How to paint a chair easily and make a stunning project? I got you! I have a step-by-step tutorial to show you how.

Do you have a collection of chairs and furniture in your basement? I am guilty as charge.

In my basement, I have a collection of chairs. Why paint them? A fresh coat of paint is the ultimate makeover for tired, outdated furniture. It can instantly transform a piece from boring and ugly to stunning.

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I always hated this color. It is distressed creamy white. It always looked dirty to me. The seat on the chair was an ugly beige pinkish color too.

Before Photo

It was time for a makeover of this chair for use in my home office. Let me show you how easy this project was from start to finish.

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When removing your chair pad, there should be at least four screws holding pad to the chair. They will fasten straight into the wood frame of the chair pad.

My sidekick Piper had to supervise. You can use a baggy to placed the screws with the screwdriver. Things have a way of walking off at our house.

Tighting the bolts for the frame

Bolts can loosen over time. It is always a good time to take your screwdriver and tighten the bolts. It will make your chair frame much more sturdy. I have several bolts that were really loose.

Now it is time to prep the chair for paint. Before starting most furniture projects, it is always good to use  White Lightning Cleaner by Dixie Belle Paint Company. When you bring those old items up from the basement or attic and even from the thrift stores, it is going to need a good cleaning.

You mix White Lightning Cleaner into water. With a sponge or cloth, you wipe down the piece of furniture or object on which you are working on. Then I will go over it again with just plain warm water.

After the chair had dried, I took a sanding block to knock off the shine or any blemishes. This piece is made with a distressed look, so the paint has an appearance of years layers. It’s fine and I just wanted to remove the shine. It will help my paint to adhere.

Finally, I went over the chair with a tack cloth to clean off any dust.

Choosing a Color

Three color choices

My home office is painted a very soothing pale aqua. I wanted to add a pop of color. One thing, I am not afraid of color. The world would be a boring place without the beauty of color.

The first step would be to find the right fabric. I found this beautiful fabric at my local Joann Store. I knew it would be perfect for the chair project. The pattern has lovely hues of teals, greens, blues, grays, mustard, and white.

Dixie Bell Paint Options 3 Colors

I had about five paint colors that would look beautiful with fabric. Three new colors from Dixie Belle’s Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint line would really complement this fabric. Mojave is a rich Mustard color. Midnight Green is a deep beautiful green. Oasis is a rich bold blue. It reminds me of the Caribbean.

It was a tough choice because all three options would have looked beautiful. I decided to go for the Oasis. It made me think of the warm sun at the beach looking at the water on some Caribbean island.

Look at this gorgeous blue color. What I love about Dixie Belle’s Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint, it has a built-in primer, the paint and a built-in topcoat to seal. It’s everything you need!

Dixie Belle makes painting this chair so easy when you have quality products to use.

This paint just glides on for a beautiful smooth finish. I am using the mini 2″ brush. This project will take two coats of paint.

Another thing that I love about this paint line, the paint dries quick.

How To Paint A Chair Easily 3.jpg

Two coats of the Oasis color covered this chair. While the final coat was drying, I checked underneath the spindles to make sure no areas were missed. It did require a few little touch ups.

While my first coat of paint is drying, I will work on adding the new fabric.

Measuring Out The Fabric

It was easy to spread out the fabric across the table. The chair pad was placed in the center. I measured my piece of fabric to have 2 inches of fabric as an overlap.

Keep in mind this is my first time upholstering a chair pad. I cut the fabric and placed it to the side.

Remove The Staples

Next, I removed all of the staples from the black fabric. I was careful not to rip it. It would be recycled and used again. I used flat nose plyers to pull out the staples.

Adding The New Fabric

I pulled the fabric taut and held it in place with one hand then stapled it. You need to secure it down to keep the fabric nice and taut.

Corners can be very tricky. I tried to get them as smooth as possible by folding the fabric to overlap. I trimmed any bulky fabric away. Then I replaced the black fabric covering. I secured each of the corners first. Then neatly secured it around over the floral fabric.

Adding The New Chair Pad

You need to place the screws back into the chair pad. I had four screws on each corner to screw into the chair pad. It holds it securely in place.

The Finished Project

How To Paint A Chair Easily 1.jpg

She is the star in the room! Not only is this chair comfortable, but it also looks amazing too.

How To Paint A Chair Easily

This room has all of the colors that sooth my soul. It is a happy room to work in.

Now that this chair is sporting its new look, it can enjoy its renewed beauty and functionality for years to come! This chair is the center of attention in her pretty Oasis paint color!

    With a fresh coat of paint, you can breathe new life into an old favorite chair. It’s a budget-friendly way to personalize your space and showcase your creativity.

    Have a wonderful and amazing day, sweet friend!

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    1. That color is amazing Tammy! I can’t believe you found a fabric that would go with any one of the paint colors you had to choose from! I agree with you – Oasis was the perfect color! Pinning 😊

      1. Kim, thank you so much sweet friend for the wonderful comments. Although I love neutrals, I am not afraid of pops of color. This chair is fun in my home office and goes nicely with the aqua mist color on my walls (soothing).

      1. Thanks, Cindy. I have several other projects working on with Dixie Belle Paint. I really do love their paint line. Two huge projects for February, one using one of the new stencils. I cannot wait to show everyone.

    2. Love the chair, beautiful fabric I have been wanting to use The DB silk paint, now more than ever thx for sharing

    3. Love the chair, beautiful fabric I have been wanting to use The DB silk paint, now more than ever thx for sharing

    4. Love the chair, beautiful fabric I have been wanting to use The DB silk paint, now more than ever thx for sharing

      1. Linda, thank you so much for your kind words. I absolutely love DB Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint. You will to when using it. I want to paint everything in the house now. LOL. I have been working on some of the old pieces first. I only share products that I love using myself.

    5. Hello Tammy, I have just signed up for your newsletter, so first time checking out your website, I checked on the “Other Projects” but on the other list “2022 Projects” I’m not able to click on them ?? Is there something else I have to do ??

      thanks, P.S. I love the chair redo, I also re hab furniture etc… I’m looking forward to your Newsletter.

      take care, June Donofrio

      1. Hi June and thank you so much for signing up for my newsletter. The 2022 Project is a list of things that I will be working on this year. That is why it’s dimmed and not clickable. You will see these project sometime this year. Under Other posts, I always have links there for new projects or some other relate project.

        Don’t you just love redoing furniture? It is such an easy way to refresh the home with some paint. I just love using the Dixie Belle Paints too. It makes my projects so much easier to work on.

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