How To Use A Metal Flower Frog

Have you every heard of a flower frog before? Let me tell you about them and how to use a metal flower frog too.

As a little girl, I saw these odd looking items in my grandmother’s closet. Then one day, I saw her using one to do a floral arrangement for her dining table. I was intrigued watching her.

My grandparents owned a florist. As a young girl, I spent hours hanging out to watch them make beautiful arrangements. I got to have the broken flowers that they tossed on the floor. My little hands would gather up the unwanted flowers. These flowers were treasure to me and I carried as many in my arms to place in my bicycle basket.

I would take my treasures back to the house. My bicycle left by the edge of the woods, I would gather up my flowers to style them a old spaghetti sauce jar in my play fort. Little girls love to play house and will even sweep the dirt floors in their fort. LOL

what is a flower frog?

A Flower Frog is a florist tool used to sit in dish or vessel filled with water. It is used in floral arranging. The Flower Frog frog helps you keep the stems of the flowers secure as you do a flower arrange in a dish or vessel. It helps to anchor the floral arrangement. You will use an water proof molding clay or tape to keep it in place while you build your floral design.


What does a flower frog look like?

A Flower Frog comes in varies forms from metal cages, metal with pins, glass and plastic with holes around the circle, etc. You can find vintage to brand new ones.

You may have seen them at yard sales, thrift or antique stores and pass them by. They really are unique little treasures.

Here are some examples from my collection:

Vintage cage style Flower Frogs

These two vintage Flower Frogs are my favorite. You may have seen where I use them to hold photos on a bookcase or under a cloche. The first Flower Frog pictured is a metal pin. The second one is called a Metal Hairpin Flower Frog.

Another favorite of mine are these new Flower Frogs that has spiky pins that come inside their own metal cup and are called Flower Frog Pin Cup Holder. It is Black Aluminum 3′ Lip Water Holding Cup with 32mm Kenzan attached. You can do beautiful small arrangements with it.

Floral Arrangement Using Flower Frog Pin Cup Holder

Several years ago at Lucketts Spring Market, my mother purchased this Flower Frog Pin Cup Holder as a gift for me. What I love about it, you add water in the cup and insert your flowers into the pins to create a small flower arrangement.

Flower Arrangement using a Flower Frog Pin Cup Holder

Here is my recreation the previous flower arrangement. Sometimes you want fresh flowers but a smaller scale arrangement. Theses type of Flower Frogs are perfect for the home, to use for showers and weddings. And, perfect for adding a simple arrangement into your bathroom or on a nightstand.

How To Use A Metal Flower Frog

Let’s have some fun as I show you how to use a metal flower frog.

Flower Frog Pin Cup Holder Floral Arrangement

Fill your Flower Frog Pin Cup Holder half way up with water.

Select your anchor flower. This flower should be tall. Next, add in some green leaves. Here I used two leaves pulled from a Geranium Plant in my garden.

Begin to layer your flowers. You can stack two in various heights.

Add plants for visual interest such as this small decorative cabbage and berries with greenery. When you use the Flower Frog Pin Cup Holder, you only need a few flowers and some greens for your design.

During the Spring and Summer months, I love using the Flower Frog Pin Cup Holder with my cut flower garden.

Don’t you just love this small flower arrangement? It is perfect for small spaces but packs a lot of punch.

You can make one in less than 10 minutes.

Flower Frog Metal Pin Floral Arrangement

I am using an antique White Ironstone dish for this arrangement. You would place your Flower Frog in the bottom of the dish. You can use waterproof mounting putty or tape to secure it. Since I am using it on the counter, it is not going to be moved or transported. The metal Flower Frog is heavy and will stay put.

Add enough water to cover the spikes on the Flower Frog.

Start with your anchor flower and place in the center.

Now add a focus flower. A focus flower is one that you want to display front and center. Next begin working in your greens as your fillers.

You can see that I added my greens low at an angle. The next step is to work in your feature flowers.

Once you have your feature flowers worked into the arrangement, you can work in some smaller filler flowers or berries.

Here is the finished flower arrangement. It is perfect the counter. It is displayed on a riser and great for if you were having a brunch or shower. The food could be on the counter with your floral arrangement elevated.

I love the wispy look of the arrangement.

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May you have a blessed day, sweet friend!

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  1. How fascinating! I’ve never seen the metals ones before. What I have are the glass ones with the holes to hold the flowers stems in place. Great post! ❤️

  2. Tammy this is a wonderful post! I’ve always used my frogs simply as decor. I’ll be using your tips to take advantage of the fresh blooms from my garden!

  3. Thank you for bringing this to my attention! I knew about them but not enough and now I see how they really could help me. Love the story about you gathering up the flowers off the ground from your family’s florist shop. What a wonderful memory!

  4. I knew what these were but I had no idea that’s what they were called. I must admit, I have never used them but your post has inspired me! Thanks for sharing!

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