Tame magazine clutter with a stylish DIY hack! Learn how to easily repurpose a wooden tool caddy into a unique magazine rack (Easy Steps!)

Today, we’ll show you how to easily repurpose a wooden tool caddy into a one-of-a-kind magazine rack. This budget-friendly DIY project is perfect for adding a touch of personality to your home while keeping your favorite items organized in style.

A wooden tool caddy is great for many things. See how I took an old Amish wooden tool caddy into a holder for children’s books. You can see the tutorial here.

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Unique & Creative Ways To Use DIY Magazine Rack From a Wooden Tool Caddy

Here are some unique and creative ways to use your DIY magazine rack from an old wooden tool caddy. The possibilities are endless!

  • Next to the tub hold your bath supplies such as bubble bath, sponge, pumice stone, bath salts, etc.
  • Extra rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom
  • Hold your garden tools
  • As a wine holder
  • Veggie holder in your pantry
  • Hold your mail
  • Office supplies in your home office (folders, printer paper, etc.)
  • Cutting boards in the kitchen
  • Coffee supplies or hot chocolate station supplies
  • Dishtowel storage
  • Throws rolled up
  • Baby supplies in a nursery or spare diapers and wipes in your family room for a quick grab
  • Picnic caddy for plates, napkins, plastic ware, etc.
  • Add a couple of herbs planters inside it or plants
  • Use it as a centerpiece and add faux florals or greens
  • Add jars or cups with crayons and coloring books
  • Make one as a gift for housewarming and add a loaf of bread, wine, and other goodies
  • Use it for craft supplies
  • Dog supplies (leashes, harnesses, brushes, etc.
  • Dog toys
  • Scrapbook supplies

The ideas can be endless. I would love for you to comment and share your idea for one. You can use a magazine rack in just about any room of the house.

I will be using mine for my craft room for supplies. The nice thing is that the wooden magazine rack can be moved and used somewhere else in the house. Although the color I am using may not go in some rooms.

DIY Magazine Rack Hack: Repurposing a Wooden Tool Caddy (Easy Steps)

It is good to clean your surface before painting with Pristine Clean to remove the dust and grime. I use White Lightning Cleaner. Especially, if the piece has been stored for years.

This piece was in my craft room and needed Pristine Clean to remove the dust from sanding. This quality cleaner will de-grease and remove all debris from the surface of your piece.

For this project, I am using a hot pink. The color is Dixie Belle Paint Company Chalk Mineral Paint in Peony. It is a beautiful deep and rich pink. I wanted to pull from the fabric and wallpaper being used in the room.

The color pallet for the craft room and the repurposed magazine rack is pulled from this fabric.

You can give the wooden magazine holder a light sanding. It will knock off any chipped paint.

Next, apply a good first coat of Peony Chalk Mineral Paint to the wooden tool caddy.

Allow the first coat to dry at least 2 hours before applying the second coat.

DIY Magazine Rack Hack: Repurposing a Wooden Tool Caddy

DIY Magazine Rack Hack: Repurposing a Wooden Tool Caddy

Lay the tool caddy on its side. To add a raised design, use a mylar stencil, Dixie Belle’s White Mud, and a mini spatula tool.

You can spray some Krylon Easy Tack Repositionable Spray on the back of the stencil.

DIY Magazine Rack Hack: Repurposing a Wooden Tool Caddy using White Mud and Chalk Mineral Paint.

Be very generous with the White Mud and work quickly. The White Mud is quick to dry.

This video shows using a stencil and applying the White Mud. It is fine to be generous with the Mud. It is important to work quickly because it does dry fast.

Allow the White Mud to dry for one hour. Apply a light coat of the Peony paint over the three images. It should completely dry before adding the sealer.

How to repurpose a magazine rack for other purposes.

To protect the paint, you can apply one to two coats of the Dixie Belle Clear Coat in Satin. They also have matte and gloss finishes available. It is a matter of personal preference.

For this project, two coats of Clear Coat in Satin were applied. You will need to allow it to dry for two hours between the coats.

Finished Project

How to repurpose a magazine rack for other purposes.

Look how great this magazine rack turned out! It’s is perfect holder for my Belles & Whistles Transfers. The Peony is the perfect shade of pink and looks gorgeous up against the aqua wall.

And, look at those beautiful raised lotus blooms. It was so easy to create them with the White Mud.

The chippy paint with the light green showing through gives this piece a vintage feel too. The chippy look and the raised design add character.

Can you believe this humble old wooden tool caddy was transformed into a stylish and functional magazine rack? This easy DIY project adds a touch of personality to your space, but also helps you tame the clutter and keep your favorite items organized. If you enjoyed this post, please comment below. I would love to hear from you.

May you have a creative day, sweet friend!

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