

How to Organize and Maximum Your Closet Reveal

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DISCLOSURE: The following item contains an affiliate link, I am an affiliate of Amazon and an Amazon influencer as well. An affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. The opinions here are all my own. It helps me to continue to bring to you new content, DIY and projects tutorials on my blog. It cost money to maintain a blog.

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  1. Awesome tips Tammy! The container for the linens with that little window is so smart, I love that you can see what’s inside! My favorite organizer in this post is the one for your sweet pups! The label cracks me up 😂🐶 Happy Organizing! Pinned!

    1. Cindy, Piper and Chloe have their own bin. Piper also has one for toys in the family room. LOL She would be like Barkley and steal baby Jesus too. She tries to steal the little people from the doll house in the grand daughters’ room. It’s like having kids again.

  2. I love organization posts! There’s just something about organization that calms me down. I’ve always wanted those fancy wooden hangers. 🤔 hmmmm
    Thanks for the inspiration. Your closet looks great! Pinned.

  3. That is one clean coat closet! Amazing the things we find when taking on a project like this. I really love those storage bag/boxes with the windows … I could use a few for linens and other things. Great ideas. I’ll bet you feel great when you open that closet door! xo

    1. Juliet, those bags are great. I am going to get some more for my extra pillows in the upstairs linen closet. I cannot believe it was that messy. Never again!

  4. Your post spurred me on to clean and organize my small entry closet — in less than an hour! Now I have an organized closet too. Thanks for your post and suggestions.

  5. Love this helpful post so much, Tammy! It is super relatable – ours looks similar except stuffed with board games, old records, and coats. It could definitely use an overhaul and all your helpful tips make me ready to tackle the mess. Can’t wait to check out all these organizing goodies. Hugs, CoCo

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