How To Style A Tiered Tray For The Summer

How to style a tiered tray for the summer is fun and adds interest to any room. Tiered trays are perfect to decorate during the seasons. Recently, I changed out my spring try to transition from spring into the summer months as well

Here are a few tips on how to style a tiered tray for the summer.

Clean your tray remove and dust or dirt

First you are going to want to empty everything from you tray.

Dust builds up everywhere, especially in the spring time when everything starts to bloom. The pollen is everywhere!

I used a damp cloth to give in a good wipe down.

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You should also wipe down any of the items that will be added to you tray. If you had items in storage, these items also can collect dust or even have smudges and finger prints.

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Gather the items you will want to use. It’s a good idea to have extra items in case something doesn’t work.

Add vision interest with items in various heights, textures and Bring on the color

When styling a tiered tray, it’s good to add items in various heights and with different textures. It will make the tray interesting and draws your eyes in. You can see that I used a few of the same items from the spring tiered tray. You can read this post here: How To Style A Tiered Tray.

For the tier tray update, I am bringing in a brighter color, yellow. When I think of late spring and summer, all of the bright colors of flowers some to mind. Therefore, pops of colors makes the space so cheery.

How To Style A Tired Tray For Summer 4.jpeg

I grabbed my largest piece which is this Rae Dunn birdhouse. I changed out the ribbon to a black and white gingham to match my color scheme.

How To Style A Tired Tray For Summer 5.jpeg

Bring in all of the large pieces to anchor your tiered tray. After the larger pieces are in, it will be time to fill in with the smaller items.

How To Style A Tired Tray For Summer 6.jpeg

You can see that the other large piece are anchored so that both sides can appear to be the front of the tiered tray.

How To Style A Tired Tray For Summer 8.jpeg

You don’t want everything the same height. A variety of heights adds visual interest.

It’s ok to add a touch of whimsy When Styling A Tiered Tray

Adding a touch of whimsy can be fun. Although it’s not for everyone and is completely optional. I sometimes will add a little touch of whimsical because of my grand littles. They get excited about small things such as this bee gnome. Even my 25 year old son said the other day, “Mom, I like that bee gnome. He’s cute.”

How To Style A Tired Tray For Summer 9.jpeg

You can see how the bright yellow with the black and white ties in perfectly with the theme and items in the tray.

How To Style A Tired Tray For Summer 10.jpeg

A little Rae Dunn honey jar.

How To Style A Tired Tray For Summer 11.jpeg

A water spritzing jar works perfectly in this space but looks a little boring to me.

How To Style A Tired Tray For Summer 12.jpeg

By adding this sign, it now give it more of a pop of color and begins to tie everything together.

Add plants either real, faux or both

It is perfectly fine to mix faux and real plants. The touches of green always makes a space and in this case the tiered tray brighter and cozy. I love incorporating both faux and real plants in my home décor.

How To Style A Tired Tray For Summer 13.jpeg

Adding some faux plants for more color and textures.

How To Style A Tired Tray For Summer 14.jpeg

I just love how it’s all coming to together now.

How To Style A Tired Tray For Summer 15.jpeg

How great does the green plants look in the styled tiered tray? Amazing!

Final Styled tiered tray for the Summer

How To Style A Tired Tray For Summer 16.jpeg

You want the tray to be interesting from all angles.

How to Style A Tiered Tray for Summer 18.jpg

It turned out great!

If you are interested in making something similar. I have liked the products that I used below.

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