DIY Potting Table Makeover: From Plain to Pretty in One Weekend


It is amazing what you can do with a little paint, stain, and some accessories. DIY potting table makeover from plain to pretty!

Let’s have some fun! I am planning to build a potting table outside to place near my shed. There also was a need to have something in the garage for me to work with my house plants and cut flower arrangements. It was an attempt to keep the dirt and mess out of the kitchen.

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Unstained Potting Table

The hardest part of the entire project was putting the potting table together. It was a store-bought table that was the perfect size to fit in our garage space. It was plain and very boring!

Dixie Belle Paint and No Pain Gel Stain to the rescue!

Dixie Belle Paint Company has an assortment of products to help you transform anything into something amazing and beautiful!

This piece of furniture was made of raw wood. Therefore, I used a sanding block to block down any small splitters to prepare the surface for painting. You should go over the entire surface with a sanding block or sander.

After sanding your piece of furniture, it is a good idea to wipe your piece with a dry tack cloth to remove any dust from sanding.

Dixie Belle Paint Company will have two new No Pain Gel Stains available to the public on April 27th, Golden Ash, and American Honey.

It was tough deciding between the two colors. I did a color test on a piece of wood to determine the stain color for the project.

Dixie Belle No Pain Gel Stain in American Honey.

The choice was the No Pain Gel Stain in American Honey. It was the perfect choice for this project and would complement my paint choice.

No Pain Gel Stain American Honey 3

This is the first coat on the raw wood. The wood on the potting table is not high quality. It soaked into the wood very fast. To apply, I used a lint-free cloth with the stain moving in the direction of the grain. You wipe on and wipe off.

Dandy Foam Roller

The new Dixie Belle Foam N Dandy 3″ Foam Brush got into all of the nooks and crevices for full coverage.

Photo Courtesy of Dixie Belle Paint Company

These new foam brushes will be available in 1.5″, 2″ and 3″. Perfect for all kinds of craft projects. These Foam N Dandy are a part of the Belles and Whites line and will be available to the public on April 27th.

Kudzu Chalk Mineral Paint

Do you love to paint? I do and find it to be very relaxing. My favorite is painting furniture and home decor/craft items. It is so much fun to watch the piece transform into something of beauty.

Look at this color green. This color will make this potting table go from plain to pretty!

Wow, it is such a beautiful color and stunning for this potting table.

Kudzu Chalk Mineral Paint and American Honey No Pain Gel Stain

For this project, only one coat of Kudzu Chalk Mineral Paint was applied. I wanted the piece to have that distressed and worn look as if the piece has been around our home for years.

To protect my project, I gave it two coats of Clear Coat Satin. In between the coats, I will lightly sand and wipe down to remove any dust with a tack cloth. If you put your potting table outside, you will need to use a waterproof sealer made for outdoors.

Dixie Belle Clear Coat In Satin

My potting table can be used in the garage or a covered porch with the Dixie Belle’s Clear Coat.

Dixie Bell Clear Coat

You should apply two to three coats of the Dixie Belle Clear Coat over your painted or stained surfaces. It will give your furniture added protection.

Now the fun part of styling my new potting table!

I have a place for everything including adding some vintage charm for art.

I could not wait to use the potting table. Tulips were cut and put into a mason jar. No more messes in the kitchen.

This potting table is more than just a place to work with plants. It is an investment into my passion for gardening. This table provides a comfortable and organized workspace, saving me time with having everything in one spot.

Now that my potting table is put together, painted, stained, and sealed, I am ready to get working in the garden. It’s time for me to grab my gloves, plants, and spade, and get to work on that beautiful cottage garden!

Stop and smell the flowers today, sweet friend!

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  1. Your cute potting bench has so much personality now! Loe the transformation! You are going to have so much fun arranging flowers and potting plants on your new bench! Happy Spring! Donna

    1. Thank you, Donna. Jim laughs at me because I peek into the garage. He is like what are you doing. I tell him, I am looking at my pretty potting table. LOL

    1. Thank you so much, KariAnne. I really love this project and that Kudzu is such a pretty green. It coordinates perfectly with the American Honey color No Pain Gel Stain by Dixie Belle.

  2. Such an informative article! All the information provided by you is really very helpful. I agreed that we should use a tack cloth for removing small dust particles from the surface before painting. It gives you smooth paint finishing. Thank you for sharing! Keep posting!

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