How to Repaint a Wooden Sleigh for Under Your Tree

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Have you ever passed up on an item because of the color? Don’t! Let me show you how to repaint a wooden sleigh for under your tree.

You may not have a sleigh but came across a bench in an awful color. It could be a gem in the rough!

The sleigh was red and green. You can see from the photo below it has lots of dust and dirt. Honestly, I wondered if it would ever come clean.

An old green and red sleigh found at a vintage market.

Disclosure: This is a paid sponsored post by Dixie Bell Paint Company. The opinions are always my own.

I will give it a good cleaning Dixie Belle’s White Lightning Cleaner.

Let’s get started!

How To Repaint The Sleigh For Under The Tree

Here is a step by step tutorial on transforming this dirty sleigh into a beautiful Christmas decor item for my home.

For this project, I am using Dixie Belle Paint Company products. If you are new to Dixie Belle Paint products, they have an array of items available. The key to any good project is to use quality products. Dixie Belle has some of the best products to work with and I absolutely love their product line.

Clean It

With a lot of elbow grease and White Lightning Cleaner by Dixie Belle Paint Company, I was able to get it clean. You mix White Lightning Cleaner into water. With a sponge or cloth, you wipe down the piece of furniture or object you are working on. I like to put it in an old spray bottle to get into all of those nooks and crevices. After I am finished, I will dump out the bottle and rinse it thoroughly.

I will wipe the item down once or twice with the White Lightning Cleaner. Then I will go over it again with just plain warm water.

An old green and red sleigh found at a vintage market.
Cleaning the sleigh with warm water and


Once the sleigh had dried, I used a sanding sponge over the entire sleigh. I wanted this sleigh not to look new. After all, this sleigh is an old piece. I wanted to keep some of the imperfections and not sand it completely smooth. I did leave it rough without distressing it later.

It adds to the character of the piece.


BOSS to the rescue to eliminate an bleed through from the red and green paint colors. I have used BOSS on about four projects now. It is an amazing product.

I gave the piece a coat of BOSS. You shake the product really well and apply with a paint brush or sponge (Dixie Belle also has some great sponges too for top coat). It is important to follow the manufacture instruction for drying times.

This product is amazing and even works on furniture that has that “old” smell to it.

Paint & Seal It

I selected the Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint. What I love about this paint is it has a built in primer and top coat. The color of this paint color for the main part of the sleigh is called Whitecap. It has the built in top coat and will not require sealing.

The top portion in Whitecap took three coats.

Painting with Dixie Belle Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint

On the bottom portion, I really liked the color Hurricane. It is a nice rich gray. It is from the mineral paint line that does not have the built in top coat. I will add a satin top coat only to the bottom portion to seal and protect it.

You would brush on the satin top coat once the paint has thoroughly dried. Two coats of the satin top coat was used over the Hurricane color.

Old sleigh being update with chalk mineral paint in a light gray color.
Dixie Belle Hurricane is used on the bottom portion of the sleigh.

It took two coats to cover the green with the color Hurricane.

Gilding Wax

Have you ever tried Gilding Wax? I absolutely love it!

It can really transform and brighten up your hardware. It adds a touch of beauty, shimmer and sheen to your painted projects.

You can apply Gilding Wax with your finger, cloth, sponge or brush. I am using the Gilding Wax in gold and applying it with a small brush. Next, I took a paper towel to buff some of it off to give it a patina look (aged).

Let the Gilding Wax dry for 30 – 60 minutes. Lightly buff after 12 hours to produce a beautiful gilded finish.

Style It

Sleigh painted in chalk mineral paint in white and gray.

The white with the gray really ties in with the colors of my home. Also, it could be used on my front porch during the winter with some ever greens plants.

Love it!

Beautiful Sleigh repainted in white and gray chalk mineral paint. Decorated with jingle bells and ivory bow.

A ribbon and some jingle bells tied to twine adds some finishing touches.

Christmas tree with beautiful white sleigh filled with Christmas presents.

Doesn’t it look beautiful with Christmas presents in it?

I am thrilled how well this project turned out. Dixie Bell paints and products helped me turn it into a gem for the holiday season.

Christmas tree with beautiful white sleigh filled with Christmas presents.

What a fun to complete! We will be using this sleigh for many years to come.

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Pinterest Before and After Sleigh Project.jpg


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Make it an amazing day!

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  1. When I saw the red and green, I was hoping for a neutral color. You did it, and it looks lovely now. I’m just not a red and green fan. Call me weird, but neutrals are calming to me.

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