Life Among The Blooms Vol. 28

Life Among the Blooms Vol. 28 is a recap of the week and about random things going on over at White Lilac Farmhouse.

It’s a chance to get to know me a little better and see what I have been up to.


I took some time off to aid in my recovery from this knee surgery. Can you believe I managed to pick up a cold virus from someone at PT? Nothing like a summer cold!

Slowly my energy level is increased. My knee is healing great as I approach the one month mark.

Let me tell you in Life Among the Blooms Vol. 28 what I have been up to lately.

Working On The Backend Of The Blog

A new logo for the blog! As I am working on the backend of my blog to make some changes, I incorporated a new logo. I love the simple lines of it.

New logo

More updates to come later next month. There is a lot of work involve to maintain a blog and cost associated with it.

Photo Shoot

My friend Sandra Outt, Be Still Photography did a photo shoot for me. It was time to update my photos on my blog and social media with my hair longer.

We chose Golden Petal Farm in Chaptico, MD. Their sunflowers and zinnia fields are in full bloom. Here are a few photos that I capture on Friday.

It was perfect for our photo shoot. I grew up on a flower farm. We had fields and fields of gorgeous Zinnias. Our family raised them for local commission houses that sold them to florists and stores.

I could spend an afternoon here. Out in nature, I feel surrounded by God. It is so wonderful to see all the splendor and beauty He has created.

If you are local, it is a wonderful place to take photos with your family. There is an admission fee and you can cut your own flowers too.

Family Stuff

Our county puts on a theater production every summer. Children of the local elementary, middle and high schools audition for it. My granddaughter, Madi was in this year’s production of School of Rock.

I had the opportunity to see two of her performances. They put on ten (10) performances over two weeks.

My best friend brought her grandson who is friends with Madi to one of the shows.

WHAT I AM reading

Gardening Books (4)

A happy birthday to me were two gorgeous books on gardening. Both of these books make lovely coffee table books.

This book is a must if you are like me and love Hydrangeas! Not only are the photo gorgeous, it has tons of valuable information about various species of the Hydrangea.

Gardening Books (2)

Now, I am figuring out where to put more shrubs. Look at this stunning pink color. Honestly, I could look at this book for hours.

Gardening Books (1)

The second book that I am reading is about layering your garden. Again, this book is filled with stunning photos.

Gardening Books (1)

I spent two hours just flipping through looking at all of the gardens. Now, I am reading through about how to layer my flowers and shrubs.

Both of these books, I highly recommend if you are like me and love to grow flowering shrubs, trees and plants in your yard.

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Hope you enjoyed Life Among the Blooms Vol. 28! Make it an amazing week, sweet friend.

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