Life Among The Blooms Vol. 27

I am trying something a little different with my newsletter. First the title has change to Life Among the Blooms.

It’s always a recap of the week. However, I cannot get it out on Sunday. Here you will always get honesty from me, my friend. I enjoy enjoy Sundays off and not blogging. It’s a time well spent with my husband and family.

Since my newsletter generally hit around Mondays, it seems fitting to make the shift. So I hope you have your cup of coffee or tea ready. Here on Life Among The Blooms, I talk about random things going on over at White Lilac Farmhouse and things that stop me in my tracks.


First Cut flowers from the garden

These blooms are my Strawberry Sundae Hydrangeas. These flowers are much smaller in comparison to my Limelight Hydrangeas. The Strawberry Sundae blossoms will begin to turn shades of pink with the white flowers as the summer continues. It is a beautiful sight when they begin to change to an ombre of color.

Life Among The Blooms - Strawberry Sundae Hydrangeas

This is the fun time when I track my plants to see how they are doing. I made a garden journal to keep track of important facts about my plants. You can see that post here.

I highly recommend you keep a journal. Seriously, it will help you become a better gardener. You will see what is working and what’s not. I have relocated some plants. This garden journal will be perfect to track how the plant does in the new locations.

Surgery Update

If you are squish, you want to look away from the photo below. Just scroll on down! Several people have asked about my incision.

Life Among The Blooms - Surgery Update

I am two weeks post op from surgery and mending well. My doctor’s appointment went good. Dr. Baulk is very pleased with my progress from surgery and PT. My PT sessions have been three times a week. Easy they are not! My last PT appointment, I did leg presses with weights. It did me in! I could hardly move the next day.

Think about when you do a new workout. You are sore the next two days. Now, add a major surgery on top of it. Ugh!

Let me answer a few questions about the incision. Yes, it is long on my short leg. That bandage that looks like a large steri-strip is called something else. Dr. Baulk told me the name and I forgot it. It is glued to my leg. My incision was glued shut too. Crazy whenever I think about it. This nasty looking bandage will slowly breakdown each time I take a shower. It is not to be removed. It will help the incision to heal nicely.

The count down to the weeks before driving and removing the thigh high compression stockings has begun. I have 4 for more weeks of the compression stocking (no I cannot wear compression socks). You know I approached that idea with the doctor. It was a no go with the frowning face! By his expression, he apparently hears this a lot. LOL

Two more weeks of aspirin and the anti-inflammatory med. I take only Tylenol for pain except when I go to PT. A half hour before PT, I take something a little stronger. No driving for a couple more weeks.

The exciting news, I am at 125%! I need to get to 130%.


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Life Among The Blooms - Summer Decor (1) Blue and white rug

I am loving my new rug. It’s not only for summer but can be used all year round. The original rug was moved into the family room.

You may have notice bare floors in the dining room and kitchen for awhile. It was due to house training our French Bulldog puppy, Chibi is will be one in August. She does very well now in the house. The rugs were rolled out a week before my surgery.

Life Among The Blooms - Summer Decor (6) Blue and white rug

I love the creamy ivory and blues. It’s not a thick pile and very easy to vacuum. The best part of this blue rug, the price! It is so affordable and won’t break the bank. I am a big fan of SAFAVIEH rugs. The rugs wear nicely with children and pets. Their rugs clean up too. The description has that it is navy and light grey. It is more navy and creamy ivory. It is a beautiful rug for under $135 for 8 x 10.

Life Among The Blooms - Summer Decor (3)

These fun faux palms are a great find for the summer. In between real flowers, I like to use some good faux greens. These are perfect to rinse off any dust at the kitchen sink. Dry the off and stick them back in the vase. They lay flat for easy storage.

Life Among The Blooms - Summer Decor (7) Beautiful pattern blue and white dishes.

If you love blues like me, these blue and white dishes are fun to add to your everyday dishes. I have basic white dishes. Colorful placemats, salad plates and bowls are perfect for the summer season.

These blue and white fringed round placemats are available in various color combinations. You can check it out here below.


This past week, I shared this fun garden journal project. You can make a journal to keep track of your plants and how well they are doing. I have some good tips on items to put in your a garden journal. You can read How To Create A Garden Journal here.

How to make a garden journal

Three Easy Projects With One Transfer – No. 2

I promised three projects using the same Transfer kit. This was the second project in the series of three. Be sure to check on Wednesday for the project No. 3. If you like coastal décor especially during the summer, you will love this project.

Three Easy Projects With One Transfer - No. 2 (3)

If you missed the first project, you can check it out here.


Cottage On Bunker Hill Air Plant Terrariums
Photo Courtesy of: Jennifer, Cottage On Bunker Hill

This project that my good friend Jennifer, Cottage On Bunker Hill made is stunning. It’s one of my favorite projects this week. She created small terrariums with a coastal flare. They are beautiful and creative. A must see and make to add to your summer decorations. Jennifer has a step by step guide here.

Life Among The Blooms Vol. 24 - Midwest Life and Style
Photo Courtesy of Jen, Midwest Life and Style

I am loving this summer time idea from my darling friend, Jen at Midwest Life and Style. She created this wonderful Salsa Bar. It’s perfect for summer entertaining. Check it out here.

Photo Courtesy of Kim, Cottage In The Mitten

Have you heard of Tomato Girl Summer? I had not heard it until my good friend, Kim wrote about this summer trend “What You Need To Know About Tomato Girl Summer“. I loved it and you will too! I already bought something R-E-D!

How to Make a Beautiful Wood Beaded Garland with Oyster Shells - WM Design House
Photo Courtesy of: Wendy, WM Design House

Another good friend, Wendy knocked it out of the park with the stunner. She made a beautiful wood and beaded garland with a painted oyster shell. Oh my words, it makes the perfect garland to drape on a stack of books on the coffee table, mantel or shelf. I told Wendy, these would be gorgeous tiebacks for draperies. Check out Wendy’s tutorial here.

Hoping you are having an amazing summer. Enjoy, sweet friend!

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  1. Happy you are doing so well with your surgery. That’s a long incision. It’s amazing how you are in and out today. Snugglen with the pups. I’m sure Piper hasn’t left your side.

  2. Tammy, I hope your recovery is going well and you heal quickly. Surgery is no joke. Be kind to yourself and take it slow! And thank you so much for sharing my summer salsa bar. I appreciate it!

  3. I’m so glad to hear you’re doing well, Tammy and I have to say I’m super jealous of your hydrangeas. You have THE green thumb! They are gorgeous. There’s nothing better than fresh cut from the garden. One day at a time. 🙏🏻

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