Do you struggle with what to put on your kitchen countertop? Here are easy countertop decor ideas to infuse your space with fresh vibes.

As we transition into spring, do you struggle with how to style your kitchen counters? You can have beautifully styled kitchen counters without a lot of fuss or clutter. Let’s look at some budget friendly solutions to spruce up the kitchen countertops and bring in spring accents.

Dark Island with pops of yellow in the kitchen.

There are many wonderful items that can be displayed on your counters. You can use some of your favorite collectibles or vintage finds. Try to use items to add function into you kitchen such as glass or decorative canisters filled with essentials.

  • Bring in some spring scents (candles, melts, or homemade potpourri)
  • Declutter – keep your counters and island clutter free
  • Add a plant (faux or real)
  • Create interesting displays
  • Choose small appliances for counter surface
  • Bowls of Fruits (faux or real)
  • A small piece of art or a sculptural object can add a touch of personality and visual interest.
  •  A vase filled with colorful colorful flowers, pot of herbs, or topiary.

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Start with a clean slate. Try removing everything off the counters and kitchen island. You want to give it a good wipe down. It’s nice to have clean sparkling countertops. My counters are granite.

What cleaner is safe for granite? For my granite countertops, I use Granite Gold Daily Cleaner along with a soft cloth or microfiber cloth. It is a wonderful product.

You can use mild dish soap with warm water for daily cleaning. It is a great expensive was to keep your counters clean too.

What should you not clean granite countertops with? You should avoid any harsh chemical or abrasive scrubbing tools. It is good to clean the surface of your counters with a soft microfiber cloth. Never use acidic cleaners or homemade cleaners with vinegar. The acid in the vinegar will dull your granite counter and damage them.

How can I make my kitchen counters pretty? You can create a beautiful vignette on your counter with some of your favorite items.

Here is a vignette with a white riser as the base. I am displaying a few of my favorite vintage farmhouse items.

What does vignette mean in styling? It’s a small group of decorative items (your favorite treasures) that make a beautiful statement in a room.

Vignette on counter of riser with a vintage green scale, sale and pepper shakers, marble utensil holder, a vintage white ironstone bowl with fresh pears and wooden board.

Add fresh fruit in a bowl or basket on counter or kitchen island. Add fresh fruit is functional for your family to grab an apple or pear.

If you are a coffee drinker, create a coffee station. Cups can be store in a cabinet above or on open shelves. A countertop cup rack could hold 4-6 of your favorite coffee mug.

Artwork can be hung for some visual interest and color to your space. My coffee station is locate next to the refrigerator. This way, I have easy access to filtered water and creamer. Pretty functional canisters to hold sugar and coffee.

Add a pretty soap dispenser on tray by the sink. Round risers look beautiful as well. Try adding your dish soap to large decorative bottle. I found this large one at HomeGoods. I keep refilling it with my Dawn Dish Soap. Keeping the soap on a tray will help to protect your counters.

counter surface with wallpaper in gray and white tile pattern.

It is fun to style the kitchen counters with pretty decorative items. Remember you need counter surface too for meal prepping or laying out your cook book, dishes, etc. You get the idea. It gives your kitchen a clean and organized space as well.

My mixer is tucked in the corner. It can be easily moved forward to use. It’s a kitchen and the appliance you use can be on the counter. Items that you occasionally use could be stored in a cabinet, pantry or closet.

Fresh Cut Herb Candle

Nothing like a nice smelling kitchen. If there is no yummy food cooking in the oven, light a candle. Bring in some scents of spring. I love Antique Candle Co.’s candles. Some great spring fragrances are Fresh Cut Herbs, Momma’s Kitchen, and Sweet Lemon (my favorite). Have you tried their newest scent Blueberry Cobbler. Oh my! My house smells like I am baking pies.

Fragrance Wax Melts

Not a candle fan, no problem…try wax melts. This small wax warmer is perfect size on the counter and add a wonderful scent in the air.

Create a vignette by using a tray, cutting board or riser. Style your vignette using odd amount of items such a 3, 5 or 7.

What is the rule of odd numbers in Interior Design? By arranging decorative items in odd numbers, it is more appealing and effective to capture your attention. The items in odd numbers tends to make your eyes move around the grouping. The rules of three says that objects look better arranged in a group of three and in varying sizes. With decorative items in odd numbers,

Styling kitchen island with a yellow tray as the base.

You can use a tray or cutting board as the base. This does not count as an item. It is what we put in it needs to in odd numbers.

Next you want to use three decorative objects in varying heights. You can use this same concept styling a coffee or side table, nightstand, etc.

A blue vase of white tulips on a yellow tray.

Place your tall piece first. A navy blue vase with faux tulips anchors the tray and adds height. The vase with the tulips count as one object.

A blue vase of white tulips and candle on a yellow tray.

Add your second item in a lower height. A medium size candle towards the front works well.

Rules of three, a blue vase of white tulips, rabbit and candle on a yellow tray.

The third item is a ceramic rabbit. The rabbit is shorter than the vase of tulips yet taller than the candle. Creating these types of vignettes are fun and easy to change out.

With a few simple updates and creative touches, you can transform your kitchen countertops into a delightful spring oasis. May these tips inspired you to shop your house and begin to unleash your styling creativity for a spring refresh.

Happy styling, sweet friend!

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